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How to keep your blog more engaging ?

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Managing a unique website and attracting more traffic is easier said than done. It requires a lot of
research, time, practice and patience. If you are dealing with blog tips for quite some time, you are
probably looking for new ways to improve it. Every blog owner has to realize that the opportunities for
improvement are never-ending. Implement new techniques in every part of your blog, be it engaging
with customers or content development. A few of you might have implemented great ideas, which
would not have worked well. Maybe the idea was inappropriate. Why?

How to keep your blog more engaging ?
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• Few ideas might be tough to follow
• Some tips do not focus on the base but provide advanced tips
• Some suggestions aim at increasing the page view rather than engaging

To make your blog more engaging, the following tips will be of great help. Personally, I implement these
steps and received an alarming response.

Evoke Responses

Numerous methods are available to evoke the interest of a reader. One tip that brings life to your article
is by writing as if you are speaking to the reader. Put into practice “your” or “you” in the article rather
than “they”, “it” or “them”. The title when posed like a question draws the attention of visitors. Raise
questions throughout the blogpost which will provoke the visitor to read further. But make sure to
answer every question that you raised in the blogpost. A meaningful question at the end of your post
motivates the visitor to comment.

Short Paragraphs

Long texts irritate a reader and they might leave your blog. Short, simple and meaningful paragraphs
grab the attention of many. Short paragraphs are easy to read and understand when compared with
complex sentences. For example: BBC’s news articles are short paragraphs which convey the meaning.
No wonder they are popular.

Bulleted Lists and Subtitles

A meaningful grouped data is the right method of targeting readers who are seeking information.
Combining paragraphs that convey the same meaning and providing a suitable title is useful for readers
who scan your content. Content with subtitles are widely popular among the visitors. Bulleted lists
attract the eyes of a customer and it gives a legible look to your content. Make use of the variety of
fonts to grab the attention of the visitor. Fonts like Bold, Italics, Underline and many others can be used
to highlight the important points.

Include Media

Add relevant videos or pictures to your post. A colorful post or blog with diagrams, graphs, videos or
pictures helps the visitor to stay long on the site and read the post till the end. Better still when the
videos or pictures are inserted in-between the post. Placing the graphs or pictures towards the side of
a page will be misunderstood for an advertisement. Place one picture up in the document to visually
engage the visitor.

Eradicate Errors

Spelling and grammatical errors in your post will never earn you customers. If so, don’t be surprised
when you receive comments on your poor English and inaccurate data. Spelling errors can be easily
avoided if you spell check after completing the post. A word program can also be used to make sure
there are no grammatical mistakes.

Engage Yourself

If you receive comments on your post, respond to them as soon as possible. This shows that you are
active and wide open to comments. This also shows that you respect the readers and their views. There
are chances for your comment box to turn into a discussion room, provided the content is too good.

You can also choose a topic and write the negative aspect of it. Make sure not to touch on sensitive
subjects that might bring in trouble. The Top 10 or Top 20 lists is the best way to engage with the
visitors. You can also visit similar topic blogs and comment on them. These are ways to build a beneficial
relationship. Apply any or all of the steps above and if you have any other tips share them here.

This is a guest post by Celestine Mayer of xfinityonline, a site that offers savings and current
information on xfinity tv , as well as services.
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Monday, September 24, 2012

What You Can Do While Waiting For Your Keywords to Climb the SEO Ranks ?

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As an online business, it can be extremely discouraging to invest a lot of time and money into search
engine optimization, only to have to wait several months before you begin to see results. There are a
lot of things you can do while you are waiting for your keywords to climb the SEO ranks. Below, you’ll
find some of my top suggestions for growing your business on the Internet, without having to spend
additional time or money on search engine optimization. SEO is definitely one of the most profitable
online marketing methods, but it doesn’t have to be your one and only moneymaker. Depending on
the products or services that your company sells, there are lots of other lucrative options for you to
consider - Blog tips World

Your Keywords to Climb the SEO Ranks ?

Consider eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon

These are websites where you can list a product for sale, allowing other people to purchase it through
their system. EBay, Craigslist and Amazon are extremely successful systems and they are highly used. On
these websites, you can find a wide variety of people that sell their products. The user bases of these
websites are huge, they have millions of people that purchase products on a regular basis. By marketing
your products on these websites, you can quickly get buyers, without having to invest anything. It
costs a minimal amount of money in order to list on eBay, it’s free to list on Amazon, and Craigslist is
free as well. EBay and Amazon will take a small percentage of your profits, but it will be minimal when
compared to how much business they have supplied you with as a company. Craigslist takes absolutely
nothing, but you will have to deal with your customers directly, you cannot sell things on Craigslist if you
are not a local business. All three of these websites can be an excellent income opportunity if you are
an online or local business that sells products. They each have an extremely large amount of users and
plenty of potential to generate interest toward your products.

Try to obtain traffic through question and answer websites

The best way to spread the word about your products or services, is to spread your knowledge.
Undoubtedly, you are going to have a lot of knowledge that you can share about the industry that you
are in. You can go to question and answer sites and sign up for a free account, so that you can answer
questions that other people have asked things. When they ask a question, simply reply to them with
an answer, spreading your knowledge and wealth of information to the public. In your answer or in the
resource box, you can leave a link to your company’s website. This can result in a lot of traffic and sales
for your business, it’s a great way to get links on the Internet that people will actually see and possibly
click. Question and answer sites rank high on search engines like Google. This means, when somebody
searches a question that has been answered on one of these websites, the website question will show

up at the top of the results. This also means, your answer will also be displayed to people who find
the question through search engines. Search engines provide so much traffic that the question you
answered will get dozens of visitors a day. All of this traffic could be directed straight to your website,
if you provided a good quality and solid answer for the question. Question-and-answer sites are a great
way to grow a company while you are in midst of a search engine optimization campaign.

Consider online forums, if there are niche specific forums in your industry

Forums are a community of people where you can ask questions, post answers, and talk with one
another. Forums are great way for people to correspond with one another online. People create threads
around important topics in specific industries, and everyone can reply to those threads and discuss the
matter with one another. There are literally dozens of online forums in just about every topic that you
can think up. Online marketing, politics, social networking, auto repair, and restaurants are examples of
industries where you can find online forums. By joining these forums, you can be in active member in
the community and share information that may benefit other members of the forum. In your signature,
or perhaps in some of your posts, you can promote your products or services at your place of business.
You may even leave a link, pointing back to your website. The members of the forum community can
view this post, possibly go to your website and purchase some of the products and services that you
are advertising. Of course, it’s important that you join forums based around the industry that you sell
products or services in. This helps you market yourself to people that actually have an interest in what
your business provides.

PPC advertising on Google, through Adwords

Google Adwords is a program that allows you to create an advertisement that will be displayed on the
Google search engine, when people search keywords that are related to your products or services. Keep
in mind, PPC advertising is fairly expensive, you have to have a large budget in order to pay for every
click that your ad receives. This is why it is called PPC, it stands for pay per click advertising. It means,
when your ad is displayed on Google, every time that somebody clicks your ad you are going to have to
pay a small amount of money. When you have dozens of clicks throughout the day, this money that you
have to pay can quickly add up. PPC advertising through Google Adwords is profitable, but you’re going
to have to analyze your statistics and come up with campaigns that are more successful than others.
It’s a long process, and it takes years to be able to master it. For some people, you might have luck right
away, so you should definitely look into it if you have a budget to begin advertising online.

Advertise on niche related websites

The truth is, PPC advertising through program like Adwords, is generally too expensive for most
businesses. So what types of alternatives do you have if you don’t have a large budget for advertising
on search engines like Google? You can use media buy networks to create a banner or text ad to be
displayed on niche related websites in your industry. If you can get ads on quality websites that have
traffic related to the products or services that you provide, this investment could pay off considerably.
It’s a gutsy move, it’s going to take a bit of money and some time in order to work out a profitable
campaign on websites that are valuable to you, but it could be more successful than Adwords.

There are a lot of different ways that you can generate traffic for your website, and possibly obtain leads
or sales, without having to invest more money or time into SEO. While search engine optimization is
extremely profitable and lucrative, it takes a long time before you begin to see a return on investment.
Not to mention, a lot of SEO companies practice impractical link building methods, and they may
actually damage your site’s reputation in the search engines, more than help it. Finding a good quality
SEO company to hire can be a difficult process, but it will definitely pay off. In the meantime, try to
generate some sales for your business by using some of the methods highlighted above, some of them
could actually end up being your primary traffic source.

This is a guest from Charles Dodgson who works as a contributing editor for WLM SEM Submissions Company that offers a range of affordable link building services and specializes in implementing cost-effective Internet marketing strategies for businesses and professionals.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Good Idea is Not Enough: Why You Need to Proofread Every Post

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Blog tips World, every serious blogger knows that content is king. You can optimize your site for better search engine rankings, you can grow your presence in social media, you can send out e-mail newsletters — but at the end of the day, if your content is unoriginal, boring, or just plain lousy, you probably won't see your 15 minutes of fame.

What makes good content? The kind of content that drives traffic to your site and drives your ranking up is original and inherently valuable to your readers. This doesn't mean that all your posts have to be about ways to save money or make your home more green; Allie from Hyperbole and a Half writes only humorous posts, but if you browse through the comments section of any given post, you'll see firsthand the value her posts bring to her readers.

But a good idea is not enough.

A good idea poorly executed is just as ineffective as a bad idea. In fact, a bad idea excellently written might be more successful than a good post written hastily with no thought given to proofreading, grammar, or structure.

When you put time into your posts — this means reviewing them after they've been written to check for clarity, coherence, mistakes, etc. — you give the impression that you are professional, that you do this for a living. Even if you're just writing a post about the color of your wallpaper (can you imagine something duller?), write it like a professional and readers will be impressed.

 Things to strive for: 

  • Clarity: Are your ideas clearly stated in a way that your readers will understand? 
  • Coherence: Do your ideas fundamentally make sense? 
  • Accuracy: Is your content backed by research? Is your information up-to-date? 
  • Fluidity: Does your post flow seamlessly from one idea to the next? 
  • Personality: Are you writing in a voice that is uniquely yours in an engaging way? 
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Things to look out for: 

  • Grammar mistakes: If you aren’t writing in your native language, consider brushing up the grammar rules of the language you are writing in. 
  • Mechanical mistakes: These are very common, even among fluent speakers and include: Spelling Punctuation Capitalization Homophone confusion ("there," "their," and "they're" Run-on sentences
  • Before you publish each post, take 30 minutes to review it, checking for all the above criteria. Be professional in your writing and your readers will believe you are a professional!
 This is a guest post by Eliza Morgan who is a full time blogger. She specializes in writing about business credit cards. You can reach her at: elizamorgan856 at gmail dot com.
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Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Use Forums as Social Media Marketing Tools ?

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In light of the current focus on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as a means for business owners to promote their companies, discussion forums come off as being old school. However, forums are still around for a very good reason: they are an effective means of engaging a community. You can harness the power of forums as a social media marketing tool to promote your business. We share this in Blog tips World

How to Use Forums as Social Media Marketing Tools

Target a Specific Niche 

You may generate significant traffic initially with a “be all things to all people” approach, but for long-term, committed involvement, focusing your forum on a specific niche is the way to go. This is because niche targeting promotes a sense of commonality, and, in turn, a higher level of engagement for your forum. For instance, if you own a clothing store for fashionable mature women, which type of group do you think would generate interest and involvement over months, if not years: a group devoted to fashion in general or a group devoted to fashion tips for women over 40?

Post Content to Trigger Discussion 

Even when members disagree among themselves, as long as the discussion remains civil, lively interaction among people who share a common area of interest often translates into a higher profile for your company. Using the previous example, you could post a link to an article discussing whether women over age 35 should wear short skirts. Invariably, some members will claim that short skirts should be reserved for younger women, while others will argue that women of every age are entitled to wear shorts skirts so long as they look good. Still others will insist that women should wear what they want no matter what other people think. Meanwhile, this lively discussion generates traffic to your forum and likely inspires discussion by forum members with acquaintances who are not involved with the forum.

Engage Forum Moderators 

You can’t oversee your forum 24 hours per day, seven days per week. But shutting down discussion when you’re not around is not an ideal solution. Engaging forum moderators serves two equally important functions. First, forum moderators can act as your eyes and ears to maintain civility among forum members when you can’t be there to oversee things personally. Second, forum moderators often become evangelists for your forum, recruiting new members.

Link Back to Your Website 

Your discussion forum should include links back to your company’s main website on the forum logo and attached to posts that you place on the forum site. This will help your company’s website rank better with search engines. However, be careful not to go overboard and insist on links back to your website attached to every post placed your members. Too many links on your forum pointing to your website might be viewed unfavorably by search engines, lowering your website’s rank in search results.

It’s Not Either Or 

None of the above advice is meant to suggest that you should not incorporate social media platforms in your marketing efforts. Social media plays an increasingly influential role not only in page rank but in your company’s overall profile. A coordinated marketing effort can and should include both social media and a discussion forum.

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This is a guest post from David Kendall who contributed this guest post on behalf of David is a freelance marketing. He is articles appear on internet marketing blogs.
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

3 Things You Should Do When You Start Losing Blog Readers

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Have you ever been in a situation where your blog tips readers are diminishing?  You check your blog analytics and all you see are a handful of visitors whereas your blog used to be the go-to for many readers not so long ago. You also know your blog posts are always top class.

So what happened, and what can you do when you experience such a fate?

Smart bloggers will start figuring out the cause of the problem and work on it. It however may not be as simple as it sounds since you can’t possibly follow up on every visitor asking why they won’t visit again.

3 Things You Should Do When You Start Losing Blog Readers

Here are some suggestions for you:

Be there for your readers

Are you engaging your readers in the best way possible? Readers will abandon a blog if they feel the owner does not care much about them.

Show your readers love and they’ll spread word about your blog. They’ll share your blog posts on social media sites, bringing you more visitors.

How do you do this?

•    Engage your readers by replying to their comments and answering any questions they might have.

•    Find out where your readers regularly hang out when they’re online and be there too. Are there forums where your readers frequent? Are they active on twitter or facebook? If they’re on twitter, engage them with relevant tweets. If on forums,  join the conversions too. They’ll know you care about their well-being. One way to find where your readers hang out is by looking at the referral stats in your site analytics. See which social sites are regularly bringing visitors to your blog, then leverage on that.

•    You could also set up polls or surveys on your blog if necessary. Visitors will feel valuable.

Reference >> add facebook like button to blogger

Review Your Blog’s User Experience

How easy is it for readers to find what they’re looking for on your blog? Is it easy for them to navigate your blog? Do you have a search form where they can easily search for information on your blog? Are there intrusive ads on your blog?

These are some factors that may be making it hard for visitors to fully enjoy the experience on your blog.
Your blog may be filled with top-notch content but readers can’t consume it because of the intrusive ads or unnecessary floating plugins.

If you’re monetizing your blog using advertisements, make sure they’re relevant to your blog’s topic and place them where they can’t obstruct readers from accessing relevant information.

Disable plugins that you don’t find relevant and also ensure your blog speed is good.

Make it easy for visitors to navigate your blog by including necessary categories and navigation points.

Visitors might be running away from your blog because you’re making life hard for them.

Start Updating Regularly

Do you update your blog regularly with fresh unique content? I mean relevant content that meets your readers’ needs. You might be losing readers because you don’t update your blog regularly. Give them a reason to come back.

Sometimes it can be hard to continually provide quality content on your blog. It’s cumbersome and sometimes it just get’s boring.

But let’s face it. If your blog does not continually provide fresh relevant content, then soon or later you’ll start losing precious visitors. Even search engines might lose trust in your blog.

Here are two ways you can use to ensure your blog is regularly updated.

•    Come up with a blog editorial calendar. An editorial calendar should be one of the vital tools in your blogging arsenal. It helps you plan ahead, ensuring you have a smart content strategy for your blog’s future.

•    If writing blog posts is like swallowing a bitter pill for you, then you might consider outsourcing some of the work. Just make sure you find an excellent writer whose writing style resonates well with your blog. You can also invite guest bloggers.

The key here is to find a regular pattern that works well with your readers. It could be one post per week, two posts per week or even daily. The niche you’re in also matters.

Are your blog readers increasing or decreasing? What are you doing to make regular blog readers?

This is guest post from Norbert who is is an internet marketing blogger and freelance writer.Visit and read his lastest post business blogging tips

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Surpassing Ways to Make Money from Blogging

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A lot of people are now into blogging because they get to express their feelings and opinions freely. It is also part of today’s craze; you get to have a lot of followers if you get people’s attention. Another reason why blogging is famed right now is because you can actually be blogging make money out of it. You can earn extra cash from it just by expressing yourself. It is that easy! If you’re interested in pursuing this, follow these blog tips below to become successful with your blog.

blogging make money online, make money from blogging, make money online


This is the most common thing you can do in order to generate income with your blog. If your blog is well known in a particular place, then you’re most likely to be able to sell ad space on your own. There are services where in bloggers can establish ad programs. Just choose ads that are consistent with yours, then you’ll get paid based on how many readers click on the ads.

Sell productions for others

As a blogger, you pretty much test products or spill out your opinions about stuff. Referring to other people’s products is another opportunity for you to earn extra cash. There are programs that will enable your blog to serve as a medium for readers and other sites. So that when readers click on it, they will be immediately redirected to the site where it can be bought.

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Link Ads

If your blog is starting to become popular, it can now be a place for link ads. Link ads ae those phrases or small images you can see on the sides of sites. If your blog is popular enough, some people will even pay you to put their link on your page.

 Paid surveys and polls

That is actually what it says. You answer survey questions and you get paid for doing so. You can even post the forms on your blog to let other people get into it too. Just be wary when it comes to choosing poll companies, as some of them are scammers. Do a little research about the company’s background. You don’t want your blog to be counted in for dirty business.


It is your blog in the first place so why not showcase your skills on it? Offering freelancing services like writing, editing and designing can help you earn extra money and establish yourself. Share your skills to others and let your blog be your online portfolio.

Your blog can e used in tons of ways. Maximize it in order to earn some extra cash or to simply just share your thoughts and opinions to other. Simple jobs like blogging, can even improve your credit score and credit report so try to keep it up. It will all be worth it in the end.

This is a guest post from Shimpy who is a financial blogger and love to share financial tips to manage personal finances, improve credit scores/credit score/credit score report and monitor credit reports/credit report/ creditreport/credit report free. 
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Google removered 250.000 links by copyright policy

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Actually Google own how many online search links. No-one can answer this question.

However, recently, "the giant in the field of search" has made the community stunned when the network announced it will begin storing thousands of requests received daily search to find the link related to copyrighted materials. According to latest sources, Google received about 250,000 requests to remove relevant links to pirated content every week.

Reference >> wat remover

Upon receiving notice from the owners that their information is being linked to the website of piracy, after a complex investigation process, the end result that Google will remove all the links of this site out of search engine.
Google removed link by copyright policy, Google removal request

And the number of requests to remove links violations have soared in recent years. In fact, Google said the company is now the company received a number of requirements in a week more than in 2009. Only in 05/2012, Google received 1.2 million requests from 1,000 owners of copyright on the removal of links from 23,000 sites.

For the first time, the company had to create the list "request removal" on the online report of transparency starting from 07/2011. Previously, the company reports only show the government's requirements for the content on Google's servers. But now, due to the urgency, the list "request removal" has been placed on top.

"We believe that Google's efforts to achieve desirable results, create a fair balance between owners needs and interests of users and the benefits of Google" Fred von Lohmann, senior advisor grant copyright of Google.

When copyright owners believe there is any content that Google violated their copyright, they will first fill out a form template on the Google website. Google's software then automatically tries to determine whether the claim is legitimate or not. After that, the Google experts will begin implementation of the legal process.

Experts say Google statistics, companies typically about 97% of approved requests to remove links. And the company is working hard to eliminate the illegal links. Specifically, in the latest week, experts Google has removed 250,000 links related to ownership.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

These good tips with status of Facebook

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Category: add meta tags to blogger >> The first target of Facebook always try to improve the quality of their service by updating and changing continuously to make the user more comfortable and interested. So with that reason , there are many users could not recognize that they are just using the basic of Facebook. These are tutorials and useful tips that help you using Facebook to another level.

The procedure or the status of Facebook, information technology, tips or elephant Facebook status, Facebook status, status, Facebook, tips or elephant Facebook, tips

 1. Add dislike option into status.

Not many users who feel unfamiliar with the the like button of Facebook, it has become all too familiar when you want to express their agreement or preferred for a certain topic. You can make their status becomes more unique by adding buttons to dislike his friends have more options when the comment, it must be a very interesting thing.

The procedure or the status of Facebook, information technology, tips or elephant Facebook status, Facebook status, status, Facebook, tips or elephant Facebook, tips

A Facebook application is the Status of Magic will help you add a button to any dislike any of his status. If you really want different, you can also add to the emotion status as "love", "hate" even "LOL".

2. Writing unlimited for status

 It looks like Facebook just limite a user can only enter a maximum of 420 characters on the status. This is not a problem with the short status but in those cases "emotional outpouring", you want to express more with friends and relatives is also quite annoying. You can solve this problem by adding a photo in status. So this limit will be removed and you can share freely without limit regardless of status.

 3. Visible status to someone
The procedure or the status of Facebook, information technology, tips or elephant Facebook status, Facebook status, status, Facebook, tips or elephant Facebook, tips

For some reason, there will be people that you do not want them to see their status. Facebook can help you achieve this by custom in the privacy settings. For the privacy settings, please click on the account button at the top right corner of the page to Facebook. Depending on the circumstances of your choice either show or hide the status for some people, after you're done, remember to save your settings

4. Tag friends to the status

Previously to tag friends in status, Facebook users must use the @ character after the name of people who want to tag. But Facebook has changed the tag your friends and status as a simpler and more automatic, you just type the first few letters of people who want to tag, Facebook will automatically display a list of friends related to you choose who you want to tag.

5. Joking with friend

Please use the following applications: accompanied by a joke something. Then, anyone see this status will see their own avatar and they will think that you are say them. There will be a lot of people fooled by this joke here.

 6. Upside down the status

You can make Facebook status became more interesting and impressive by using upside-down status. You go to TypeUpsideDown, type your status on the box at the bottom you will see the status of their corresponding but inverted. Next, you just copy this content to Facebook's status. You can also use this for other social networks like Twitter and Myspace.

7. Using Status Statistic 

The procedure or the status of Facebook, information technology, tips or elephant Facebook status, Facebook status, status, Facebook, tips or elephant Facebook, tips

You want your statistics status? Facebook application called Status Statistics will help you do this by letting you know on average how many status you write in a day or an average length of your status.

This is a guest post from Nancy who is the writer of the car news website. She is interested in cars and love to write about it.
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Monday, May 21, 2012

5 helpful tips for using Gmail

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Blog tips World - If you're one of the 193 million Gmail users, every day you would always have to spend a certain amount of your time to access this service. Here are five helpful tips for using Gmail service, including how to access multiple accounts in one browser, schedule time zone changes and how to get rid of the annoying conversation that make you easier and more comfortable to use Gmail.

1. How to grant access to your Gmail account to another person

If you own two Gmail accounts, one for personal needs and one for work, the continuous access and then exit the accounts will take time, and also makes you angry. A new feature called "e-mail delegation," appeared on the Google Apps account long ago, but has only recently become available to all customers using Gmail.
This feature allows you to grant access to someone - be it a friend, or assistant, allowing them to read and respond to your e-mail on your behalf.

Grant access to Gmail service

To grant, click on the "Settings" at the top right corner of Gmail. On the tab "Accounts and Import" will have an entry for you to grant access to your account. Note that you can just add an e-mail address if the person who was granted is also a Gmail user.

After you click on the link and add an e-mail address, Gmail will send an e-mail for new users. When they accept, the person who was granted access to your account, read and answer e-mail on your behalf. Similarly, visit the "Settings" if you want to revoke this privilege.

2. How to "get rid" of unwanted letters

Usually, you can join a conversation topic with 10 different people, who often use the feature "reply all", filling your mailbox. An easy way to get rid of this conversation is to use the new features of Gmail, "Smart Mute."

unwanted letters of gmail , tips for using gmail

To enable Smart Mute, visit the Settings link in Gmail, click the Labs tab, scroll until you see it, then click "Enable." Be sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom. When you receive an e-mail that you want to terminate not more, select "More actions" from the Gmail toolbar and click "Mute." Similar access if you want to remove this feature.

3. How to easily put these plans in different time zones

If you travel often, then keeping track of appointments in different time zones is a headache results. With the feature set of events in time Google Calendar, you can set the time zone for a certain event, rather than having to guess about the time difference. The event will appear on your calendar the time zone you are currently using.

Change of time zome in Gmail
From Gmail, click the Calendar link and select "Create event" on the left side of the page. Click on the "Time zone" and choose the location of the event - no need to specify the time zone where the event took place, they will be automatically updated.

4. How to automate continuously  access to email

As a rule, when you open an e-mail in the inbox and then archive or delete it, Gmail will automatically take you back to the inbox screen, where all the other email is existing. A feature in Gmail Labs called "Auto-Advance", will automatically open the next email, instead of forcing users to return to the home screen.
  access to Gmail email
To enable Auto-Advance feature, visit the Labs tab under Settings. You will have the option to go to the next email, the previous email, or back to the mailing list. Click Enable, then Save.

Reference >> ios 6 beta 3 ipsw

5. How to switch between two Gmail accounts in one browser

If you own or manage multiple Gmail accounts, usually you will have to get out of this account, then log into another account, or use a browser to access multiple accounts simultaneously. But Gmail's new feature called "access multiple accounts" will help you end the inconvenience.
This new feature allows users to sign another 2 Gmail account, and switch between them. However, this feature currently only works on the browser desktop.
multiple Gmail account
To enable this feature, visit / accounts and select "Edit" next to "Multiple sign-in." You will be asked to check qau a few steps to make sure you understand how to use new features. When you're done, visit your account page and click "Edit" next to e-mail address to add another account.
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Blog Backup Day: To make your blog grow by each day

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After creating a blog, everyone wants it to become popular, grow leaps and bounds, and attract numerous visitors. Blog tips do not become popular automatically. In order to attract visitors to the blog it is crucial that you formulate a strategy and employ certain tips and tricks. Some of these strategies are:

Blog Backup

It is essential that you keep taking regular backups of your blog. This is necessary as several times due to spamming or some technical issues blogs are deleted from the host site. If this happens then all your hard work, which has gone in developing the blog, will go waste. So, ensure that you fix a date every month when you take a backup of your blog.


It is not necessary to stay aloof from other bloggers. You should correlate with them. This will enable you to get new ideas and the collaborating bloggers can motivate and encourage each other.


You need to be a disciplined blogger. Writing and posting articles on your blog intermittently will be a hurdle in the blogs popularity. Viewers want updated and new content regularly. So if you will provide diverse and new content diligently on your blog it will become popular among the viewers and will attract new as well as existing viewers to view it regularly.

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You can pay money to people who contribute and help you in growing your blog

Another very effective way of making your blog’s content grow is by paying money to people who contribute to your blog. This will also ensure diverse content to be posted on your blog. Thought paying money to the contributors will involve money in the beginning but in the end it will make your blog more popular and the cost incurred earlier will be covered.


It is very vital that you select the correct theme for your blog. Avoid taking the mainstream topics as there are numerous blogs focusing on them. Therefore, you should select a unique topic so that your blog can be differentiated from other blogs. The unique topic will attract people towards your blog and thus will make it more popular.

Focus on quality and not quantity

You should always strive for quality content to be posted on your blog. In the blogging world quality pays off and not quantity. It has been seen that posting few quality articles is worth posting several average articles. Quality articles attract more visitors and people are tempted to re visit your blog.

Associate with Google

Google plays a lot of role in diverting traffic towards web sites. Therefore, it is a good strategy to use Google to attract traffic towards your blog. More traffic towards the blog will help in increasing the popularity of the blog. Thus, if you understand the working of Google you can optimize the content of your articles in a manner that your blog gets extra visibility through Google search engine.

This is a guest post from Alia Haley who is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and autos. Beside this she is fond of cars and fancy dresses. Recently an article on galaxy tab accessories attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on free Android apps .
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Best Ways of Optimizing your Blog for SEO and your Readers

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Winning both visitors and search engines is a tall order. Some writers often walk a thin line between quality content writing or coming up with keyword-crammed articles that search engines will surely gobble up. So you are faced with the dilemma of writing an article which no search engine will every pickup or an article that

However, coming up with great content should not be a choice between the two. It is possible to write quality content without sacrificing SEO. The simple way of doing this is writing quality content with the right keyword techniques. I know the advice is quite vague so let’s break it down into six simple ways you can rocket-fuel your blog tips to success.

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1. Write great titles

The title of each blog post should be engaging while providing an overview of what the post is all about. An example of this would be the blog’s title which includes the terms “optimizing your blog.” The phrase is self-explanatory but also includes important keywords such as Blog and SEO.

If I said, “How to Improve Your Blog’s Ranking,” it promises a benefit but uses an overused combination of phrases that does not interest most readers anymore. With a good title sprinkled with a few popular target keywords, you are giving yourself a good SEO boost while spiking the interest of your readers.

2. Organize your Content

Your readers don’t have the time to arrange the jigsaw puzzle of information you have managed to post on your blog through the years. They want information and they want it quick. Having information with a few mouse clinks or a taps on the keyword are the main selling points of visiting the information superhighway.

So when you’re writing your next blog post, try to find its place on the overall picture of your blog. Make it easier for readers to navigate your blog. Organizing your content also makes it easier for search engine crawlers to index and rank your website.

3. Focus on Reader Experience

A number of things that can easily turn a reader off (unless he’s desperate for information) are small fonts, text that belong on a neon sign rather on a blog and poor text contrast. Content is the main reason why people visit blogs and forgetting this can spell doom for your blog.

Part of giving visitors a great reading experience is by keeping advertisements to a minimum. One important number that you should constantly look out for is bounce rates. The longer you keep readers engaged and surfing over your content, the better your chance of being regarded as an authority site by search engines.

Any visitor would not want to stay in a blog where clicking on a link sends them to another advertisement. Make reading your content both fun and entertaining. Focusing on visitor experience makes it easier for you to market your services and products.

4. Put some alternative description on your images

Images are archived by their file name. Placing your target keyword as a title for your images can go a long way in boosting your SEO ranking. Go through your image codes and fill out the “alt” information. Describe your images using keywords that are appropriate to what the photos portray.

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5. Create a faster loading blog

There might be too many unnecessary plug-ins on your blog. These may be intended to attract readers to your blog’s aesthetics but they do exactly the opposite. Or probably, your blog uses HD photos. Why upload 5MB images if their job can be done by a 100-byte photo? Find ways to make your blog load as fast as possible. People don’t have time to wait for a blog to load, especially if there are others that can serve them through the fast lane.

6. Write a descriptive URL

Do not settle for random letter-number combinations in your URLs. Write a descriptive URL that adequately explains your content. Limit it to a few words that readers can easily remember. This way they can easily remember where to go when they need the same info again. It also helps in your search engine optimization efforts, as URLs are a big factor in determining your blog’s ranking.

This is a guest post from Suzzane Edwards

Suzzane Edwards is a financial advisor and currently works as a consultant for small businesses. When she’s not writing for Cash for Gold Jewelry , she could be found blogging about simple tips on how people could take advantage of the internet’s numerous business opportunities.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The biggest challenges of newbie blogger will be faced

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There are many thousands of blogs created everyday, but just a few of them will be existed for a long time. Many, many of bloggers got out from blogosphere in a short time. There are many reasons for that but it showed us a real that blogging is not easy.
The failure of many bloggers reminded newbie bloggers who want to become a successful blogger about the challenge of Blog tips will be faced when they become a blogger. This will make them prepare carefully before
start a blog and they will be easier to succeed.

Are you ready to become a blogger? If yes, these are the challenges you should know before start your own blog. Let’s ready to face if you want to succeed.

1. Competition

Yes, of course. Competition is clear. Because of there are hundreds of millions blog/website existed so if you want to succeed you must to find a way to pass to competitors. That's not an easy work. The blogosphere seems saturated and the other competitor also wants to pass you. You have to work more and cleverer. So that’s why you must to have so much effort and time to get the result what you want. Are you ready?

2. Idea

One of important things which newbie bloggers have to face is find idea to write content for their blogs. Why did it become a challenge?

Look at the blogs, what is the most important about the blog? Content. So how to start build the content? From the idea.

As you know, today there are many blogs existed, the competition is too high, and most fields have been filled before you go. So that’s reason to make most of newbie bloggers feel difficulty when they want to create unique content for their blog. This is really a hard challenge.

3. Time

Most of newbie bloggers are not full time blogger (or they still don’t want to become a full time blogger before they can get something they want). And the time is another important challenge that they will be face if they want to build a successful blog. Why?

To do anything, you need the time. To build a successful blog, you also need the time. The time to research, the time to write content, the time to drive traffic to your blog … All of them need the time.

If you have less time, you will can not build a great content and choose the right ways to promote your blog too. So you have less change to succeed if you don’t work well. And you also don’t get the results which you want if you don’t give to readers something have value.

The time is one of the most important reasons make a newbie blogger failure.

4. Patience

What did the reason make most of newbie blogger fail? That’s patience. Most of failure bloggers didn't have the patience. They didn’t have qualities which a successful blogger need to have. That is the patience. They give up before they get result and so the result which they will be got is failure.

What also has its price, if you don't have the patience surely you will not be successful.

5. Make money

When I read the e-book of John Chow, one thing made me attention is there are over 90% bloggers can not make over 100$/per month from their blog. Well, that is not good news. Because this thing showed us that make money from blog is not an easy work. It’s really a big challenge.

Most of bloggers want to make money from their blog with any platform such as blogger template or wordpress, to maintain their passion, to pay some cost of hosting and domain, or to make their living online. So, they really need to find the ways to do that. And as you know
again, it’s not an easy work. If you really want to know why it is not an easy work, let’s try it.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Things You Should Know About Qualities of a Successful Blogger

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There are thousands of newbie bloggers who want to succeed in blogging, but many of them don't know how to do that. I’m sure not all of them will become a successful blogger, only people who go on right ways will be. So maybe you will ask me “How can I choose the right ways?”. The answer is in your brain. Yes, the right ways are in your brain.

You have all of control to choose what you will do. So your brain is the master to choose right ways. In other words, you needed to have the right thinking before you can choose the right ways. So if you wanted to become a successful blogger, the first things you should determine is what a successful blogger is? Or exactly, what qualities did you need to become a successful blogger?

Here are the answers:

1. Hard working.

I read many blogs of the successful bloggers and saw they never advice or teach anyone how to get rich quickly. They had been said no ways for anyone to get rich over night. And what things they got are the results of hard working. They took a lot time and effort to get them. What about you?
How can you become a successful blogger like them? Obviously, you must be hard working.

As you know, you need to write content for your blog regularly. This means that you will need to do some writing, which requires some effort and the time too. You can’t generate huge volumes of traffic to your blog if you are lazy and are not prepared to spend some time writing your content. No one will come and nothing you get. No anything.

2. Resourcefulness.

Why do a successful blogger need the resourcefulness? Why?

The blogosphere is saturated. There are tons of blogs about pretty much everything. And the key to getting a blog noticed is differentiation. What’s the difference between your blog and the million other blogs out there?

That’s the things that your blog will bring to your readers. This is your blog content, or something else is really amazing. All of them requested the great skill of bloggers. I call it is the resourcefulness of the bloggers. Right?

It is important for your blog to be captivating, useful and interesting so that you have regular visitors as well as new visitors. You must therefore think about ways of making your blog unique and appealing to your visitors.
Think about the needs and interests of people in your niche and identify what your visitors would like to see on your blog. Remember, all of them requested your skills.

3. Always looking for all the opportunities to make money from the blog.

Many of you consider money is the ruler to review a blogger. That’s ok. How much you can earn is how much you are successful too. I think so when I said about the successful blogger (and many of us did).

There are many ways through which you can make money on your blog. You can sell your own products and services, you can sell affiliate products and you can sell some advertising space.

Many of my friends applied many methods to make money at the same time. And when they saw the opportunities to make money, they always picked up before it goes. That’s why many bloggers can make big money but someone can’t. Pick your chance if you saw it. Right now.
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4. Always looking for ways to drive traffic to the blog.

I think all of you knew why traffic is important for any blog and website. Did you? If you didn’t, it’s bad news. You need Google to know more about traffic. I’m sure. Why?

Because of when I visited many blogs of successful bloggers, I saw they have been done many methods to get traffic to their blog. They built great content, used email marketing, gave great free e-book, guest blogging or
anything they think it will attract traffic to their blog. Anything. So why don’t you do the same thing like that? Please give to me a reason.

5. Never gives up.

When I read the free e-books of John Chow and Onibalusi Bamidele, I was really impressed. I learned many things from them and one thing I realized why they succeed is they never give up.

John Chow needed 8 month to earn his first dollar online. And he said in his e-book: ”For the first eight month of my blog’s life, it made zero and I was posting 2-3 post per day. Now that the blog is making five figures per month, I’m posting 2-3 post per day. If the blog income were go back to zero tomorrow, I would still be posting 2-3 post per day”. It’s really inspired to me.

I also saw many of newbie bloggers who took an easy in and easy out attitude, so they never see the results before it comes. They were failures.

It takes the time and effort to drive traffic to your blog and start making some money. Never give up before you will get it, never.

If you have these five qualities mentioned above, you can be a successful blogger, generate high volumes of traffic and make huge online profits.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

6 Tips for Writing Your Blog to Keep Readers Coming Back

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 This is a guest post from James

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I spend a lot of time on the internet. As an internet marketer, I look at hundreds of websites a week, and probably thousands each month. And a good number of those sites are blogs. But most of these blogs suck. And It should come as no surprise to anyone who has spent any time on the internet that there are a lot of blogs out there that are badly designed, spammy, and poorly written.

In fact, that last observation is the most important to me in deciding whether or not I want to work with or advertise with a blogger. If their writing is bad, it’s a deal breaker.

There are lots of websites out there that claim to show you the pathway to wealth through blogging, but most of them deal with how to market your blog and optimize the SEO for great search rankings. But far too few actually focus on the content of a blog—what it’s actually about.

So many people get caught up in making money that they forget that if their blog is poorly written, no one will want to visit their site.

So, how do we change that? Here are a few tips that I try to stick to write good posts and keep my blog readers coming back for more.

1) Write to your audience

You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many bloggers  think their primary audience is Google. Before you write, think about who you are writing to (an actual person). Analyze what that audience wants to get out of your blog and the things they may want to know. Then you can tailor your post(s) to that audience. When a reader feels you are speaking to them directly and addressing what they came to your site to find, they are much more likely to return regularly, giving your blog sustained high traffic.

2) Create Compelling Titles

Think about your post title as a gateway drug. It needs to grab the reader and entice them to want to read more—especially if the title appears on Facebook or Twitter with no context. For example, for a movie blog, I recently wrote an article titled, “Why the Dark Knight Rises Will Probably Suck.” Now, most of the readers on the site are movie buffs and love the current Christopher Nolan Batman franchise, and they predict that the last chapter will be just as awesome as the first two. A title predicting the suckiness of the final installment, therefore, questions their underlying assumptions—and flies in the face of reason—making it extremely enticing to click on and read.

3) Follow a structure

Hopefully you learned the basic principles of good writing structure in first-year college English. If not, try and think back to high school. Start with an introduction, support your main thesis with supporting arguments (or evidence), and create a clear and satisfying conclusion. If you are scatter-brained and can’t keep a simple logical threat running through your post, your readers will get lost, have no idea what you are talking about, and never return to your blog again.

4) Be coherent

Once you can create an overall structure for your blog posts, pay attention to the details at a paragraph level. Tie your sentences together so one thought logically flows from the previous sentence to the following sentence. Doing so will help you lead your readers along to your final point—which is where you want them to go—so they will get value out of your post, see the value in your blog, and keep coming back for more.

5) Be fun

You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to add some fun into your blog posts, but readers do like a certain level of engagement. If you can entertain while you teach and make brilliant statements about the topic of your blog, you’ll have readers lining up (metaphorically—of course you can’t line up in the internet) to get back to your site and read more.

6) Ask questions

Do you want your readers to think about your blog post after they stop reading? Ask questions that encourage your readers to leave comments or ponder your words after they’ve left your site.
Content is king. If you have terrible writing on your site, no one will want to come back to read more of it once they’re gone. But if you can compel your readers to stick with you through an entire post with coherent arguments and a bit of humor, they’ll want to come back for more. Oh, and about those questions:  Do you think I’m full of crap? What are your tips for good blog writing?

James Ged is a writer and former college English professor turned internet marketer. Usually he’s blogging about Comcast cable, but he also likes to share his internet finds on Social Buzzer.
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Mistakes That Newbie Bloggers Should Advoid on Blogging Way

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Blog tips World - We are human, so mistakes are inevitable. We will have experience after we had mistake. And the things we could do better compared than animals are we will avoid in order not to repeat such mistakes.

A newbie blogger will have a lot of mistakes in blogging and I’m sure that they don’t want to have them. They want to be a professional and successful blogger, and that is why we created this blog, to help them do what they want easier.

If you are a newbie blogger and want to be a successful blogger, the easy way I think you should do to get this results is do the same things that the successful blogger did. One of them is avoid the mistakes that they had in blogging. So, what is it?

1. Choose Wrong Topic

There are many things you can write about. You can write about what you love or what you have knowledge. You can write about love, technology, journalism, science, etc. So, to choose a topic which you will write about is most important.

Many of newbie bloggers chose wrong topic when they started their blogs. They chose the topics which they think it could help them make money. But they were wrong. All of the reasons is they couldn’t make the readers to be trust about what they said. And they were failure.

Personally, I recommend you should only choose the topics that you really have interest and knowledge. That’s all.

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2. No Plan

No plan will be making everything messing up, and of course, you’d be hard to carry out your goals.

I know you have many things to do. So, you can pass something if you don’t have a plan. If you missed something, which means you missed some chance. That why you need have a plan when you start a blog.

Having a plan will make your job progress smoothly and your success will come more easily.

3. Choose Wrong Blog Platform

There are many blog platforms you can use to build a professional blog, and your job is to choose a blog platform that best suits your abilities and your needs.

If blog platforms can’t give the function that you need, you can not do anything.

Even so, the selection of a blog has too many features or surpasses the ability of your control is also not reasonable. If you plan on choosing a blog platform has many features that you are not sure or can not manage the blog, you should not select it.

4. Copy Content

Copy other people’s posts to your blog that is mean nothing is yours. You are just a shadow of others. Surely, readers would not appreciate such bloggers. Furthermore, when the search engines change their algorithms, your blog will receive a “punishment” if you copy the post of another blog. That is why many successful bloggers advice to the newbie bloggers should create the unique content for their blog to get success. You should too.

You should try to avoid to copy other bloggers content because it is the best way to build a brand for your blogs.

5. Use Free Domain and Free Hosting.

A free domain will not give readers the trust and professionalism to the site used it. This is certain. Try checking with a small question. You would buy the produce of which the vendor of the two following addresses: and

Free Hosting to often make your page load time more slowly. And Did you have enough patience to wait for a site load too long? I believe no. You will leave this site. Using Premium Hosting will guarantee work for your blog load faster and stable. That’s why I do not recommend using free hosting.

6. Use Free Themes.

In fact, there are many free templates for you choose to use for your blog. I’m also sure that many of newbie bloggers will use free themes for their blog. I did that and of course, after a while I realized that this is a mistake. You will be hard to impress and create individual images for the reader to use a Free Themes because so many people have used it. Think carefully before you decide to use Free Themes for your blog.

7. Don’t Update Regularly

This is the mistake which many bloggers have in blogging. There are many reasons why they could not update their blogs regularly. They had no time, they had some important things to do … and so they could not take the care for their blog. But this also is the reason that the traffic to their blog is downing.
Readers want new information. There are thousands of blogs existed will be happy to cater to them. If you couldn’t bring it to them, they will leave you. That’s why you should make your blog refresh as much as possible to get more visitors.

8. Don’t Learn About SEO

There are many blogs having good content but it still not have good traffic. Why? I think because of they don’t know how to drive traffic to their blogs. They just wrote and hoped readers will come. But it not happened. They really needed to do more.

There are many ways to get traffic to your blogs, but, from personally, I thought SEO is the best ways to do that. Because of most of us always used the search engine to look for something. And if your blog has high ranking in search results, you will have more chance to getting more visitors. So that’s why you should learn about SEO.

9. No Backup

Many of my friends forgot to back up their blog data and unfortunately when their hosting provider had the problem. Their blogs will die for some time and it seems like their efforts have gone. That’s terrible, right? So, make sure that you are regular backup your blog to protect yourselves.

10. Don’t Use Favicon and Gravatar.

The picture makes you prone to irritability rather than words. And you should know that the images may also represent a brand. That’s why you see the apple icon, you’ll think about Apple Inc, or fire fox you will think of the Firefox browser. Favicon for the blog and use Gravatars will be the best way for people to recognize you among hundreds of thousands of other blogs. This is also a way for others to know about your brand.

11. Do Not Reply to Comment

I saw many successful bloggers always reply to every comment they had in their blog. They also recommended too. Why?

Not answer a reader’s comment on the blog is a mistake that you should not have. Because of this was the best way to mount you with your readers, increasing the reader’s trust in you. If possible, please reply to all comments on your blog.

12. Become a Spammer.

Comment on other blogs is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your blog. Many people took advantage of it and become a spammer. If you are going to be a spammer, I recommend you remove this idea just because it is not welcomed by everyone, sometimes counterproductive.

13. Don’t Use Social Networks.

Most of us use one or more social network to connect with friend, family or someone have similar interest. It will be a big mistake if you do not take advantage of social networks to promote and attract traffic to the blog. Think, if you use Facebook, with over 500 million users will have many
opportunities to promote your site to everyone?

14. Choose Wrong Methods to Make Money

There are many ways to make money from your blog, but not all of them are right for their blog. Some niche blog only be suitable for one or two methods.

For example, when I asked my friend, “ Can I make big money online from my blog with Google Adsense?”, he answered is NO, with my blog niche (my blog niche is blogging), I can make just some cent from GA. That’s truth. I put some GA ads but it don’t work. But when I put it into my other blog niche, I got the result that makes me a big surprise.

So, I think choosing the right ways to make money from your blog is so important.

15. Placing Too Many Ads

I tried putting a lot of ads on my blog this past week and there’s one thing I noticed is the amount of visitors to blog less, the percentage of customers leaving the blog has increased. The reason according to my understanding that the ad images made readers uncomfortable, and difficult to focus on blog content. Moreover, too many pictures and java script as well as blog
load slower and of course, the reader will not have enough patience and leave your blog.
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