Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple is testing update version for iOS 6

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iSO 6.0.1 version is using by network partners of Apple which will overcome the screen horizontal stripes, the error can not turn off the camera flash or improve Wi-Fi connection... We want to share this in Blog tips World

BGR quoted from close sources that Apple has developed and are testing the quality of the first update package for the new operating system. The software will be released in a few weeks.

Apple is testing update version for iOS 6
iOS 6 was complained that many mistakes

Among the changes in iOS 6.0.1 is eliminate horizontal stripes screen error when users turn on the virtual keyboard or open the application, sometimes they can not turn off the flash on the camera ...

In addition, Apple is also testing iOS 6.1 but this version will only be released after Christmas.
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Smoother Template - free blogger templates

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Smoother Template was designed by Tien Nguyen and it is sharing at BloggerItems . It is so attractive template and i would like to use it to share for my readers.

Reference >> window 7 themes free

Template Feature :

  • Smooth and light color design with white and grey background.
  • Two Columns with right sidebar
  •  Auto Generate Logo
  • Social Network sharing and float at left hand side
  • Thread Comments of Bloggeritems
  • Support 404 Page
  • Support Pagination
Template Topic :
  • Magazine
  • Personal
  • Blogging
Smoother Blogger Template

How to set up this template for your blog ?

Please follow this link and this post at Bloggeritems will show you how to do it :

Hope you guys enjoy this template. Thanks
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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Few Weeks Later: iPhone 5s Teething Problems

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The final design of the iPhone 5 was announced on the 12th September, and released for sale on the 21st. In true Apple product style, there are a few well documented problems with the new generation of the iPhone. Since the widespread issue with the iPhone 4’s lack of signal and the 4S’s Siri not working as expected outside of the US, it has almost become expected to have some form of major fault in the next Apple release. The iPhone 5 is no exception.

Apple Maps

The first real big issue was the new update to the operating system – iOS 6. Some customers did believe that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but Apple went ahead and attempted to improve an already good system. They released iOS 6 with their own Apple Maps, made to compete Google Maps, which is not available as an app on iOS 6. We expected the same quality to the long running, established product, but what we got was a less than substandard alternative.

Apple uses its information from Yelp, rather than creating its own extensive database, which means that smaller businesses are missed off entirely when searching for ‘coffee shops’, for example. Companies and stores that have not existed for years have spontaneously been re-opened, according to this new programme. And if you live outside of the US, some location information is simply wrong due to lack of overseas mapping.

What is forgotten is that Google Maps was developed over several years, whereas Apple Maps have just come out. Apple has apologised for this issue, and visible improvements have been made, but there is still a
long way to go.

Reference >> ios 6 beta 2 download ipsw

Apple iphone apps


Apple’s new iSight camera is next in line for complaints. A purple flare or halo has been documented on when taking photos with the new phone in areas when there is a bright light source just outside of the shot. Although there is expected to be some lens flare, Apple has declared that this sort of glitch is ‘normal’.
A solution has been offered to eliminate it. Users have been advised to ‘move the camera slightly’ or ‘shield the lens with your hand’. Doesn’t sound oddly familiar to solution to the iPhone 4’s signal issues? Simply hold it a different way.

The problem is not to do with the newly developed sapphire lens for the iSight camera as it was originally expected. It is being caused by the light source at an angle that reflects off the surfaces inside the camera. Although a software update is said to be released, we may be waiting a while for it.

4G in the UK

This isn’t necessarily an issue with the iPhone 5, but it is a major dampener on one of its unique selling points. Very few, if any, phones in the UK offer access to 4G. This is because none of the UK is able to get access to 4G. Due to falling behind on the technological advance front, the UK is behind countries like the Tanzania and India, who already have the next generation in mobile connectivity.

It is expected for the EE network, parent company of Orange and T Mobile to have 4G before then end of 2012, but O2 and Vodaphone have fallen far behind. With spectrum auctions for 4G radio space not taking place until early 2013, other companies are starting to grow anxious that they will lose out on competition. Ofcom have been able to suspend legal action by promising 4G service for O2 and Vodaphone by April 2013, cutting the potential waiting time in half. The iPhone 5’s promises for a faster internet will be useless in the UK, at least until the end of 2012, when a percentage of customers will opt for the new EE service.
It’s not all doom and gloom for the new iPhone. As with all new phones, there are going to be a few that do not work as expected. 5 million were sold in the first three days of release even a small percentage does add up to a considerable amount of phones. Technology is always changing and adapting, so any problems should soon be sorted out.

Original : Tips4pc.com
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to keep your blog more engaging ?

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Managing a unique website and attracting more traffic is easier said than done. It requires a lot of
research, time, practice and patience. If you are dealing with blog tips for quite some time, you are
probably looking for new ways to improve it. Every blog owner has to realize that the opportunities for
improvement are never-ending. Implement new techniques in every part of your blog, be it engaging
with customers or content development. A few of you might have implemented great ideas, which
would not have worked well. Maybe the idea was inappropriate. Why?

How to keep your blog more engaging ?
Reference >> ios 6 beta 3 ipsw

• Few ideas might be tough to follow
• Some tips do not focus on the base but provide advanced tips
• Some suggestions aim at increasing the page view rather than engaging

To make your blog more engaging, the following tips will be of great help. Personally, I implement these
steps and received an alarming response.

Evoke Responses

Numerous methods are available to evoke the interest of a reader. One tip that brings life to your article
is by writing as if you are speaking to the reader. Put into practice “your” or “you” in the article rather
than “they”, “it” or “them”. The title when posed like a question draws the attention of visitors. Raise
questions throughout the blogpost which will provoke the visitor to read further. But make sure to
answer every question that you raised in the blogpost. A meaningful question at the end of your post
motivates the visitor to comment.

Short Paragraphs

Long texts irritate a reader and they might leave your blog. Short, simple and meaningful paragraphs
grab the attention of many. Short paragraphs are easy to read and understand when compared with
complex sentences. For example: BBC’s news articles are short paragraphs which convey the meaning.
No wonder they are popular.

Bulleted Lists and Subtitles

A meaningful grouped data is the right method of targeting readers who are seeking information.
Combining paragraphs that convey the same meaning and providing a suitable title is useful for readers
who scan your content. Content with subtitles are widely popular among the visitors. Bulleted lists
attract the eyes of a customer and it gives a legible look to your content. Make use of the variety of
fonts to grab the attention of the visitor. Fonts like Bold, Italics, Underline and many others can be used
to highlight the important points.

Include Media

Add relevant videos or pictures to your post. A colorful post or blog with diagrams, graphs, videos or
pictures helps the visitor to stay long on the site and read the post till the end. Better still when the
videos or pictures are inserted in-between the post. Placing the graphs or pictures towards the side of
a page will be misunderstood for an advertisement. Place one picture up in the document to visually
engage the visitor.

Eradicate Errors

Spelling and grammatical errors in your post will never earn you customers. If so, don’t be surprised
when you receive comments on your poor English and inaccurate data. Spelling errors can be easily
avoided if you spell check after completing the post. A word program can also be used to make sure
there are no grammatical mistakes.

Engage Yourself

If you receive comments on your post, respond to them as soon as possible. This shows that you are
active and wide open to comments. This also shows that you respect the readers and their views. There
are chances for your comment box to turn into a discussion room, provided the content is too good.

You can also choose a topic and write the negative aspect of it. Make sure not to touch on sensitive
subjects that might bring in trouble. The Top 10 or Top 20 lists is the best way to engage with the
visitors. You can also visit similar topic blogs and comment on them. These are ways to build a beneficial
relationship. Apply any or all of the steps above and if you have any other tips share them here.

This is a guest post by Celestine Mayer of xfinityonline, a site that offers savings and current
information on xfinity tv , as well as services.
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