Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Skype version for Windows 8 unveiled

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Application Skype is testing by " App Preview " but it was analyzed that run very smoothly and suit for touch operation. 

Although no official information from Microsoft, but yesterday the first images of Skype software for Windows 8 has begun to appear. Style interface that shows the title, the status bar ... been to support the maximum sensor quite well. According Neonwin, but software is still being branded as "App Preview" but run smoothly and stable. Expected that this will be well supported version for tablet laptop running Windows 8 and RT table next time.

This software is said to continue to grow with more features and better interface support for both regular mouse instead of the current sensor.

Previously, Microsoft had put on trial Consumer Preview and Release Preview a lot of software labeled "Preview App" but Skype is recognized as internal testing only.

Microsoft recently had to change the name Metro to Modern with its reasons are not publicized but almost certainly by the terms of copyright disputes.

Reference >> wat remover windows 7

Here is some pictures of new Skype version for Windows 8 :

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