Friday, August 10, 2012

Facebook plans to transfer images to be postcard

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The biggest social network Facebook is testing the feature that help the users can transfer their images in Facebook account to be postcard for sending gifts to family and friends by posting office in Blog tips World.

As the traditional cards, photos are printed on the front and the user can compose a message on the back at the same address, the residence of the recipient. However, members can only send your photos, not allowed to acquire images from other sites.

Facebook made ​​this service by Sincerely, development company Postagram - application for permission to send as a postcard picture Instagram. However, new services are deployed to a small group of users.

Send a postcard by mail to real-life address will be cost. Representatives Facebook share on Mashable that they are considering different prices can make rational numbers for the users.

The users fill the address and buy the postcard, and then Facebook will do the next step that delivery that postcard to the address.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facebook will disappear in the future

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Arcording to the expert's prediction, Facebook will be disappeared in next 5 to8 years . This information make the users in the internet tumult and worry in the recent weeks. However, the experts are not really shocked if it will happen reality.

Eric Jackson, founder of Ironfire Capital, said that in 5 to 8 years, Facebook will be disappeared in a way similar to Yahoo disappear. " Whether Yahoo is still making money, still profitable, still has 13 thousand employees working for them but they were only 10% in profit compared with their highest profit in 2000. That means unsuccessful and disappear

Facebook Disappear, Facebook Delete

Jackson noted that, until this moment, the world has developed three generations of Internet companies. The first is Yahoo, a Web portal. This is a great example as a pioneer in the online field. Facebook then as the second generation with the wave of social media. The third generation is the world's mobile phone.

One of the problems for Facebook as the company can not make money from growing base of mobile phones. According to Jackson, Facebook will face challenges when moving into the mobile phone market like Google faced difficulties entering the field of social networks.

Reference >> wat remover windows 7

On the other side, predicted a collapse on Facebook comes just weeks after social networks have trouble with the IPO shares. Many financial analysts said that the company introduce the shares in the market was too high and it can never turn back to the first price.

Dan Olds, an analyst at consulting Gabriel Consulting Group agree with the views of Jackson, mobile phones will serve as increasingly important for any Internet company would, especially social networks . However, he believes too early to say Facebook will be thrown away of the mobile phone market.

Dan Olds said "Facebook is progressing slowly in the field of mobile phones. Most users see Facebook interface for mobile phone hardly to see. However, Facebook recently redesigned interface for mobile phones to view images more easily. But Facebook also needs to build a mobile business model so we can improve to attract advertisers.

Brad Shimmin, an analyst at CurrentAnalysis, agree with the view that, mobile phone is important, the foundation can help Facebook prosper and Facebook can also shield fall.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

These good tips with status of Facebook

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Category: add meta tags to blogger >> The first target of Facebook always try to improve the quality of their service by updating and changing continuously to make the user more comfortable and interested. So with that reason , there are many users could not recognize that they are just using the basic of Facebook. These are tutorials and useful tips that help you using Facebook to another level.

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 1. Add dislike option into status.

Not many users who feel unfamiliar with the the like button of Facebook, it has become all too familiar when you want to express their agreement or preferred for a certain topic. You can make their status becomes more unique by adding buttons to dislike his friends have more options when the comment, it must be a very interesting thing.

The procedure or the status of Facebook, information technology, tips or elephant Facebook status, Facebook status, status, Facebook, tips or elephant Facebook, tips

A Facebook application is the Status of Magic will help you add a button to any dislike any of his status. If you really want different, you can also add to the emotion status as "love", "hate" even "LOL".

2. Writing unlimited for status

 It looks like Facebook just limite a user can only enter a maximum of 420 characters on the status. This is not a problem with the short status but in those cases "emotional outpouring", you want to express more with friends and relatives is also quite annoying. You can solve this problem by adding a photo in status. So this limit will be removed and you can share freely without limit regardless of status.

 3. Visible status to someone
The procedure or the status of Facebook, information technology, tips or elephant Facebook status, Facebook status, status, Facebook, tips or elephant Facebook, tips

For some reason, there will be people that you do not want them to see their status. Facebook can help you achieve this by custom in the privacy settings. For the privacy settings, please click on the account button at the top right corner of the page to Facebook. Depending on the circumstances of your choice either show or hide the status for some people, after you're done, remember to save your settings

4. Tag friends to the status

Previously to tag friends in status, Facebook users must use the @ character after the name of people who want to tag. But Facebook has changed the tag your friends and status as a simpler and more automatic, you just type the first few letters of people who want to tag, Facebook will automatically display a list of friends related to you choose who you want to tag.

5. Joking with friend

Please use the following applications: accompanied by a joke something. Then, anyone see this status will see their own avatar and they will think that you are say them. There will be a lot of people fooled by this joke here.

 6. Upside down the status

You can make Facebook status became more interesting and impressive by using upside-down status. You go to TypeUpsideDown, type your status on the box at the bottom you will see the status of their corresponding but inverted. Next, you just copy this content to Facebook's status. You can also use this for other social networks like Twitter and Myspace.

7. Using Status Statistic 

The procedure or the status of Facebook, information technology, tips or elephant Facebook status, Facebook status, status, Facebook, tips or elephant Facebook, tips

You want your statistics status? Facebook application called Status Statistics will help you do this by letting you know on average how many status you write in a day or an average length of your status.

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