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Best Ways of Optimizing your Blog for SEO and your Readers

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Winning both visitors and search engines is a tall order. Some writers often walk a thin line between quality content writing or coming up with keyword-crammed articles that search engines will surely gobble up. So you are faced with the dilemma of writing an article which no search engine will every pickup or an article that

However, coming up with great content should not be a choice between the two. It is possible to write quality content without sacrificing SEO. The simple way of doing this is writing quality content with the right keyword techniques. I know the advice is quite vague so let’s break it down into six simple ways you can rocket-fuel your blog tips to success.

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1. Write great titles

The title of each blog post should be engaging while providing an overview of what the post is all about. An example of this would be the blog’s title which includes the terms “optimizing your blog.” The phrase is self-explanatory but also includes important keywords such as Blog and SEO.

If I said, “How to Improve Your Blog’s Ranking,” it promises a benefit but uses an overused combination of phrases that does not interest most readers anymore. With a good title sprinkled with a few popular target keywords, you are giving yourself a good SEO boost while spiking the interest of your readers.

2. Organize your Content

Your readers don’t have the time to arrange the jigsaw puzzle of information you have managed to post on your blog through the years. They want information and they want it quick. Having information with a few mouse clinks or a taps on the keyword are the main selling points of visiting the information superhighway.

So when you’re writing your next blog post, try to find its place on the overall picture of your blog. Make it easier for readers to navigate your blog. Organizing your content also makes it easier for search engine crawlers to index and rank your website.

3. Focus on Reader Experience

A number of things that can easily turn a reader off (unless he’s desperate for information) are small fonts, text that belong on a neon sign rather on a blog and poor text contrast. Content is the main reason why people visit blogs and forgetting this can spell doom for your blog.

Part of giving visitors a great reading experience is by keeping advertisements to a minimum. One important number that you should constantly look out for is bounce rates. The longer you keep readers engaged and surfing over your content, the better your chance of being regarded as an authority site by search engines.

Any visitor would not want to stay in a blog where clicking on a link sends them to another advertisement. Make reading your content both fun and entertaining. Focusing on visitor experience makes it easier for you to market your services and products.

4. Put some alternative description on your images

Images are archived by their file name. Placing your target keyword as a title for your images can go a long way in boosting your SEO ranking. Go through your image codes and fill out the “alt” information. Describe your images using keywords that are appropriate to what the photos portray.

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5. Create a faster loading blog

There might be too many unnecessary plug-ins on your blog. These may be intended to attract readers to your blog’s aesthetics but they do exactly the opposite. Or probably, your blog uses HD photos. Why upload 5MB images if their job can be done by a 100-byte photo? Find ways to make your blog load as fast as possible. People don’t have time to wait for a blog to load, especially if there are others that can serve them through the fast lane.

6. Write a descriptive URL

Do not settle for random letter-number combinations in your URLs. Write a descriptive URL that adequately explains your content. Limit it to a few words that readers can easily remember. This way they can easily remember where to go when they need the same info again. It also helps in your search engine optimization efforts, as URLs are a big factor in determining your blog’s ranking.

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