Monday, May 28, 2012

Resize and transparency the window of Window by Feewhee

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When Window Vista appear, Aero-Snap feature revolutionized the process of working and manipulate with the window in Window. This feature help you to quickly resize the window to full exploit the space for working on your desktop. However , Aero Snap still got some limit such as if you want to set up the window of Windows is grid version , you have to directly resize the windows.

Feewhee is a small and free application, this application works immediately without installation. It allows you to resize and transparency of the window (Windows Explorer) using the mouse wheel and keyboard shortcuts. Feewhee very compact size, there is no options screen, takes up very little system resources and does not even appear in the system tray icon.

Reference >> ios 6 beta 2 download ipsw

After downloading, double click on the file to activate without going through complicated installation steps.

Resize and transparency the window of Window  by Feewhee, Feewhee application

Once activated, you can use. Want to resize Windows window is open, you click on the window and scroll the mouse up or down to customize the window size. The window will keep the original aspect ratio width and height at first, the size will change downwards.
Resize and transparency the window of Window  by Feewhee, Feewhee Application

Also, you can change the transparency of the window by moving the mouse on top of the window as shown, then hold down Shift on your keyboard and scroll your mouse wheel up and down to adjust the through the screen at will.
Resize and transparency the window of Window  by Feewhee, Feewhee Application

Feewhee works very well, this application runs in the background when system is activated again takes up very little system resources, mostly quite small. Feewhee two works on both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Download Feewhee Application
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to speed up ShutDown system in computer ?

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In Window 7 when you want to shut down your computer , there are some programs that still run tosave its data and then shut down the computer. By default of Window 7 this time is 12 seconds. However,  you can reduce this time to speed up shut down your computer.

To do this, you can use the Registry without software support. Start, choose Start -> Run (or Windows + R key combination) type Regedit and press Enter.
Computer Tips, Shutdown computer tips, speed up Shutdown computer tips

In the Registry Editor window opens in the left pane HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet> Control.

Reference >> ios 6 beta 3 ipsw

Double-click the item WaitToKillServiceTimeout in the right pane of Registry Editor, in the Edit String window change the value to 2000 (corresponding to 2 sec.) In the Value data. If the Value data in the form of hexadecimal numbers, you select Decimal (decimal) to convert to decimal (normal count ratio).
Computer Tips, Shutdown computer tips, speed up Shutdown computer tips

Computer Tips, Shutdown computer tips, speed up Shutdown computer tips

Finally , click on Ok to save it and close Registry Editor.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

These good tips with status of Facebook

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Category: add meta tags to blogger >> The first target of Facebook always try to improve the quality of their service by updating and changing continuously to make the user more comfortable and interested. So with that reason , there are many users could not recognize that they are just using the basic of Facebook. These are tutorials and useful tips that help you using Facebook to another level.

The procedure or the status of Facebook, information technology, tips or elephant Facebook status, Facebook status, status, Facebook, tips or elephant Facebook, tips

 1. Add dislike option into status.

Not many users who feel unfamiliar with the the like button of Facebook, it has become all too familiar when you want to express their agreement or preferred for a certain topic. You can make their status becomes more unique by adding buttons to dislike his friends have more options when the comment, it must be a very interesting thing.

The procedure or the status of Facebook, information technology, tips or elephant Facebook status, Facebook status, status, Facebook, tips or elephant Facebook, tips

A Facebook application is the Status of Magic will help you add a button to any dislike any of his status. If you really want different, you can also add to the emotion status as "love", "hate" even "LOL".

2. Writing unlimited for status

 It looks like Facebook just limite a user can only enter a maximum of 420 characters on the status. This is not a problem with the short status but in those cases "emotional outpouring", you want to express more with friends and relatives is also quite annoying. You can solve this problem by adding a photo in status. So this limit will be removed and you can share freely without limit regardless of status.

 3. Visible status to someone
The procedure or the status of Facebook, information technology, tips or elephant Facebook status, Facebook status, status, Facebook, tips or elephant Facebook, tips

For some reason, there will be people that you do not want them to see their status. Facebook can help you achieve this by custom in the privacy settings. For the privacy settings, please click on the account button at the top right corner of the page to Facebook. Depending on the circumstances of your choice either show or hide the status for some people, after you're done, remember to save your settings

4. Tag friends to the status

Previously to tag friends in status, Facebook users must use the @ character after the name of people who want to tag. But Facebook has changed the tag your friends and status as a simpler and more automatic, you just type the first few letters of people who want to tag, Facebook will automatically display a list of friends related to you choose who you want to tag.

5. Joking with friend

Please use the following applications: accompanied by a joke something. Then, anyone see this status will see their own avatar and they will think that you are say them. There will be a lot of people fooled by this joke here.

 6. Upside down the status

You can make Facebook status became more interesting and impressive by using upside-down status. You go to TypeUpsideDown, type your status on the box at the bottom you will see the status of their corresponding but inverted. Next, you just copy this content to Facebook's status. You can also use this for other social networks like Twitter and Myspace.

7. Using Status Statistic 

The procedure or the status of Facebook, information technology, tips or elephant Facebook status, Facebook status, status, Facebook, tips or elephant Facebook, tips

You want your statistics status? Facebook application called Status Statistics will help you do this by letting you know on average how many status you write in a day or an average length of your status.

This is a guest post from Nancy who is the writer of the car news website. She is interested in cars and love to write about it.
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Monday, May 21, 2012

5 helpful tips for using Gmail

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Blog tips World - If you're one of the 193 million Gmail users, every day you would always have to spend a certain amount of your time to access this service. Here are five helpful tips for using Gmail service, including how to access multiple accounts in one browser, schedule time zone changes and how to get rid of the annoying conversation that make you easier and more comfortable to use Gmail.

1. How to grant access to your Gmail account to another person

If you own two Gmail accounts, one for personal needs and one for work, the continuous access and then exit the accounts will take time, and also makes you angry. A new feature called "e-mail delegation," appeared on the Google Apps account long ago, but has only recently become available to all customers using Gmail.
This feature allows you to grant access to someone - be it a friend, or assistant, allowing them to read and respond to your e-mail on your behalf.

Grant access to Gmail service

To grant, click on the "Settings" at the top right corner of Gmail. On the tab "Accounts and Import" will have an entry for you to grant access to your account. Note that you can just add an e-mail address if the person who was granted is also a Gmail user.

After you click on the link and add an e-mail address, Gmail will send an e-mail for new users. When they accept, the person who was granted access to your account, read and answer e-mail on your behalf. Similarly, visit the "Settings" if you want to revoke this privilege.

2. How to "get rid" of unwanted letters

Usually, you can join a conversation topic with 10 different people, who often use the feature "reply all", filling your mailbox. An easy way to get rid of this conversation is to use the new features of Gmail, "Smart Mute."

unwanted letters of gmail , tips for using gmail

To enable Smart Mute, visit the Settings link in Gmail, click the Labs tab, scroll until you see it, then click "Enable." Be sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom. When you receive an e-mail that you want to terminate not more, select "More actions" from the Gmail toolbar and click "Mute." Similar access if you want to remove this feature.

3. How to easily put these plans in different time zones

If you travel often, then keeping track of appointments in different time zones is a headache results. With the feature set of events in time Google Calendar, you can set the time zone for a certain event, rather than having to guess about the time difference. The event will appear on your calendar the time zone you are currently using.

Change of time zome in Gmail
From Gmail, click the Calendar link and select "Create event" on the left side of the page. Click on the "Time zone" and choose the location of the event - no need to specify the time zone where the event took place, they will be automatically updated.

4. How to automate continuously  access to email

As a rule, when you open an e-mail in the inbox and then archive or delete it, Gmail will automatically take you back to the inbox screen, where all the other email is existing. A feature in Gmail Labs called "Auto-Advance", will automatically open the next email, instead of forcing users to return to the home screen.
  access to Gmail email
To enable Auto-Advance feature, visit the Labs tab under Settings. You will have the option to go to the next email, the previous email, or back to the mailing list. Click Enable, then Save.

Reference >> ios 6 beta 3 ipsw

5. How to switch between two Gmail accounts in one browser

If you own or manage multiple Gmail accounts, usually you will have to get out of this account, then log into another account, or use a browser to access multiple accounts simultaneously. But Gmail's new feature called "access multiple accounts" will help you end the inconvenience.
This new feature allows users to sign another 2 Gmail account, and switch between them. However, this feature currently only works on the browser desktop.
multiple Gmail account
To enable this feature, visit / accounts and select "Edit" next to "Multiple sign-in." You will be asked to check qau a few steps to make sure you understand how to use new features. When you're done, visit your account page and click "Edit" next to e-mail address to add another account.
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

10 Tips To Improve Your Computer Security

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Computer security is no joke—the FBI recently arrested a man for child pornography, but when they investigated his computer, it turned out that a computer virus had been downloading the images using his account; in this article we’ll give you 10 tips on blog tips to improve your computer security that may save you from being dragged out in handcuffs in front of your neighbors.
As I said, this is no joke! You would not wish this on your worst, most annoying neighbor. This just proves that your lack of computer security can interfere with your life, but hopefully not enough to get carted away.

Computer Tips #1: Use Top Anti-Virus Software

There are a lot of anti-virus programs out there, but they’re not all created equal. In order to catch viruses before they infect your computer, anti-virus software needs to know what the virus looks like—this is called the virus’s signature.


It takes a professional security researcher to find virus signatures and some companies that sell generic anti-virus software can’t afford to hire enough security researchers to cover all the viruses. Only the top anti-virus companies and those companies that rely on volunteers have the resources necessary to identify the most recent viruses.
AVG, McAfee, and Symantic (Norton) all make top anti-virus software backed by dozens or hundreds of security researchers whose job it is to identify current viruses. Other software might work, but it might also be too out of date to catch today’s viruses.

Computer Tips #2: Use A Firewall

When other computers try to connect to your computer, it’s the job of your operating system—Microsoft Windows—to handle the connection attempts. But Windows has security flaws. Microsoft tries to fix these flaws as fast as possible, but every time a new flaw appears, hackers can use it to break into your computer.
A firewall changes that. A firewall sits between the Internet and your computer, monitoring the traffic going between them. It looks at every incoming Internet connection to see if you requested it. If you did request it, the firewall lets the connection through. But if you didn’t request it, the firewall blocks it.
Blocking connections you didn’t ask for is simple and takes up only a tiny bit of your computer’s processing power, yet it provides an incredible amount of security, so we highly recommend a firewall for all users everywhere.

Computer Tips #3: Use A Router

You probably know that routers let several computers share one Internet connection, but did you ever wonder how they do it? Every time your computer tries to connect to a computer on the Internet through your router, your router adds that connection to its list of open connections.
When the other computer on the Internet responds, your router then needs to figure out which computer it’s responding to, so your router looks at its list and matches the connection to your computer.
But what happens if a computer on the Internet tries connecting to you without you trying to connect to it first? The router doesn’t know what to do because that connection isn’t in its list of connections, so the router simply ignores the connection attempt. That means you router acts like an extra firewall.
But a router is in some ways better than a regular firewall. Routers are dumb, which makes them hard to hack. Even if a hacker finds a fault in your firewall, he’ll still need to get past your dumb router, which increases your security.
Better yet, every connection attempt blocked by your router is a connection attempt your firewall won’t need to block. Blocking connection attempts takes a small amount of computer processing time, which slows down your computer slightly—but blocking thousands of attempts when your computer is under attack can measurably slow down your computer. Your router does all of that work for you without slowing down your computer one bit.

Computer Tips #4: Run A Free Port Scan

The problem with routers and firewalls is that you can’t see them work, so you have to trust that they’re doing their jobs—or do you?
A free port scanning service will pretend to be a hacker trying to connect to your computer. It won’t run any hacker exploits, but it will see if you’re vulnerable. The best part is that port scanners need to be run from other computers on the Internet, so there’s nothing to install on your computer.
I suggest you start with the free port scan provided at If you want to try other port scanners, just search Google for “port scan.”

Computer Tips #5: Investigate Problems

Makers of anti-virus software are always trying to track down viruses, so hackers try very hard to hide their code. Often they try to hide viruses in essential parts of Microsoft Windows so the anti-virus software can’t find them, which can cause weird problems.
If you start to see weird problems on your computer—problems you can’t easily explain—take the time to investigate. I know it’s a bother, but most viruses make it easy for other viruses to install themselves, which means that you probably only have a few days from the time you start noticing problems until your computer becomes unusable—or your financial accounts get hacked.
Tracking down most computer problems is usually just a matter of typing the symptoms into Google search and reading the top results. Of course, if you encounter a problem you can’t easily solve, feel free to drop us a line.

Reference >> window 7 themes free

Computer Tips #6: Check CPU Use

Viruses are programs, and just like any other program, they need to use your computer’s processor to run. Unlike most other programs, most viruses will try to monopolize computer processor use (CPU).
If you press Ctrl-Alt-Delete in Windows, you’ll be able to open task manager and see the amount of CPU each program uses. If you see a program taking up 80% or more of your CPU and you don’t recognize the program’s name, search Google for its name. The top results on Google will tell you whether its legitimate or a virus.
This method isn’t foolproof—in order to hide from anti-virus software, some viruses will try to hide their CPU use from Windows. However, this will catch many back-door viruses.

Computer Tips #7: Check Running Programs

Some viruses don’t require much CPU—like those viruses that use your computer to send spam email. To detect these viruses, you can use the same method you used to find CPU-intensive viruses—press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and check the program list.
In the program list, look for any programs with suspicious names or names you don’t recognize. If you find a virus, use the End Program or End Task buttons to kill it immediately. Then find the file that was running and place it in the Recycle Bin so it doesn’t autostart the next time your reboot your computer.

Computer Tips #8: Restrict Administrator Access

Installing software on Windows is really easy—that’s one of the things I like about Windows. Unfortunately it might be too easy—even people completely unfamiliar with computer security can install programs.
Not only do you risk catching a computer virus when an uninformed user installs strange programs on your computer, but when every user can install his or her own programs, you’ll never know what should and should not be on your computer.
For households and small businesses where people share computers, I highly recommend only one person have administrator access to install new programs. This applies even when there are several adults in the house. After all, it only seems fair that the person responsible for keeping your computer secure also have the privilege of controlling what software gets installed.

Computer Tips #9: Update Internet Software Frequently

Most threats to your computer come from the Internet, so my next piece of advice should come as no surprise: update Internet software frequently. You could call this software maintenance.
All complicated software has bugs. Internet software is especially complicated, so it has an especially high number of bugs. Many of those bugs are just nuisances, but others are grave security risks. Luckily, most software publishers find out about bugs before hackers can exploit them, and so they publish patches that fix your software.
But that luck turns sour if you fail to install the latest patches, as is the case when you don’t update your Internet software frequently. Updating is easy in most programs, look in the Tools or Help menus of each program for a Check For Updates button and click it. If there are any updates, install them. Try to check for updates every month.

Computer Tips #10: Make Regular Backups

When a virus gets on your computer, it will often install copies of itself into other programs or your documents. That’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to get a virus off of your computer without reinstalling Windows—the virus keeps installing itself again and again.

Backups can’t save you from catching a virus the first time, but they can make recovering much quicker, and they will save you from worrying about whether or not your documents are infected.

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