Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Google cautiously create application for Windows 8

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Search company Google doesn't really want to create application for Windows 8 cause of Google's motto "follow the user's tastes, but, at present they are not very keen with Windows Phone and Windows 8".

Google and Window 8

In an interview with the magazine V3, Clay Bavor, Google Apps product management department, said "the search giant" still wary of this investment channel, and is not intended to produce applications for theWindows platform. However, "if you Windows 8 attract more users, then Google will certainly change the decision," the company representative said.

Besides, Clay Bavor also denied the rumors that Google had "crossed out" the production of applications for Windows 8 in his plan. "Our goal is to give users a application experience on many different platforms and make them use their products as much as possible. Firm always has the opportunity for each operating system , only now there is no specific plan. "

Google's reticence to see the Windows 8 did not create "hit production" in the market for computer software. Previously, the data of the market research firm NPD Research also indicates that although the operating system Microsoft has released a short time but not help improve computer sales that is signs on a failure reduced.

Even an analysis of the company also confirmed that Microsoft invested in computer models with touchscreen and Windows 8 tablet like a "betting" nonsense. He said sales of tablet running Windows 8 is now "almost nonexistent" because it only accounts for 1% of Windows 8 devices are sold (not include tablet Surface).

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