Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Google cautiously create application for Windows 8

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Search company Google doesn't really want to create application for Windows 8 cause of Google's motto "follow the user's tastes, but, at present they are not very keen with Windows Phone and Windows 8".

Google and Window 8

In an interview with the magazine V3, Clay Bavor, Google Apps product management department, said "the search giant" still wary of this investment channel, and is not intended to produce applications for theWindows platform. However, "if you Windows 8 attract more users, then Google will certainly change the decision," the company representative said.

Besides, Clay Bavor also denied the rumors that Google had "crossed out" the production of applications for Windows 8 in his plan. "Our goal is to give users a application experience on many different platforms and make them use their products as much as possible. Firm always has the opportunity for each operating system , only now there is no specific plan. "

Google's reticence to see the Windows 8 did not create "hit production" in the market for computer software. Previously, the data of the market research firm NPD Research also indicates that although the operating system Microsoft has released a short time but not help improve computer sales that is signs on a failure reduced.

Even an analysis of the company also confirmed that Microsoft invested in computer models with touchscreen and Windows 8 tablet like a "betting" nonsense. He said sales of tablet running Windows 8 is now "almost nonexistent" because it only accounts for 1% of Windows 8 devices are sold (not include tablet Surface).

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Google Penguin update affect to your blog's search engine ranking ?

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How Google’s Penguin Update Could Affect your Blog’s Search Engine Rankings

If you’re serious about blogging and affiliate marketing, then you know how important it is for your blog to rank high on Google’s search engine results page. However, Google’s Penguin update has thrown some bloggers into disarray. For many in the internet marketing community, rankings have flying up and down all week, and this may only be the first round of Google’s Penguin update.

Today, we’re going to teach you how the Penguin update will affect your website’s search engine rankings. And, more importantly, we’ll teach you how to protect your valuable rankings.

Google Penguin Update, Google Penguin affection
Google Penguin Update - Blog Tips

Content is king (again)

Every Google update in recent years has made content more valuable than ever before. However, Penguin puts a renewed emphasis on creating content that offers visitors valuable, useful information. The algorithm has been designed to detect whether the author is an expert on the subject, or if he/she is just offering general, low-quality information.

Obviously, things like spelling and grammar are also important. If you can’t type a well-written article, why would Google want visitors to return to your website?

Put simply, content has never been more important. As bloggers and affiliate marketing professionals, it’s important to focus on creating one or two high-quality posts as opposed to ten to fifteen spam-type posts.

Reduce low-quality links

Google’s algorithm is getting better at detecting linkbuilding systems. If, like many of those in the internet marketing community, you’ve been fortifying your website’s rankings using unnatural linkbuilding techniques, then the Penguin update may punish you. That includes things like article marketing systems, private link exchanges, and other systems that leave a footprint in Google.

And obviously, things like forum profile links and blog comments continue to be devalued. In fact, they add so little value to your website that you’re better off not using them at all. Google has been going on a de-indexing spree against websites that have a lot of spam-related links pointing towards them, and if your website is linked to by one of these sites, you could be caught in the crossfire. For that reason, you should do your best to remove as many of these links as possible.

Reference >> ios 6 beta 3 ipsw

Use Google+ 

Perhaps the most important thing to get from the Google Penguin update is the fact that Google really wants us to start using Google+ (if you haven’t done so already). Even if you’ve already signed up a user account, you may also want to establish a G+ page for your business as well. Google has made this process as streamlined as possible, and when Google is encouraging you and your business to do something, it often means that it will have a positive impact on your website’s search engine rankings.

This is a guest post from Andrew who is a professional freelance writer from Canada and he is writing for the Registry Cleaner company. He loves working with computers and writing about all tech-related topics.
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Google removered 250.000 links by copyright policy

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Actually Google own how many online search links. No-one can answer this question.

However, recently, "the giant in the field of search" has made the community stunned when the network announced it will begin storing thousands of requests received daily search to find the link related to copyrighted materials. According to latest sources, Google received about 250,000 requests to remove relevant links to pirated content every week.

Reference >> wat remover

Upon receiving notice from the owners that their information is being linked to the website of piracy, after a complex investigation process, the end result that Google will remove all the links of this site out of search engine.
Google removed link by copyright policy, Google removal request

And the number of requests to remove links violations have soared in recent years. In fact, Google said the company is now the company received a number of requirements in a week more than in 2009. Only in 05/2012, Google received 1.2 million requests from 1,000 owners of copyright on the removal of links from 23,000 sites.

For the first time, the company had to create the list "request removal" on the online report of transparency starting from 07/2011. Previously, the company reports only show the government's requirements for the content on Google's servers. But now, due to the urgency, the list "request removal" has been placed on top.

"We believe that Google's efforts to achieve desirable results, create a fair balance between owners needs and interests of users and the benefits of Google" Fred von Lohmann, senior advisor grant copyright of Google.

When copyright owners believe there is any content that Google violated their copyright, they will first fill out a form template on the Google website. Google's software then automatically tries to determine whether the claim is legitimate or not. After that, the Google experts will begin implementation of the legal process.

Experts say Google statistics, companies typically about 97% of approved requests to remove links. And the company is working hard to eliminate the illegal links. Specifically, in the latest week, experts Google has removed 250,000 links related to ownership.

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