Wednesday, December 12, 2012

iPhone 5 was voted by TIME as technology product of 2012

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Apple's latest smartphone iPhone 5 was commended by magazine Time that owned "hardware, software, and services closely linked to each other", to help the company "no competition" in the mobile market.

iPhone 5

Another product of the "Apple" also appear in the list of technological equipment of 2012 by Time magazine as the MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina. Form this laptop came in at No. 6 with remarks as "feeling happy to use." Sample tablets like the iPad 4 or iPad Mini was not vote on this list.

While it, Samsung appeared in the list with a single device is the smartphone Galaxy Note II at position 9, no Galaxy S III. For Microsoft, this version Surface tablet running Windows RT was 7th also Sony Cybershot camera RX10o was  third. Nintendo is second in the list with games consoles Wii U.

Photos: Cnet
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Apple launched iOS 6.0.1 to fix iPhone 5

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The errors related to WiFi connection, data network and also virtual keyboard on iPhone 5 was fixed by the new update iOS 6.0.1 with nearly 70 MB that Apple has just launched last few days.

Recently, every equipments are using iOS 6 device received new update version iOS 6.0.1 for their device, However, no major changes for this new update version, it focus on fixing some minor errors were encountered.

update iOS 6.0.1 for iPhone 5

Especially iPhone 5, the model that users have complained many bugs after appearing. The new update iOS 6.0.1 will fix the blur stripes in the virtual keyboard, the problem with camera's flash and WiFi, data network. However, the purple light error on iPhone 5 has not been solving yet by iOS 6.0.1.

Detail of changes on update iOS 6.0.1:
  1. Fixed a bug that prevent the installation of software via Wireless method.
  2. Fixed stripes on virtual keyboard
  3. Fix the camera flash that could turn off in some cases
  4. Improve the connectivity of iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5 gene to a WiFi  WPA2 security
  5. Solved problem on using data network at iPhone 5
  6. Fixed a bug that allow bypass the Passcode Lock code access Passbook lock screen
  7. Fixed an issue that related to appointment in Exchange
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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Few Weeks Later: iPhone 5s Teething Problems

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The final design of the iPhone 5 was announced on the 12th September, and released for sale on the 21st. In true Apple product style, there are a few well documented problems with the new generation of the iPhone. Since the widespread issue with the iPhone 4’s lack of signal and the 4S’s Siri not working as expected outside of the US, it has almost become expected to have some form of major fault in the next Apple release. The iPhone 5 is no exception.

Apple Maps

The first real big issue was the new update to the operating system – iOS 6. Some customers did believe that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but Apple went ahead and attempted to improve an already good system. They released iOS 6 with their own Apple Maps, made to compete Google Maps, which is not available as an app on iOS 6. We expected the same quality to the long running, established product, but what we got was a less than substandard alternative.

Apple uses its information from Yelp, rather than creating its own extensive database, which means that smaller businesses are missed off entirely when searching for ‘coffee shops’, for example. Companies and stores that have not existed for years have spontaneously been re-opened, according to this new programme. And if you live outside of the US, some location information is simply wrong due to lack of overseas mapping.

What is forgotten is that Google Maps was developed over several years, whereas Apple Maps have just come out. Apple has apologised for this issue, and visible improvements have been made, but there is still a
long way to go.

Reference >> ios 6 beta 2 download ipsw

Apple iphone apps


Apple’s new iSight camera is next in line for complaints. A purple flare or halo has been documented on when taking photos with the new phone in areas when there is a bright light source just outside of the shot. Although there is expected to be some lens flare, Apple has declared that this sort of glitch is ‘normal’.
A solution has been offered to eliminate it. Users have been advised to ‘move the camera slightly’ or ‘shield the lens with your hand’. Doesn’t sound oddly familiar to solution to the iPhone 4’s signal issues? Simply hold it a different way.

The problem is not to do with the newly developed sapphire lens for the iSight camera as it was originally expected. It is being caused by the light source at an angle that reflects off the surfaces inside the camera. Although a software update is said to be released, we may be waiting a while for it.

4G in the UK

This isn’t necessarily an issue with the iPhone 5, but it is a major dampener on one of its unique selling points. Very few, if any, phones in the UK offer access to 4G. This is because none of the UK is able to get access to 4G. Due to falling behind on the technological advance front, the UK is behind countries like the Tanzania and India, who already have the next generation in mobile connectivity.

It is expected for the EE network, parent company of Orange and T Mobile to have 4G before then end of 2012, but O2 and Vodaphone have fallen far behind. With spectrum auctions for 4G radio space not taking place until early 2013, other companies are starting to grow anxious that they will lose out on competition. Ofcom have been able to suspend legal action by promising 4G service for O2 and Vodaphone by April 2013, cutting the potential waiting time in half. The iPhone 5’s promises for a faster internet will be useless in the UK, at least until the end of 2012, when a percentage of customers will opt for the new EE service.
It’s not all doom and gloom for the new iPhone. As with all new phones, there are going to be a few that do not work as expected. 5 million were sold in the first three days of release even a small percentage does add up to a considerable amount of phones. Technology is always changing and adapting, so any problems should soon be sorted out.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Antenna 's iPhone 5 is Put in The Special Place

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Page Macotakara (Japan) has recently quoted a source said Apple plans to move the glass design to the back of the iPhone 4 aluminum block designed for the iPhone 5 to avoid glass breakage capital This company is making the headache with this trouble.

According to the source, the metal surface behind the iPhone will have a 5 Apple logo made of plastic. This logo is integrated with WiFi antennas, cellular antennas and other types of antennas to replace the antenna in the form of border around the current iPhone 4.

Glass design on the back of the Apple iPhone has caused 4 to be disappointed with the durability and its weight. Meanwhile, the problem with the antenna design of the phone, Apple has been forced to give free protective case Bumper to address the growing complaints from users.
Finally, the issues surrounding the iPhone 4 white version was delayed so many times is the result of the difficulties encountered when coating products during manufacture and it seems to change rear glass lid will solve this. Page 5 Macotakara said iPhone will be released in June or July and will be equipped with dual-core processor such as iPad 2 A5.

Of course, in addition to aluminum metal, Apple could also consider using materials Liquidmetal technology which the company bought the rights to use last year. Liquidmetal is only used to manufacture SIM removal tool. This alloy is an ad against scratches, corrosion very well and as hard as titanium.
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