Sunday, August 28, 2011

4 Meanings of Your Blog Can Help You to Promote Your Online Business

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This is a guest post from Avina

There's much more to running a blog tips than being an online journal where your friends and family may comment. Without a doubt companies throughout the world are now employing this activity as a promotional tool. But how exactly can your organization take advantage of blogging? This is just what we will be talking about in this post.

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We all know that search engine spiders long for fresh articles and by using blogging this is what you will be providing them with. A blog can be updated quite easily in comparison with a static site and this might help attract these spiders on your blog. In addition blogging may also enable you to attract traffic from the long-tail keywords which may help improve your conversion rate.

Reputation Building

A blog will allow you to present information for your target audience in ways that might be impossible using a static web page. By writing regular content, you'll be able to position yourself as being an expert within a given field. The main thing is to make sure that your content articles are actually helpful for your potential customers rather than being some spun articles.


Blog offer a great platform when it comes to interacting with your target market. Certainly you aren't limited to a one-way traffic and you will be able to have a feel of your client’s feelings with the comments. Ensure that you answer the comment in due time in order to maintain the communication going. Also it is vital that you don't censor any unfavorable comments on your own blogs. You may modify foul words but make sure that you maintain the essence of the comment unchanged.


Blogging can certainly be a useful media with regards to informing your web visitors. For example you might want to inform your clients of newer and more effective functions which have been added to your products and services. Just think on how Google employs its blogs to inform users of changes to their Gmail service. When you think that blogs enables you to post videos and photos, you'll rapidly understand the rewards that writing a blog might have.


Running a blog can lead to lots of positive aspects for your enterprise. Whether it is in relation to traffic, brand building or educating your customers, there are plenty of advantages that may be made from blogging. Considering that blogging is totally free, it will be ridiculous to bypass this change

Avina is a contributor for the site Kefalonia where you can get interesting information on Hotels in Skala and Kefalonia in general.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5 Often Overlooked Benefits of Blogging for Business

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This is a guest post from Elizabeth Jones

We probably all know that consistent blogging makes a greater impact on a business’s marketing endeavors. However, it takes some time to garner the best results, and this requires of course motivation to make sure this strategy works. As a blogger, you have likely had one (or many) of those days where the words just don’t seem to flow and the thoughts don’t seem to come. This may be no big deal when you are writing for your own personal blog, but blogging for business can be challenging but of course, very rewarding.

5 Often Overlooked Benefits of Blogging for Business

Blogging has many benefits that can act as a motivating factor for your business, given that every action you take brings your strategic ideas to the limelight. This makes a significant impact to your target audience. More than ever, customers are connecting with companies through a variety of social media outlets and are starving for “social proof” that basically confirms that the company is worth doing business with based on media mentions and social media backing. This being said, there are many other additional reasons that blogging for business can be beneficial that many of us often overlook.

Many businesses close their eyes to the following 5 blogging benefits…

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1. Most businesses need recognition at the initial stages. Blogging gives business the online presence it requires.

It also helps business in building a list, which is one important asset for any venture. Blogging can use pingware and freeware platforms to deliver web content or site indexing strategies in search engines. People can easily find consistent and reliable information on your blogs, which creates reliability and loyalty leading to referral marketing and in the end a wider global exposure.

2. Having full conviction in your business is important since it helps you provide reliable, accurate and timely information about your product and services.

This creates credibility for your business and contributes greatly towards attaining successful marketing efforts. The more ways your customers have to “get to know you” and what you have to offer, the more they will want to like you. Many businesses find that blogging allows their company to have a face and a voice behind it. People enjoy connecting with other people, not just large faceless companies. Blogging allows you to share your company’s personality and enthusiasm for your product or service.

3. Blogging is also an effective marketing tool that can be able to generate traffic to your site.

The constant and frequent updates promote your site ranking on various site engines; any website that ranks top on search engine usually attracts higher traffic. Blogs can be used as part of your site engine optimization strategy. Additionally, bookmarking all your blog tips content can also be helpful from a search engine standpoint.

4. When your blog has consistent and reliable content, it popularizes your site.

This is beneficial since new visitors can us the comments to authenticate your operations faster. These comments not only help improve your business strategic approach, but also give you a leap into social marketing networks. The blog comments act like historical records of the developmental progressive path your business has taken over time.

5. Consistent blogging also has a significant impact on your sales.

Besides the fact that it attracts more traffic to your site, in addition paint the real picture of your products and services through topical discussions and comments. This discussions help potential clients in making purchase decisions on your site.

In general, blogging can be very beneficial to any business venture. However, the most important factor is maintaining consistency over a long period. Having a strategic approach on how to develop your blogs requires you to consider the above-mentioned benefits. It is also important to note that blogging requires conviction to make it a worthwhile venture for your business.

Elizabeth Jones is a blogger who covers a variety of Internet marketing and health related topics. She is also a contributing writer for Amazing Domains, a UK site which offers a vast selection of tool domains and nearly any other category of domains you can imagine.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Google Update Sitelinks - Blog Tips World Got 10 Sitelinks in Google Search Results

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I realized that Google already updated new sitelinks display last few days but i forgot to take the picture and shared it in my blog. The next day , when i wanted to do this job and prepare to have a post , it definitely was disappeared and i thought that Google just want to do the test for their new Sitelinks design in Google Search Result. However, when i came back home today , i received the message from my friend that said " Blog tips World was updated new sitelinks display and my blog got 10 links appeared in the Search Result" .

Blogging Tips,Google Update Sitelinks , New Google Sitelinks Design

This is really a good sign for Blog Tips World because Google Sitelinks is one of the most important thing which was respected and paid attention from any webmasters. It only appears when your website has enough 3 links from Google are listed in Google Webmasters Tools and it is also the way to help your website was searched quickly and accurately when someone type the name of your domain name in Google Search. For example , you can type the name of my blog in Google " Blog Tips World " , you will see my blog is ranking in the top with 10 sitelinks below the title. That's the reason why it is very important to have Google Sitelinks in the Search Results.

What is the different of Google Update Sitelinks ?

Arcoding to The Webmaster Central blog, they listed four reasons to show the different and the benefits from the new Sitelinks Update.
  • Visibility: The font size of the link text has been increased. Both the url and the first free words of the description added.
  • Flexibility: Sitelinks are now query dependent, and the maximum number of sitelinks has been increased from eight to twelve.
  • Clarity: Sitelinks and standard search results are now separated, which means that a sitelink entry will not appear in the general search results and vice verse.
  • Quality: Google with the update has “combined the signals” used for “site links and ranking”
In my opinion , Google Update Sitelink was really great new for the blogger that will list your websites more detail in Google Search and it also can guide the people who are looking for the information in your website that can go directly to the the page they want to read. I am happy to have 10 sitelinks in Search Engine at the moment and hope it will be increased to 12 sitelinks in the future. Hope your blog or website also have Google Update Sitelinks in this event.

Cheers !!!!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Important Tips of Web Design to Improve The Conversion Rate

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This is a guest post from Eric Wyatt. I share this post at Blog tips World.

When it comes to visual appeal, it helps to think of your website as a physical store. If it were, what kind of paint would you choose? Would you use carpet, tile or concrete for the ground? What would your employees’ uniforms look like?

5 Important Tips of Web Design to Improve The Conversion Rate

If you want your website to have a high conversion rate, you’ll need to focus on its “look.” Here are some different design elements you could test to improve your visitor participation:

1) Strip it down

Simplicity sells. If your website is filled with flash elements, moving graphics and obnoxious effects, your visitors’ eyes will be overwhelmed. It’s been proven that if people don’t like the way a website looks, they won’t stay.

Strip your website down to its basics. What does it do? How does it do it? How can it help visitors? Keep things clean, simple and streamlined.

2) Make headlines jump

One of the first things journalists learn is to make their article headlines “jump.” This simply means that the title of the piece needs to be direct, exciting and catchy.

A newspaper stand is very similar to a website. If the pages don’t have headlines that jump, people will pass them without even noticing. Take some time to give your work an interesting identity. “3 Ways to Meet and Marry the Perfect Person in Less than a Year” is a better headline than “Dating tips.”

3) Use friendly colors

Using dark or dreary colors can instantly make your website unappealing. Go to any physical store and you will find yourself in a bright, uplifting environment. Store owners understand that customers need to be in a good mood if they are going to buy something.

Use bright, friendly colors on your website.

4) Keep font big

Small font feels tedious and scholarly. Visitors take one look at it and decide that your website is going to be more work than it’s worth.

Don’t mess around with fancy texts or lettering. Keep your font large and readable. This is a very easy way to boost your conversion rate.

5) Post safe, positive images

People respond tremendously to visuals. Their sight is their most trusted sense, and what they see they tend to believe. Use affirmative pictures to reinforce your website’s approachability.

A recent study showed a nearly 200% difference in conversion rate between websites with positive images and websites with negative images.

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Just because your customers aren’t in the same physical space as you doesn’t mean that they can’t be affected by the “feel” of your website. If you take the time to make your business visually appealing, visitors will repay you in conversion rates.

Eric Wyatt writes on internet marketing and social media. He particularly focuses on conversion optimization and landing page optimization.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Google Plus Officially Launched Free Games Services to Challenge Facebook

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Google Plus have recently added free games online into their social networks which is storming to breach the needs of the users demand as well as challenging with their biggest rivals - Facebook.

On this time , Google just added 16 typical games such as Angry Birds , Bejweled Blitz... to attract the users and they also want to know how will it improve and bring their social networks up to new level . I think if this upgrade is successful , Google Plus will provide for us more and more exciting games.

Reference >> ios 6 beta 2 download ipsw

Here is the completed list of 16 games that choose to publish for the conquer the users and challenge with Facebook:

Google Plus will add Game Tab is the same row with another Tabs as Home , Photos , Profile and Circle.

According to Vic Gundotra who is vice president of Google Office , Google Plus Games features now just only open for certain number of users for testing first and it will open for all of the users in the short term.

In addition , he also wrote on Thursday. “Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don’t.” . Your score and Request only available to your circle only. You can manage your circle. Multi player games also available.You can use your favorites circles for Multi-player games. This means that only that circle members know your score and updates.

View : Google Plus Officially Launched Free Games Services to Challenge Facebook at Blog tips World
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Creating a Business Out of Your Freelancing Efforts

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This is a guest post from Anthony

The fact that there are many types of online freelancing opportunities has become common knowledge to most people - even the people that are stuck in the Dinosaur age and do not have an Internet connection.

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If you have been freelancing online for a while, whether it be in content creation, graphic design, programming, web development, link building, or any other form of Internet marketing service, you are probably very accustomed to grinding it out day by day, and working your tail of for a profit margin that - let's face it - isn't that good.

How does one transfer from freelancing to owning and running an online business?

First of all, stay away from sites like, that is basically just a hit and run site for companies or individuals that are in need of very short term work. There are tons of different ways to pick up freelance opportunities and none of them involves putting the word "freelance" in your search queries for freelance opportunities.

Second, one turns there freelancing into a business by bringing home one or two long term clients. But how does one bring in long term clients? The answer to that is simply to constantly be looking to do as much networking as possible why you are plugging along as a freelancer. And the best way to network is through forums, Twitter, LinkedIn, commenting on blogs, etc. But out of these, using forums is the best place to pick up long term clients. Most forums have job boards where people are looking for high quality services - services that you have spent a lot of time doing as a freelancer. All you have to do is find the right forum and stick around for a while.

What to do when you pick up these clients?

First of all you have to remember that as a freelancer you probably took care of every single aspect of the project - from point A to point Z. What works on a small scale does not always work on the large scale. Your initial thought might be to hire a couple more "you's." While that may work in some cases, in most cases you are going to have to develop a unique set of systems for whatever it is that you will be doing.

This is because once you get a hold of your first couple clients you are going to want to begin outsourcing or hiring as soon as possible. Data entry is one of the first things you will be outsourcing as it is one of the most tedious things you can do and can cost you hours during your daily activities.

There are many different types of software you will have to take on if you are providing services through your home based computer. Not all of them will be the same, they will be different depending on what niche you are working out of - but for the most part if you are taking on new employees or outsourcing then you should look into getting the following three types of software:

  • File and Folder Sharing

  • An Internal Collaborating System

  • Public Relations Management Software
Those three types of software will definitely help you get by in the beginnings of your online startup. They will allow you to work with your co-workers more efficiently, and will also help you keep track of all your online contacts a lot better. Once you get started you will be working very hard - but the beginning can be very fun!

This article was written by Anthony Benedict. Anthony helps to run and maintain This website is an entity of an Internet marketing company which provides many services, which includes a white label link building service, as well as many other white label SEO services.

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Blog tips World
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The nuisance known as Comment Spam and How to Deal With It

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This is a guest post from Arba who is a marketing and business development expert by profession, and currently, she’s working for cancel my timeshare .

All of us love to see good comments on the articles we write and post on our blogs or website, in fact we welcome even the disapproving ones, however, going through a hundred thousand comments, eagerly looking for a relevant one and finding nothing but the gems like “tired of too few visitors, we can help you bring new targeted visitors" (yes, I can see what you are capable of) or "I am bamboozled by your knowledge please write more on this topic" (yes, I spend my time writing more detailed articles on this topic while you can’t take out some time and give a more relevant comment) or maybe "this post helped me in my college assignment ... " (If your college hasn’t even taught you the basics of communication then please quit, already).

The nuisance known as Comment Spam and How to Deal With It, Comment Spam

Most of these comments are one-fit-all types, or plain stupid, that if published, will do more harm to your blog tips than good. Just going through this spam-fest to make sure no genuine comment gets crushed by these is a pain.

Why Do They Even Exist?

Well, you can blame both, Google's popularity and its algorithm for that; because website owners value higher rankings at Google and Google value back links from other websites. And even though it has been proven that links from blog comments carry very little value, still they’re free and offers a link (even if it is a nofollow), hence it is often misused, rather abused. Most of these comments are automated, or at times a desperate attempt by some Non-English speaker, trying to earn back links for their clients.

How do you know it’s Spam?

Spam speaks for itself; most bloggers can read the first 3 - 4 words and tell they’ve got a spam comment on hand. You should not discard al comments having a link as spam, because even genuine commentators will give out their links, so treating all comments with ‘anchor text’ in the name and URL in the website field as ‘spam’ is not fair (some commentators might be commenting solely to put their link on the page, still irrelevancy is what differentiates a genuine comment from spam).

How to deal with it:

There are a number of ways to deal with content spam (remember that disallowing comments is not an option because it spoils the very purpose of blogging).


If you are using WordPress, then Akismet would definitely help sort out all useless comments. It protects the site from being clogged with spam. The option is mostly available as a default security feature in Wordpress. You just have to keep it updated. Regardless of whether you are using a blogging platform or a website, there are a number of good anti-spam programs/plugins available out there that you can easily use within the site. These programs are designed to identify spam and thus making it impossible for spammers to harm your site.

Facebook Comment Box Plugin:

Facebook Comment Box Plugin is good for many reasons, apart from the publicity (because every time someone comments without un-checking the sharing box, that comment will make its way to their friend’s feed with your Blog link), but Facebook Comment Plugin can also help the bloggers in dealing with the comment spam (especially those inflammatory comments).

Facebook Plugin requires the commentators to log in to their Facebook profiles before commenting, so they don’t get a back-link with comment, still they get a link to their profile, the absence of back-links will turn off the spammers and still the link to Facebook profile will keep the genuine commentators interested (because they are still getting the recognition). And because people have to share their real identity, they will stay away from trolling and starting flame wars (true that they can make a dummy profile for that, but still not many will go through the trouble of double checking the login before making such comments).

Reference >> wat remover

Disallowing any kind of back-link:

That’s a little desperate measure, and I am listing it just for the sake of sharing another viable method, though I wouldn’t recommend, mainly because it will put off some good commentators as well as the spammers.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Five Common Mistakes with Google Adwords

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This is a guest post from Alex who is a financial journalist and blogger and share this in Blog tips World. He currently writes about personal finance and anything affecting small businesses from website optimization to funding sources to PO loans.

These days, with almost all of us worshipping at the altar of SEO, Google Adwords is often spurned by businesses as a way of bringing customers to their site. This is a mistake, because Adwords remains the largest Pay Per Click network in the world and if you avoid certain common mistakes, it is still possible to make money and attract customers using Adwords. The most important thing to bear in mind is that as long as Adwords is bringing in more money to your company than you are spending, then it is worth doing. But in order to get to that point you need to avoid the following mistakes:

Five Common Mistakes with Google Adwords, Google Adwords Mistakes, Common Mistakes of Google Adwords

1. Not planning and setting achievable, clear and strict targets.

This means setting yourself clear goals, whether that be profits, customer numbers, sales or call-to-actions such as telephone numbers to be called or email opt-ins. If you cannot achieve these targets then you need to change your campaign strategy.

2. Advertising that is too generic.

Adwords are all about laser targeted advertising. You are paying for those customers to click through. Make sure they are clicking through to the exact thing they were searching for, not a general product or service. The more precise the thing they are searching for, the more likely you will convert it to a sale. More importantly, make sure you drive that traffic to the sales page for the item, not your home page. Get them to the precise thing they want and then have a single button to click to let them pay for it.
3. Keep Improving Your Adverts.

Make sure you keep testing the title of your adverts and the sales patter to see if you can up the conversion rates. Don’t be afraid to copy some of your competitor’s ideas if they are doing better than you. Most importantly, remember to keep innovating and trying new things.

Reference >> wat remover for windows 7

4. Use Keywords and Phrases in the Title

Amazingly many people still don’t do this. If someone searches for something and the keyword is in your title it will appear in bold. This gives the potential customer the impression that you have what they want.

5. Have the product name in the URL

If you are trying to sell ballet shoes, have ballet shoes in the URL, not a personalized and irrelevant name like ‘the Pixie Emporium’. They want ballet shoes. Give them a site with ballet shoes in big neon letters right in front of them.

These are all basic steps, but it is amazing how many people don’t try them. If you’re thinking about Adwords then these basic conversion tips should get you started.
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