Friday, August 10, 2012

How to install Windows 8 RTM step by step ?

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There are 2 options for you to apply when installing Windows 8: installing completely new on partition of hard drive or upgrade to windows 8 from the old systems such as Window 7 or Window Vista.

install windows 8 RTM

1. Completely new installation : You can use parallel both 2 two operation system base on Boot Manager feature to choose the system you want to run.

2. Upgrade to Windows 8 : You can't the old Window system anymore but all the documents and file on this system still save and use on Windows 8.

Install or upgrade Window 8 from the old system

Step 1 : Back up all data on the partition that you want to install Windows 8. If you want to upgrade to Windows 8 from the previous version, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Put the installation disk into the CD / DVD, if you have the ISO file on Windows 8 installation disc, you can use a free utility application Magic Disc or create any virtual disk to 'mount' the image file to the hard CD / DVD.

Step 3: Run setup.exe file in the installation disk> select Install now and wait a few seconds to copy the content installer install to the hard drive. Note, if you use Windows 7/Vista then right click on setup.exe> Run as administrator choose to enable the install command with administrator privileges.

install windows 8 RTM

Step 4 : In step Get Important updates for Windows Setup, select No thanks to you save time because there are no new updates> click Next and Accept the license terms > Next to move to the next step.

Step 5: This is an important step, you will have two options: First, the operating system upgrade - Upgrade (ie overwrite the old Windows install and retain data as mentioned above) and second, with many new settings option - custom (data will be lost in the installation partition). If you choose Upgrade, you just wait a few minutes to complete the installation and use. If you choose Custom, you click Next> choose the hardware want to install, can format, repartition at this step> click Next to continue.

install windows 8 RTM

Step 6: The rest is you wait about 20 minutes for Windows 8 installation process is complete. Note that the computer will restart twice at this step and, if prompted with the operating system to boot (Choose an operrating system), use the up and down arrow keys to select the option Windows 8. If you want to uninstall, then select Windows Setup Rollback.

install windows 8 RTM

Installing Windows 8 to new computer

Installing Windows 8 for the new computer is no different than upgrading Windows 8 on older operating systems. The only difference is that the computer will boot from CD / DVD with priority mode boot from optical drive to be customized in the BIOS.

Tip: To set the boot priority as CD / DVD or external hard drive, right from boot up the computer, you then press Delete (F2, F10 or Esc ... depending on the machine and mainboard) to in CMOS and implement custom instructions.
install windows 8 RTM

That's all , hope you can install it in your computer and enjoy using Windows 8.

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How about activation key?

hey in rtm version no activation key will be asked...

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