Thursday, January 12, 2012

Installing Window 8 easily by 11 clicks

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Microsoft has promised users who do not know much about computer still can install or upgrade operating systems on the internet with only few simple steps. My Blog tips world website.

If you want to install the operating system from the internet, Microsoft will scan your PC configuration and offer for you Window 8 version that compatible with your hardware. After the download is completed , the user will select the source file that also contains setup includes USB or DVD..

Microsoft said the whole process of installing Window 8 just take only 11 clicks , less than 82% to compare to install Window 7 version

The big different of Window 8 and Window Vista or Window 7 is when the update of Window 8 is successful , the PC will not start to reboot the system. Otherwise, according to Rahman , senior official of this company ,Window 8 will require to restart average only once a month.

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