Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The biggest challenges of newbie blogger will be faced

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There are many thousands of blogs created everyday, but just a few of them will be existed for a long time. Many, many of bloggers got out from blogosphere in a short time. There are many reasons for that but it showed us a real that blogging is not easy.
The failure of many bloggers reminded newbie bloggers who want to become a successful blogger about the challenge of Blog tips will be faced when they become a blogger. This will make them prepare carefully before
start a blog and they will be easier to succeed.

Are you ready to become a blogger? If yes, these are the challenges you should know before start your own blog. Let’s ready to face if you want to succeed.

1. Competition

Yes, of course. Competition is clear. Because of there are hundreds of millions blog/website existed so if you want to succeed you must to find a way to pass to competitors. That's not an easy work. The blogosphere seems saturated and the other competitor also wants to pass you. You have to work more and cleverer. So that’s why you must to have so much effort and time to get the result what you want. Are you ready?

2. Idea

One of important things which newbie bloggers have to face is find idea to write content for their blogs. Why did it become a challenge?

Look at the blogs, what is the most important about the blog? Content. So how to start build the content? From the idea.

As you know, today there are many blogs existed, the competition is too high, and most fields have been filled before you go. So that’s reason to make most of newbie bloggers feel difficulty when they want to create unique content for their blog. This is really a hard challenge.

3. Time

Most of newbie bloggers are not full time blogger (or they still don’t want to become a full time blogger before they can get something they want). And the time is another important challenge that they will be face if they want to build a successful blog. Why?

To do anything, you need the time. To build a successful blog, you also need the time. The time to research, the time to write content, the time to drive traffic to your blog … All of them need the time.

If you have less time, you will can not build a great content and choose the right ways to promote your blog too. So you have less change to succeed if you don’t work well. And you also don’t get the results which you want if you don’t give to readers something have value.

The time is one of the most important reasons make a newbie blogger failure.

4. Patience

What did the reason make most of newbie blogger fail? That’s patience. Most of failure bloggers didn't have the patience. They didn’t have qualities which a successful blogger need to have. That is the patience. They give up before they get result and so the result which they will be got is failure.

What also has its price, if you don't have the patience surely you will not be successful.

5. Make money

When I read the e-book of John Chow, one thing made me attention is there are over 90% bloggers can not make over 100$/per month from their blog. Well, that is not good news. Because this thing showed us that make money from blog is not an easy work. It’s really a big challenge.

Most of bloggers want to make money from their blog with any platform such as blogger template or wordpress, to maintain their passion, to pay some cost of hosting and domain, or to make their living online. So, they really need to find the ways to do that. And as you know
again, it’s not an easy work. If you really want to know why it is not an easy work, let’s try it.

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