Friday, December 21, 2012

Gangnam Style breach 1 billion views made record on Youtube

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The first time in the internet history that has one video was shared on Youtube breach 1 billion views that is Gangnam Style video although this video just shared from 15/7/2012.

Gangnam style 1billion views on youtube
 Gangnam Style got 1 billion views on Youtube

The fever had shaken the world like Baby by Justin Bieber, two cute little boy in Charlie bit my finger evolution of dance Evolution Dance ... appear for a few years but could not drown out the wave "horse dance" was born a mere five months.

This achievement was set up on 21/12. "I do not think Gangnam Style can reach a million views, let alone a billion," Singer PSY share. YouTube logo added of PSY next figure a billion.

PSY, 34, has had an incredible year when he was famous enough to have the opportunity to dance with both U.S. President Barack Obama and met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

January 11, Gangnam Style Award winning video of the MTV Europe Music Awards. The dance has inspired many people and organizations ... imitate but also a lot of people do not like it, caused great controversy on the network and makes the Gangnam Style popular than ever.
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