Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Google cautiously create application for Windows 8

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Search company Google doesn't really want to create application for Windows 8 cause of Google's motto "follow the user's tastes, but, at present they are not very keen with Windows Phone and Windows 8".

Google and Window 8

In an interview with the magazine V3, Clay Bavor, Google Apps product management department, said "the search giant" still wary of this investment channel, and is not intended to produce applications for theWindows platform. However, "if you Windows 8 attract more users, then Google will certainly change the decision," the company representative said.

Besides, Clay Bavor also denied the rumors that Google had "crossed out" the production of applications for Windows 8 in his plan. "Our goal is to give users a application experience on many different platforms and make them use their products as much as possible. Firm always has the opportunity for each operating system , only now there is no specific plan. "

Google's reticence to see the Windows 8 did not create "hit production" in the market for computer software. Previously, the data of the market research firm NPD Research also indicates that although the operating system Microsoft has released a short time but not help improve computer sales that is signs on a failure reduced.

Even an analysis of the company also confirmed that Microsoft invested in computer models with touchscreen and Windows 8 tablet like a "betting" nonsense. He said sales of tablet running Windows 8 is now "almost nonexistent" because it only accounts for 1% of Windows 8 devices are sold (not include tablet Surface).

Photos: Cnet
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Facebook plans to transfer images to be postcard

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The biggest social network Facebook is testing the feature that help the users can transfer their images in Facebook account to be postcard for sending gifts to family and friends by posting office in Blog tips World.

As the traditional cards, photos are printed on the front and the user can compose a message on the back at the same address, the residence of the recipient. However, members can only send your photos, not allowed to acquire images from other sites.

Facebook made ​​this service by Sincerely, development company Postagram - application for permission to send as a postcard picture Instagram. However, new services are deployed to a small group of users.

Send a postcard by mail to real-life address will be cost. Representatives Facebook share on Mashable that they are considering different prices can make rational numbers for the users.

The users fill the address and buy the postcard, and then Facebook will do the next step that delivery that postcard to the address.

Reference >> window 7 wat remover
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Google Plus Officially Launched Free Games Services to Challenge Facebook

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Google Plus have recently added free games online into their social networks which is storming to breach the needs of the users demand as well as challenging with their biggest rivals - Facebook.

On this time , Google just added 16 typical games such as Angry Birds , Bejweled Blitz... to attract the users and they also want to know how will it improve and bring their social networks up to new level . I think if this upgrade is successful , Google Plus will provide for us more and more exciting games.

Reference >> ios 6 beta 2 download ipsw

Here is the completed list of 16 games that choose to publish for the conquer the users and challenge with Facebook:

Google Plus will add Game Tab is the same row with another Tabs as Home , Photos , Profile and Circle.

According to Vic Gundotra who is vice president of Google Office , Google Plus Games features now just only open for certain number of users for testing first and it will open for all of the users in the short term.

In addition , he also wrote on Thursday. “Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don’t.” . Your score and Request only available to your circle only. You can manage your circle. Multi player games also available.You can use your favorites circles for Multi-player games. This means that only that circle members know your score and updates.

View : Google Plus Officially Launched Free Games Services to Challenge Facebook at Blog tips World
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top 9 themes for window 7

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I think the transparent Aero interface of Window 7 are quite boring at the moment, so let's try the new one to find out more innovative sensations.

According to many people, Window 7 themes is very nice and broaching but after using it for long time, it becomes normal and quite boring. So that's the reason why we should always change the new interface of our Window 7 to make it is always new.

Here is 9 top themes for Window 7 i would like to share you :

9. Zune Quickplay

Download (10.74MB).

8. Dark Agility

Download (15.1MB).

7. Vienna

Download (1.9MB).

6. Gizdom Reloaded

Download (8.9MB).

5. Inspirat Clearscreen Round

Download (801KB).

4. Midnight Glass Nature

Download (44.4MB).

3. Snow Leopard

Download (4.5MB).

2. Soft7 2.0

Download (3.5MB).

1. Crescendo Theme

Download (2.4MB).

Nothing to doubt with this top 9 themes for Window 7 .It really make us feel airy, smooth, simple and a bit fanciful.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

" Father " of Java join in Google Team

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James Gosling, the creator of the Java programming language, has recently joined the staff of Google.
This is considered a successful "search giant", in the context of service firms are legal trouble with the boss of Java, Oracle Corporation, for the use of Java in the Android platform.

Gosling wrote on blogs about joining Google: "I do not know what will work, but I hope to do everything that I like. "

However, it seems that anyone can guess, surely Gosling will work to develop the Android platform.

James Gosling, who gave birth to the Java programming language

Gosling said he had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Google, even though the work required to do from day to day, "but that would be a fun job with motivation to large. "

Gosling has built and developed the Java language while working for Sun Microsystems Corporation. The project began in 1991 and the language was released in 1995.

However, when Sun was acquired by Oracle in January 2010, Gosling had left the company several months later. Gosling does not seem impressed with the "new owners" of the Sun, he said: "What can I say (on Oracle), that this caused many bad things than good", even Call Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle is ... "Larry, dark prince. "
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Iphone 5 will not publish on this June

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iPhone 5 , Iphone Launch, Iphone 5 News, Iphone 5 applicationsApple sent invitations to reporters about the WWDC 2011 event takes place from 6 / 6 to 10 / 6. Many experts said that the new generation iPhone will not appear here.
Invitation to the WWDC 2011 event.

On an invitation only 2 notes on the IOS platform and Mac OS X and do not have any information regarding the device. Both tech website Engadget is reporting and AllThingsD iPhone will be out in five events. Instead it will be a new version of the operating system for mobile devices IOS 5.

Apple's action is said to deal with rivals or webOS Android is superior to the improved interface, software, multi-tasking ability to run or support widgets ... The array of fierce competition on the operating system has caused Apple to concentrate more on content development for iPhone, iPod or iPad.

WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is Apple's annual event for developers to take place in San Francisco (USA). In the years before, in addition to issues related to software, games ... will be discussed there is the phone appearance hottest in the iPhone.

5 iPhone is expected to be designers like version 4, a larger screen (about 4 inches), using dual-core and 8-megapixel camera.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

When Technology and Fashion Go Together

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If you are a believer of technology and always want to be in parallel with them anywhere though. Please see the "wings" mounted mobile devices and people.

Is a "player" in the lives of secondary damage. Accessories "iTee" manufacturer's iClothing Ausie have created a front shirt pocket so users can carry everywhere iPad. Price: $ 60.

The helmet headsets attached shirt Rusty Wired Series of integrated pair of headphones can be washed in the washing machine. Price: 56 USD.

T-shirt T-shirt SCOTTeVest very classic look, but turned out very stylish with a small bag attached on the left chest of the shirt so that users put iPod, iPhone or other portable devices. Price: 25 USD.

Also mounted in the helmet earpiece worn by the manufacturer, but Rusty Headsets parallels this fashion likely noise. Price: 62 USD.

IPad is a bag designer dresses leg does not make the girls become joskin. iClothing iDress manufacturer's made of satin material. About $ 90 USD.

Brand jacket designed Koyono 5 iPod control buttons on lapel edges. Price: 175 USD.

Rusty's dress labels will create comfort for the players love music technology can listen to music with headphones integrated waterproof. Sale price 44 USD.

Mohan vest designer well known in New York devoted a large angle to the inside jacket holder iPad.

M-Dress is not just a dress, it also functions as a mobile phone thoaij as "soft." M-Dress SIM card allows users to install and can make and receive calls. To answer, the user need only lift your arm next to the ear, and bend down to end the call. This product will be offered this year, prices have not been announced.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Google set upthe website to find the victims of earthquake in Japan

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Google has quickly built a website to help people affected by the earthquake in Japan may find relatives or information about missing persons.

Less than three hours after a 8.9 earthquake strike the Richer Japan, Google has launched Person Finder service on the internet. This application allows people informed about missing relatives or find victims of earthquakes. Person Finder site contains many important documents, maps and other relevant information.

Person Finder Google's site has both Japanese version and English. This site also included a warning "All data will be posted to the public and anyone may view and use them. Google does not review or verify the accuracy of these data.

Within two hours after launch, this service has received records from 2000 who are looking for missing relatives or from people still alive to be informed. As of 11 am, this service has received 7200 records. Number of files are increasing rapidly as the news of the disaster in Japan spread around the world.

Google has been using a similar service after the recent earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zea land, as well as the earthquake last year in Haiti and Chile.

It seems in the disaster, Google has to act quickly and take advantage of the search engine's popularity to help people cope as well as find information.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Google Decide to " Kill " Every Harmful Android Applications

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after several days of keeping silence, Google has finally confirmed that it had removed some malicious applications on the Android Market announced earlier this week and will take action "purged" of these applications from the user's device.

Google Mobile blog, the Internet search giant said the device only works on versions prior to version 2.2.2 new Android vulnerable to attack by malicious applications, which take advantage of vulnerabilities been detected previously. Google believes that information is only accessible by these applications is the unique code used to identify the specific device and the Android version that it is running.

58 malicious applications have been identified and removed but they had been downloaded 260,000 devices. Google said it will use the "kill switch" to remove these applications remotely from the user's device and released a security update for Android users are affected, but fixing malicious applications. Victims will receive an email from Android Market to support the interpretation of this fix, Google said.

Besides, Google also said the account of the development is related to the malicious applications have been closed and will be punished according to law.

Earlier this week, a user of Reddit have discovered pirated versions of legitimate applications on the Android Market have been infected with a Trojan called DroidDream.

This Trojan is described as particularly dangerous because it not only the highest gain access and steal information from users Android device that has the ability to download other malicious code.

Google representatives have not made any comment about this.
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Google Translate already supported for iPhone

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Maybe people only heard the name Google in Windows but rarely heard in the Apple. Yes, until this moment, Google only a very small contribution to the Apple world. Currently, the online translation Google Translate has supported all of their Apple devices, especially integrated iPhone via the iTunes app store. As we know, since May 8 / 2008 translation tool is available in the device just like an application and only rudimentary support for input via text.

For users with iPhone and iPad that said, Google Translate has more close and more useful help for the ability to input data, copy the text easily than other available tools.

Google Translate for iPhone allows you to enter input data 15 languages and can translate a word or phrase into 57 different languages. Furthermore, this application provides full screen display lets you read and see the text a more complete.

However, while Google Translate available for Apple users, but Google still lacks a feature that was added to the version of Android, which is the conversational mode (Conversation Mode). This feature allows you to handle a conversation in real time between the two speakers of different languages.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Nokia: Preparing to Launch a Cheap Windows Phone

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Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop said that it "smart phones with the cheap price will not take a lot of time to consumers. " According to him, one of the most important message is seen as a guideline in Throughout the negotiations between Microsoft and Nokia is going to "drop" the price of Windows Phone to the "extremely low".

Mobile World Conference 2011 in the MWC last week showed the "delay" of the Windows operating system as a series Phone Android phone manufacturers to produce mobile row. Nokia also said that the main company's first smartphone running on the Microsoft platform later this year will have to be shipped.

One current problem is with Windows Phone price while Microsoft is only maintained at the minimum feature and this giant is also very "conservative" in the limited partnership basis to accommodate changes with their criteria.

Therefore, the cost of the phone lines are always more expensive WindowsPhone other smartphones with similar features. Decision support many different types of chips, outside of Qualcomm chipset promises to be a sign of conquest in the user's Windows Phone. ST-maker Ericsson has said it will invest more robust platform for Windows Phone.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The First Images of Facebook on The HTC Phone

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After much speculation about information technology, the pictures of the duo's first mobile phone with buttons Facebook Android by HTC professional development have appeared on the network.

Just days ago, information about the HTC is about to launch handsets more popular with dedicated buttons for the social network Facebook has caused great attention.

According to the pictures posted, an HTC phone models will be equipped with a QWERTY keyboard with a similar shape Droid Pro Motorola smartphone. Form No. 2 owns the touch screen more traditional. The specifications of the machine has not yet been revealed.

City AM newspaper (UK) confirmed the phone will run HTC's Facebook Phone version of "modulation" of the Android operating system. But according to BGR page, these devices will possess a minimum of internal memory and GPS radio connection, in addition, the camera's computer will download photos directly to Facebook network.

Most likely HTC will soon announce specific information about these two smartphone in the Mobile World Conference is taking place MWC 2011.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nokia Close Free Music Download Service

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Nokia has progressed to close the service for music downloads to its mobile phones in 27 countries worldwide.

Ovi Music Unlimited, free music download service is commonly known, called "Comes With Music" Nokia launched in 2008 to compete with Apple's iTunes.

Nokia will continue to sell phones with promotions is 12 months free music downloads for subscribers in China, India and Indonesia and promotions for 6 months for subscribers in Brazil, Turkey Turkey and South Africa.

All four major brands as Vivendi's (VIV.PA) Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music Group (WMG.N) and Sony had to support services of Nokia Ovi Music Unlimited, so right from the start, this service was viewed as a challenge to Apple's iTunes.

Nokia Ovi Music Unlimited was launched in late 2008 in Britain, which is a test market for new mobile services in Europe but lacks the support operation and has failed to attract customers.

The reasons that the Ovi Music Unlimited forced to shut down the service includes music downloads Nokia is only for customers who buy a new machine and its users is limited by the rights management software digital DRM - a measure to limit sharing music between devices because of copyright issues.

DRM only allows users to share a limited number of songs between different devices.

"Clearly the market wants a DRM-free service, " a Nokia spokesman stressed companies will continue to offer DRM free music through its Music Store in 38 countries.
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Facebook create New Record on The Number of Photo Sharing

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Facebook create New Record on The Number of Photo SharingA new record has been set up on Facebook, when more than 750 million images are uploaded and shared on social networks in just two weekends of the New Year.

Facebook announced on the newly launched yesterday.

Sharing photos is one of the key features of Facebook in the social networks of today. Especially when recently, Facebook has added features relevant image search, especially the feature that allows upload images with high resolution to keep the best image quality.

However, new records were broken this was considered not too surprised, because with more than 500 million users and growing quality is improved, Facebook is believed to be far longer and have more significant figures other surprises.
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ipad is The Fastest Growning Keyword in Search Engine 2010

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Internet search giant Google has released the ranking of the fastest growing keyword on its search engine. Apple iPhone and iPad make up two positions in the list of keywords technology hottest

As announced by Google, the keyword "iPad", hit the computer table is "rain as the wind" on Apple's market stand in second place after Chatroulette, web chat create random movement of Russian .
In the list of keywords in the field of consumer electronics Google Zeitgeist 2010, behind the iPhone iPad is the 4th generation. The most popular keywords on this list in turn have Nokia 5530, HTC EVO 4G, Nokia N900, BlackBerry apps, Duracell Mygrid (wireless battery chargers Duracell's new rechargeable 4 simultaneous phone also as fast as when using normal charge for a computer), Otterbox (accessory manufacturers for smartphones) and PdaNet (one of the most popular software for smartphones, capable of turning the phone into wireless modem).

Chatroulette, the site allows users to chat with someone random top of Google. This service was interrupted briefly in the mid-year but probably only to return stronger than ever. Most search keywords are American men. The site is Andrey Ternovsky, a 17-year-old schoolboy living in Moscow created.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

White iPhone 4 Will Be Launched in the Spring of 2011

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The staff at Apple's retail stores has revealed an internal document confirmed plans to launch four white iPhone model in the spring of 2011 as Apple promised.

Blame for the difficulties encountered in the manufacturing process, Apple has repeatedly delayed the introduction of a white version of the iPhone 4. It made many phone models predict that this debate will never be Apple for "shelves" anymore.

"White version of the iPhone 4 faced more challenges in its manufacturing process than expected, so they will not appear until late in July. The iPhone sold out of 4 black models are not affected, "Apple said in a statement coming on 23 / 6.

The delayed launch four white iPhone model not one but up to three times as Apple continues to release new products, including Mac OS X Lion OS version of its new computers.

While four white iPhone has not been released, the rumors about the iPhone the next generation 5 has started causing "fever" on the website, the technology forum. Many said that sales of new white iPhone model will result in less negative impact on iPhone 5.

However, according to an internal document that Apple employees, Apple has provided are "anxious" made his promise on the introduction of the white version of the iPhone 4.

4 white iPhone likely will be sold in a way that black iPhone distribution model - together with a 2 year contract with AT & T.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

20% of Facebook users are exposed to malicious software

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BitDefender recently launched a Facebook application, Safego, can scan links are sent to the personal information of the user. It also automatically check your privacy settings and determine what personal information is displayed publicly to anyone.

So far, BitDefender has found that on average one in five Facebook users have some sort of malware in the source of their information. "Since the start (nearly a month ago), BitDefender safego 17 million scanned article on Facebook and it has discovered the" infection "the source of about 20% of users."

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BitDefender decided Safego analysis of data, including the section on sources is seen by 14,000 Facebook users have installed applications. It's hard to say exactly the number 20 percent.

On the one hand, those who install the application can be added security features. Meanwhile, many people are worried that they actually have been infected or not and want to verify their suspicions. Therefore, this number really is not clear, many mixed opinions that this figure may be lower or higher than actual, with a popularity of Facebook users is around 500 million.

"The research shows that over 60 percent of attacks came from the notice of the application is provided by third parties (third - party) on the Facebook development platform," according to CNET. "In particular, the most famous group of" attack application "(21.5% of all malicious software) have made a function that Facebook often banned, like seeing who has viewed stalk Your personal information and those who are not friendly to you.

15.4% to attract users with a bonus game for Facebook, such as free items in Farmville. 11.2% bonus offer (virtual money) for the Facebook features, like free wallpapers and selected items "dislike." 7.1% promised new versions of popular games like World of Warcraft. 5.4% claim for free mobile phone, and 1.3% required to provide a way to watch movies online for free. "

Thus, with the continued popularity of Facebook, it will be used as an infectious agent spread attack security system increasingly more and more frequently. Social networking companies need to improve his game to protect users.

Moreover, Facebook also plans for an E-mail address of their own, a mailbox Socialist. And with the popularity of it, users will be more tired with the malware spreads through social networks of their personal.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

12 Special Emo for Facebook

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Surely you are not familiar with the symbols on the Yahoo Messenger chat fun or other chat programs. However, if you've used Facebook, then you'll notice is that this service is provided without any funny pictures to insert into the article, comment.

At this time, an additional tool to add to your Firefox browser adds to the vividly status on Facebook. To do so, you download the tool here called Facewinks free.

Then you install like other software. However, to use, you do not need to activate a file icon at all, but you just access the Facebook page with Firefox.

On Facebook, you open the comments section or write status updates. Immediately, the tools below will appear Facewinks smileys. Click on it, Emo 12 list will appear for you to choose to insert into their current status. This is a fun way to create more feelings for what you write on the Wall.

Not only have effect on your post,but also for the comments, you can still use this feature. Usage is similar to writing a new topic in itself.

Facewinks limitations is the others only see the Emo you used when theyalso install this tool Facewinks.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Google Music Launches Bollywood Music Portal, Listen To Songs via Google

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Google India has launched a new product in the labs section called Indic Music Search, which allows Bollywood music lovers to search for and listen to any songs right from the Google website.

The interface is similar to Google Search with a simple search box that lets you search for a specific song, album or an artist.

Google has partnered with several online music streaming services like, Saavn and Saregama to bring thousands of song to this music portal. The songs are not hosted by Google, and are played directly using the music players offered by the partner sites.

First Look At Google Indic Music Search:

The Music Search page lets users search for their favorite songs, albums or artists and Google provides real-time suggestions. Google has indexed the entire databases of their partner sites so easy to assume that the number of songs that are included would range in thousands.

GoogleIndicMusicSearch Google Music Launches Bollywood Music Portal, Listen To Songs via Google

After searching for what you want, selecting an Album takes you the Album page, where you can see the songs included in the album. Some basic information like the Music company and the release year is also shown.

Album art is not available for all the albums and Google has stated that currently songs in only Hindi language are available. As Google partners with more Online Music websites, I am sure songs from other Indian languages would be included as well.

GoogleIndicMusicSearchAlbumView Google Music Launches Bollywood Music Portal, Listen To Songs via Google

At the bottom of the Album Page, Google lets us know who is the provider for this particular album – as seen above the songs are provided by

There is also an option to share this album on your Social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and send a link via Gmail.

Current Limitations Of This Product:

Currently there are no clear navigation options to search songs by date or by name, but you can search for “Latest Songs” to check which albums were added to the database recently. Mostly, the results would show the newly released albums.

Various other features provided for by online music sites, like playlists and adding songs/albums to favorites aren’t present, but like all Google lab products, features would be added as they develop this product further.

If you want to leave feedback or suggestions for this product you can visit Indic Music Search Labs page here. Check the Google India blog post to get more ideas about finding the right song.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Google Added 5 New Hot Themes For Gmail

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Recently, Google has added an additional 5 of theme (themes) for stunning Gmail - the email service most commonly used today.

Overall, all 5 new theme is quite beautiful and eye-catching than the previous theme is provided. In particular, attention is Android - Android theme with the theme of the OS a technology product developed by Google for use on mobile phones and tablet are popular today.

The theme is added to Gmail, including: Basic Black , Basic White , Android, Tree Tops and Marker .

Basic Black & Basic White
Tree Tops

To install the theme for Gmail, after logging in your mail box, you click the Settings link (Install) upper right corner. Themes in card (Themes), you click the thumbnail of the theme corresponds to the application interface.
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