Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monthly Income and Traffic Report - July 2011

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I haven't reported my income and traffic in Blog tips World since last few months . The reason is i was really busy on last every single months and sometimes i had a think that it is not necessary. However, i have gotten a big mistake because these monthly reports were always one of the most popular and visited post , so as long as you still feel they are useful , i actually want to write my monthly report again and let you know how improving or how decreasing of Blog Tips World in every months.

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Now we start to the main topic :

Monthly Traffic Report on July

The traffic of July was a little increasing than last few months but it was still not really high traffic. The average visitors of my blog was about 100 visitors per day and i got the highest watermark was 185 visitors in single day in July . I think that is really the good sign for my blog when i hope it can breach the average visitors is about 200 visitors per day.

Here is the detail from Google Analytics :
  • All traffic sources sent a total of 3100 visits
  • 23.05% from Direct Traffic
  • 31.71% from Referring Sites
  • 45.23 from Search Engine
Here is the detail from Alexa :
  • Ranking Alexa is 275,971
  • Bounce Rate : 48.1%
  • Time On Site : 2.8283 minutes per visitors
I am really happy with this information when you see my blog traffic is not really high but the alexa ranking is developing quickly day by day. I think the reason is the bounce rate of visitors is low and time on site is improving. That's mean i can keep my readers in my blog longer and longer , with that achievement i will try to publish and create more useful and attractive articles for you to keep you as long as possible.

Monthly Income Report on July

If you read my last income report is How is my income from Google Adsense at the moment to compare with this month , you will see it is a little decreasing than June. However , i can earn more money from selling Ads Spot at Blog Tips World , it is definitely just small money but that is really the thing i want to do for my blog. I sold 2 Spot at Sidebar Banner 125x125 and hope it can be sold out next few days or few months.

Here is the information :

Google Adsense : 2146.20$
Wix Affiliate : 0.00$
Ads Spot : 20.00$

Total : 2166.20$

Here is my payment of June earning : 2146.20$

The different of Blog Tips World with last few months is i took away all the Advertisement of Commission Juntions or Sharesales because i am still not successful in making money with Affiliate Programs. The banner is not really useful for my blog which is not really high traffic so i decided to sell Ads Spot in my blog and i have a plan to invest more time to create more useful article and also to introduce Affiliate Productions in my article . Hope it can help me to improve my earnings from Affiliate Marketing Programs.

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However, the lucky of mine and also the different of my earning to compare with another bloggers that i did not spent any bucks in expenses. So i still keep going my way and try to do it better and better. Some of my friends recommended that i should change my blog to Wordpress platform to bring it up to higher level . By the way , i actually see my blog is still alright at the moment and i don't want to change anything.

What is the different of Blog Tips World ?

If you are an usual reader of my blog , you can see there were many guest posts for my blog . The happier thing that i got is the guest posts were more quality and more impressive than last few months. It has really helped me to update my blog regularly and contribute for you definitely quality and useful article . In addition, it can keep you more excited in reading good articles with the different writting styles from another authors in Blog Tips World and it also make you not boring anymore when you visit my blog and read my article whole the time.

By the way , i also want to report all the guest posts in my blog in every months. I think it is the way for me to thanks the contributors and help me to keep in touch with them. With that purpose, i will do it in next every single month.

Now i will list my guest post in last 2 month :

Rules in SEO
from Timothy ArendsThe Tools A Newbie Web Designer Should Possess from Pankaij
How to Market an E-book ? from SamuelSome companies have the best SEO advanced tips from David RitchieSome useful tips for blog writers to enhance their writing skills from Susan3 Reasons I Would Delete Your Blog Comment from Stacey Cavanagh6 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting from Jessica
You Might NEVER Get Traffic to Your Blog from popular guest blogger Onibalusi5 interesting advantages of guest posting from Robert5 SEO Tips for Bloggers from Elizabeth Murphy4 ways to use Facebook for your travel website from AvinaSEO Tips for Small Businesses from Keith Barrett5 Things Your Blog Readers Really Want to See from Deborah BlairHow To Pick A Domain Name For Your Business Online ? from Chris Hunt
All the guest posts above which is absolutely impressive and helpful . If you miss to read any articles , here is a chance for you to choose what is necessary for you. All the authors are real experts in Blogging World or SEOers , so you can learn more experience from them.

Let me know how do you think about my monthly report ? Is it enough detail or not . Thanks for all of your supports . Now time to prepare for plan to be profitable and healthy August. See ya soon, guys

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Pick A Domain Name For Your Business Online ?

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This guest post is by Chris Hunt. He's promotes the leading London nightclub China White, and is head of digital marketing at The Guestlist Club (Blog tips)

How To Pick A Domain Name

How To Pick A Domain Name For Your Business Online ?, Pick Domain Name , Domain for Seo , Domain for business online

There are many factors when picking a domain name, these are the top 3s:
  1. Domain extension

  2. Length

  3. Keywords
Domain extension

What's a domain extension? It's the bit after the name, so the .com, org, .net etc. And it's important because it gives a real indication for the user, or potential user, what your website is about. There's also branding considerations as well.

Traditionally each domain extension has been used for different reasons:

  • .com are often seen as commercial endeavors

  • .org are often seen as non-profit organizations

  • .net are often seen as networking technologies (such as Internet service providers)

  • and then of course there are the local domain extensions such as in the UK or .us for the US.
With these ideas already in the head of users it makes sense to align your website with the appropriate extension. An example:

If you're website is explicitly commercial, like a e-commerce store, it can look odd to a user if you're using a .org. What's the result? A loss in trust, which then could well lead to a loss in future sales for the lifetime of the online store.

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A simple rule of thumb: shorter is better. If you look at the secondary market for domain names you'll find that shorter names fetch higher prices. And short common dictionary words even more. Why is this? Shorter domains are easier to remember, easier to type, and good for branding.

However, because of the demand often they are harder to get hold of. So if you can't register the domain name directly from a registrar often you'll have to pay for it.

If you're a local business and use a local domain extension then you may be in luck, there'll be more available short domains for you to choose from. This in part is because domainers buy many of the short .com, .org, .net, etc, domains for speculation -- they are speculating that the price will go up, and purchased from them at a later date.


There are generally two distinct strategies with keywords in domains:
  • keyword rich

  • brandable
For the keyword rich domains there's a perceived advantage that if someone links to your website then they'll link with the keywords in the anchor text. And anchor text is weighted heavily as a ranking signal for search engines, or so SEOs say.

This may become less important as search engines such as Google start to take account of the surrounding text of a link as much as the anchor text itself.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5 Things Your Blog Readers Really Want to See

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This is a guest post from Deborah Blair who is a full-time writer and blogger with a passion for internet marketing. She also enjoys writing about health and education and is a regular contributor at
With the highly competitive world of blogging it is imperative that you construct your site according to how it makes your reader’s feel. Starbucks re-invented the cafĂ© by creating an ‘experience’ before their patrons even contemplated purchasing coffee. You can do the same to drive traffic your way.

Spam Free Language and Content
Filling your blog tips with sales pitched, keyword stuffed articles is a red flag to most savvy readers. It makes them feel that they are being spammed. Make sure the text is to the point, non-redundant, informative, spell checked and cross referenced. A word misspelled or a fact misquoted really turns off a visitor. In addition, less advertising is a major request of blog visitors. Avoid a barrage of advertising windows and pop-ups.
When your blog readers see a professional seal, guarantee, promise and/or an affiliation to a reputable organization, it makes them feel that they are in good hands. Your blog should also have a complete About page with information about you and your credentials. What makes you an authority on the subject at hand?
Blog readers want to see font that is easily readable. Most visitors will quickly depart upon seeing font they are not used to reading. Times New Roman, Courier New, and Arial are the universal choices for digital (and hard copy) print. They are easy on the eyes and are immediately recognized as the professional standard which shouts ‘no spam here’. Also, a font size of twelve is sufficient but bringing it to fourteen or even sixteen can also work to your advantage, especially if your target demographic is over forty years old.
Video and Images
Most people have a fifteen to thirty second attention span so they want to see something happen fast. Being able to click on a video can immediately draw them in. According to Forrester Research, there is an 11,000 to 1 chance of having viewers open your video link compared to a 500,000 to 1 chance of someone reading your text. Make sure your video is well produced and short. Just like video, filling your blog with engaging photos, graphs or artwork will successfully quench the eyes of your readers. People want to view images that enhance the text so they can receive the full spectrum of what you are conveying. Think about when you pick up a magazine, if it is all text chances are you are going to reach for another instead.
Comment Field
Offering your reader’s a chance to respond to your blog makes them feel as if they are connecting with you personally. People want to see a comment field that allows them to create a relationship. Be sure, however, to answer all queries and comments or your reader will look for a more friendly blog experience elsewhere.
Make sure not to be too self-indulgent with rambling text but instead keep your blog precise and to the point. Keeping your blog visually as well as intellectually stimulating will keep your visitors coming back for more. 

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

SEO Tips for Small Businesses

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This is a guest post from Keith Barrett is an experienced SEO analyst. He believes that many small businesses could improve their search engine positioning by taking simple steps, such as submitting information to a selection of online business directory sites. We share this for you in Blog tips World website.

Small businesses, especially ones in big cities, have a hard and long road ahead of them. Unfortunately, small businesses are up against large corporations in a handicapped battle. Obviously, large businesses have much more funds to spend on advertising, making it harder for small businesses to stay in business.

SEO Tips for Small Businesses

However, there is hope. Thanks to the media, people are becoming aware that small businesses are the key to reviving our economy. Moreover, they are searching for small businesses on the Internet. Therefore, it is important for small business owner to build their online presence. Luckily for small businesses, many large corporations are ignoring their online presence thanks to their already large customer base. Small business owners can take advantage of the Internet and help potential customers find their business listing.
Here are some SEO tips for small business owners.

Reference >> add facebook like button to blogger

Optimize your website.

Your website is very important. Many customers refer to your site as a way to learn about your company, rather than find your product. Therefore, optimize your site to effectively convey your company to new customers. Sure, you want to display your products, hours of operation and location, but you don't want to neglect your company's history.

The relationship building strategy is easy to implement with your website. After feeling more connected to you and your company, customers will buy from you.

Additionally, Google likes sites that don't seem overly promotional or cluttered. Therefore, keep your website simple and quick to the point.

Fill out your Google listing

This is a great and free tip for small business owners. As of now, only 30 percent of all business owners have claimed their listing with Google. You can greatly improve your Google search listings by claiming your business.

Additionally, if your business is brand new, you will want to create a small business listing right from the Google site. It is free, and your location and website should appear on Google searches within a few weeks after confirmation.

Make sure to include every keyword that relates to your business and the type of product or service it offers. For example, if you own a landscaping business in Orlando, Florida, customers should be able to find your business listing simply by typing "Landscaping business in Orlando, Florida." Ideally, your business should be the very first result in the maps section.

Additionally, you should completely fill out your business profile. Include a company overview, hours of operation, address, pictures, accepted forms of payment, and other information.

Encourage customers to review your site

Google greatly favors businesses with positive reviews. Customers can leave reviews right on your Google profile, or they can write reviews of your company with sites like Yelp or Yellow Pages; the method does not matter. However, there are theories that Google reviews directly help your listing in the Google maps section.

Though there are other methods, like adword campaigns, most of them cost money. As a new business owner, you may not want to risk the initial investment. Regardless, these free SEO tips will place your business on the online map, which is where new customers are turning to for their business information.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

4 ways to use Facebook for your travel website

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This is a guest post from Avina who is the writer behind where you can find some useful information on Holiday autos promo code in order to help you save money. Today I share this in my Blog tips World website.

Facebook is one of the top social media marketing sites in the Internet. As social media marketing is one of the less budget marketing strategies that are presently used by major businesses all over the world, it is important to know how to use Facebook for your travel business online.

 4 ways to use Facebook for your travel website

Facebook is a social networking site that acts as a marketing platform and has reached the status of being the most effective social media marketing medium on the wide canvas of the Internet and is credited as an extremely low budget marketing strategy, which has found favor with, and is used by almost all major businesses all over the world. If you are the owner of a travel business, then Facebook is just the right place for you to promote your travel and hotel business. You can be sure that you will find the maximum number of clients and customers through their auspices. Your business will improve if you can get more bookings. You will find many ways in which you can use Facebook to boost your travel business.

Facebook Tourism – Reincarnation Of Hospitality Business

For those in the hotel and tourism /travel business, Facebook tourism is an ideal podium to launch and advance your travel business. It is all about being at the right time and place to be able to woo your customers and extract maximum goodwill and business from them. This may be your benchmark between success and failure.

Facebook Travels Apps And Apps Facebook Hotels

Facebook travel apps and apps Facebook hotels are two tools of Facebook that help you to boost your business in the tourism industry. They offer you a wide range of publicity. With Facebook having 200 million users, you should find it very easy to get a lot of bookings. Therefore, you should add a booking feature on your page.

More: window 7 themes free

Facebook Page

Owning a Facebook page is just like having an email id. Today it is impossible for you to carry out your business if you do not have an email id. All the business is, in fact, carried out through the net and so your email id is important. Likewise, having a page on the Facebook will also help you to keep in touch with the thousands of people who visit the site everyday. Facebook is also search engine friendly. It would be in your own interest to make your Facebook page so attractive, that it will attract and a boundless multitude of visitors to your pages. Do not forget to add pictures and images to your pages; this will make it much more noticeable. You could also add a travel guide to your Facebook pages.

Provide A Facebook Link

You should see to it that your Facebook link is displayed very prominently on your business card. The link should be a part of your email signature. There should be easy accessibility from your link to your website.

Join In The Facebook Discussions

You should try and make as many people as you can visit your Facebook page. You should also become a fan of pages that are similar to your pages. You can join in with the discussions that are held on the Facebook, especially if it is on a topic that is related to travels. This will help you find a lot of clients.


With Facebook, you have the world at the click of the mouse. Facebook is a site that attracts the younger generation, and you will find that almost all the youth is given to visiting the site at least once a week. This means that you will get the exposure that you need to promote your business.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Advertise on Blog Tips World

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Hello Guys !

Today , i would like to introduce you an advertisement program in Blog tips World. This is the first time i sell Ads spot in my blog , i am not sure it gonna be successful or not but i should try to know how impressive of my blog at the moment. Maybe no one buy Ads on this blog or all of Ads will be purchased quickly in few days. You never known what will happen but i have to try to know the results. Firstly, i want to summary quickly about Blog Tips World which is about Blogging , SEO , Make Money Online , Traffic Sources , Affiliate Marketing , Internet Marketing , Blogger Template .......

Advertise on Blog Tips World

All most of the traffic to my blog which is looking for the way to make money online by blogging or improving their sites. Become a sponsor or advertiser on Blog Tips World , you are getting highly targeted traffics view on your banners and i am providing advertising at fairly cheap rates considering other in my niche. With over thousand of visitors come to my blog every month , the way to be get quickly popular and traffic is Advertising on Blog Tips World

Below are the stats available on Blog Tips World :
Statistics :
  • Monthly Unique Visit : over 1000 visitors
  • Monthly Visitors : over 1500 visitors ( As June 2011 )
  • Monthly Pageviews : over 4000 thousands pageviews ( As June 2011 )
  • New Visitors : 73.72% ( Source from Google Analytics )
  • Average Time On Site : 00:02:47 ( Source from Google Analytics )
  • Google Pagerank : 4
  • Alexa Ranking : 288,384 ( July 20th 2011 ) " Note : It is developing day by day "
Audience Profiles :
  • All of my visitors have their own websites and blogs
  • Most of them spend money for online services such as purchasing web hosting , Ebooks, Templates .... to improve their site
  • 50% of my visitors is interested in making money online and blogging
  • 50% of my visitors from Asia , the rest of its from USA, UK and Europe
Advertising Option :

Banner Ads
  • Header Ad Spot 468x60 :banner on the header beside the logo of the blog. This is the most impressive banner in my blog ( 0/1 available )
  • Sidebar Banner 125x125 : banner below the widget " About ". These are very cheap banner. ( 1/4 available )
Textlink Ads :
  • A link in the widget " Sponsor Links " : under the widget " Random Posts " which will be appeared all the pages of my blog. My Google Pagerank is 4 and it will be good for doing SEO for your blogs or websites. ( 10 links available )
Prices :
  • Header Ad Spot 468x60 : 20$/ month
  • Sidebar Banner 125x125 : 10$/month
  • Textlink Ads : 10$/month ( Specially package for a year : 50$ per year i think it is the cheapest price for the textlink in PR 4 site )
Once again to let you know that all the ads will appear all the pages of my blog , you will receive ~5000 views per month with the cheap price and many of them will become your readers or your customer

If you are interested in advertising on Blog Tips World , plz contact me at before the ads get booked.

Note : Contact me for any discounts. Get huge discounts for advertising on Blog Tips World by quarterly , half year or a year . Fell free to response any questions and requests
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

How is my income from Google Adsense at the moment ?

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I received many emails from the readers to ask my income from Google Adsense at the moment because they did not see any my income report articles last few months. Honestly , the reason is i dont want to show my income anymore and i think that you already believed that i am making money online from Google Adsense. However, today i will let you know how was my income last few months to make you more trusted and convince you to believe in yourself on the way to make money online.
Why i don't want to show my income anymore ?

Firstly , i got trouble with my account last few months when i received more than ten thousands of invalid clicks on my Google Ads in one day and i just think that from someone who know my income from the report article in Blog tips World, after that they tried to find out my information to " kill " me. However , they just spent their time and they could not complete their purpose because i really have a big knowledge about Google Adsense and i know how to solve this problem.

Secondly , my friend gave me an advice that i should not show my income from Google Adsense in the public because it can make Google Adsense ban my account one day. To know more clearer why Google can delete your account when you show it to public , click here

Income Report

My income in April and May has a little bit different because it was increasing from April to May suddenly with my surprising and it was the first time my income breached my goal in 2011 that is make over $2000 per month from Google Adsense. I really got many advantages from Google because they've brought to my blogs more traffic and my click value was also increasing too. Do you remember last few months when Google changed their algorithms which really affected to almost of my blogs to get more traffic from Google. The first and simple reason why i could get more traffic from Google on this time is all the content is original. Now i will show you my income in April and May. Never think that i want to show off or something like that, i just want to convince who are interested in making money online.

Here is payment of April earning : $1768.06

Here is payment of May earning: 2286.64

Now you can know my income at the moment and i will try to update it monthly to let you know how it work to me. How is my income in June and July ? It gonna be made you more surprising and incredible. Let visit my blog in the end of every month , i will be back to report everything of my blog including all my blog's traffic , income and guest posting article.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

5 SEO Tips for Bloggers

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This is a guest post from Elizabeth Murphy who is a contributing writer for Invesp, a company which helps clients grow their online presence through creating killer landing page design and other Internet marketing techniques.

There are countless opportunities both monetary and simply traffic-based that make blogging a great way to share content, ideas and personal experiences. They can also be utilized by companies and brands to reach out to costumers on a more personal level. No matter what the purpose, as a blogger you naturally want as many eyes as possible reading your content. Of course this begs the question, “so how do I drive traffic to my blog?” While social media has taken the marketing world by storm, unless your content goes viral, you will need to look into other methods of receiving traffic on your site. This is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in.

5 SEO Tips for Bloggers
While compelling content is the first step towards having a successful blog tips, you need to also make it easy for search engine spiders to crawl. The higher you rank in Google search queries for the key terms you are focusing on, the more likely you are to draw in the right kind of visitors to your blog. It’s pointless to spend all your time and effort writing or designing something valuable for online use if nobody is going to bump into your page. Here are a few tips to boost your SEO potential and drive relevant traffic to your site.
Tip # 1: Content is Key

As a writer, your communication is somewhat limited. Unlike other forms of communication, what your write is what you get. One of the most common mistakes for writers to make is to not properly map out the purpose of what they are writing. It’s much like driving a car without a map. You must have a proper beginning, middle and end point in order to provide valuable content. While this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your posts, you should keep current events and popular topics in mind so that readers will actively be seeking out the content you are writing.

Also, write appropriate content which is relevant to that target audience, it helps if the web content addresses the readers and involves and engages them in the content. For maximum effect, when addressing your audience, make sure to use a personal but professional tone; ‘you’ has a bigger impact on the reader than ‘I’.

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Tip #2: Consider the human element

Before you start rearranging words to maximize your SEO efforts, study the content to see whether it’s sensible and relevant to the reader; making sure to organize the structure and make it appealing to the audience. It’s find to target one or two key words or phrases, but keyword stuffing no longer works and will make your writing unappealing to the reader which will only undermine your efforts. Always remember to writer for the reader first and search engines second. You can optimize but if the information in your page seems unstructured or it doesn’t make sense then you’ll lose out.

Tip #3: Relevant content

Make sure you tap into niche trends governing the search world and only include content which users have been searching for in the recent past; preferably in the last couple of months. Keyword Forensics can assist in the process. The trick to delivering great content is to provide relevant information that people are actively searching for. This holds true of any type of writing whether it be for sales, entertainment or other marketing efforts. This is also a great way to start the process of being included in Google news. This is one of the most powerful ways to get your content read and works well if you are covering trends and news topics in your industry. There are many technical and editorial requirements for inclusion but with some effort (and perhaps a few tries), the payoff is well worth it. You will also likely receive backlinks from other bloggers and news sources once your site builds credibility. These are all great ways to build your SEO ranking.

Tip #4: Call to action

At the end of your posts, ensure you give the reader a firm call to action. Readers may not always know what to do with good information without a call to action. In the blogging world, this should focus around the social sharing aspects of the web. Ask a question or welcome comments at the end of your post and also add popular social bookmarking widgets and Facebook and Twitter buttons so that it is simple for people to share your content. There has been much speculation about the weight that social media pulls when it comes to SEO. It seems the new Google +1 platform only reinforces the belief that search engines take into account the amount of social attention content receives.
Tip #5: Relate to the reader

You have got to make sure the reader benefits from your info or service, whatever you’re selling whether it be your wisdom or an actual product or service. This means finding a way in which you can build a rapport with the web visitor, where they feel comfortable enough to want to stay but also challenged enough to participate in whatever you are discussing.

Above all else, make your content something that screams “share me!” This will not only help grow your readership but will make it more likely that your work will be spread around the web through social media and also through backlinks. These are key factors that set a mediocre blog apart from a phenomenal one and will greatly help your conversion optimization efforts.
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Monday, July 11, 2011

5 interesting advantages of guest posting

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This is the guest post from Robert . Do you want to learn more on the author. He is the writer behind where you can get a lot of information on the subject of project management .

Do you know that guest posting can bring some interesting benefits to your site? Whether you have a new site or an established site there are a lot of advantages that are associated with guest posting. In this article I will be talking about 5 interesting advantages of guest posting and how your site can benefit from it.

Increased traffic

The first advantage of guest posting is that you will be able to drive traffic to your site. If your article is of good quality, people will be interested to learn more on you and will be keen to click on the link back to your site. This should bring some healthy traffic back to your site. And the more traffic the host blog tips have, the more traffic you should expect to get on your own site.

Reputation Building

Guest blogging can also allow you to build your reputation on the internet. Most of the successful bloggers nowadays have one day or another been featured on some prominent blog. The key here will be to write useful content for your niche and get them published on the authority sites. Very soon people will begin to notice you and consider you as an expert in the field.

Make new contacts

Guest posting will also allow you to make contacts with some other people within your niche. Indeed by posting and commenting on other blogs you might start to build some relationships with other fellow bloggers. This might give rise to some exchange of ideas and may be to some joint venture possibilities to take your business to new heights.

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Guest posting can also be beneficial when it comes to improving your site rankings in the search engines. Among the most powerful backlinks that you can get are links that come from related blogs. The only thing that you will need to watch out is that the links come from blogs that have some form of authority and also some Alexa rank.

Enter new market

Guest posting can also be useful when it comes to breaking into new markets. By posting on other sites you might start targeting people that you would not have considered in the past. For instance if you are an owner of a pet shop, guest posting on blog related to internet marketing can allow you to place your products in front of a market that probably would not have come to your site.

There are many advantages that are associated with guest blogging and should prove really useful when it comes to marketing your business. The key here is to make sure that your articles are really good and that they really add value for the readers. It is only in this way that you will be able to maximize the benefits associated with guest blogging.
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Friday, July 8, 2011

You Might NEVER Get Traffic to Your Blog

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This is a guest post from the popular guest blogger Onibalusi who is a young blogger who teachers others how to get traffic to their blog. Make sure you read his blog for the best internet marketing advice.

You Might NEVER Get Traffic to Your Blog. And Here's Why

A lot of new bloggers complain about not getting the traffic they desire to their blog. The funny thing is that in most cases these bloggers know quite well what they have to do to drive traffic to their blogs and they have done all within their power to get traffic but it just doesn't seem to be coming.

 You Might NEVER Get Traffic to Your Blog

Getting traffic that sticks to your blog isn't only about "driving traffic" but more about understanding the principles of retaining traffic. You can get 2,000 visitors to your blog today, but at the end how many of those visitors will stick? This article will be explaining why you find it really difficult to get traffic to your blog.

Your Content Sucks

You've probably seen a lot of blog tips with thousands of daily visitors and you're windering how they're doing it. Maybe you're doing your best to follow the exact same approach these bloggers use but can't seem to progress. The problem isn't really with the techniques you're trying to use to get traffic but rather with your content.

The reality is that people aren't just reading your blog for the fun of it. They are reading your blog because they want to improve their knowledge, they are reading your blog because they want to be inspired, they are reading your blog because they want to be educated, they are reading your blog for humor - and you have to give them just that.

You're the Worst at Welcoming New Visitors

Another thing you need to know about retaining visitors to your website is that you need to welcome them. And by "welcome them" I'm not trying to say you should be showing first time visitors a personal welcome message but I'm rather saying that you should always leave first time visitors with a good first impression.

First time visitors won't appreciate being welcomed with a lot of ugly pop ups, neither will they appreciate being greeted with 20 ads and red adverts telling them to "click here".

Always do your best to make your readers feel welcomed to your blog and they will stay with you for a very long time.

Your Blog is Unstable

It is also very important that you realize that the stability of your blog is very important so you should do your best to make your site as stable as you can.

First time visitors won't appreciate seeing your site in a bad state and regular visitors won't appreciate your site being a burden. So make sure you avoid changing your blog design every week, also ensure you choose the best web host possible so as to avoid your website going down every minute and you will significantly improve the chances of making your blog visitors stick.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting

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This is guest post from Jessica who is an SEO for Schofields on "blog tips" who are French insurance providers
You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your website, you’ve made sure you’re ranking at the top of the search engine results pages for your chosen keyphrases and all you’ve got to do now is sit back and watch the cash starting pouring in.

What if the cash never comes? What if you’ve spent all this time and money and your website isn’t actually producing any conversions? Here are a few things that could be contributing to your poor conversion rate:
Wrong keywords
Keyword research can be very tricky and you need to make sure you know what you’re doing. You need a carefully balance between keywords with a high search volume and keywords that are relevant to your landing pages. One common mistake a lot of new website owners make is just targeting the terms that are going to bring in the traffic. Statistically speaking it’s actually the longer tail keywords with the lower search volumes that are more likely to produce a conversion. Go back to basics, redo your keyword research and make sure you’re actually ranking for the words that are applicable to you and your website. Have a look at your competitors, ask you mom or your Gran (or someone who isn’t quite so tech savvy), what they’d search for if they were looking for your product. Run some PPC campaigns so you can get an instant idea of what keyterms are going to get you conversions and start optimising those terms in the organic listings.
Onsite copy
Let’s start at the beginning, if you’re sure you are ranking for the right terms then the most likely reason you’re not seeing conversions will be because of your onsite copy. Yes you might be selling a very technical or a very dry service or product but that doesn’t mean you have to send your site traffic into a coma. The technical description might appeal to someone later in the buying cycle but you need to capture people at the start of the buying cycle too so they’ll come back to you when they’re ready to make a purchase. Don’t bombard them with an overload of information, keep it simple and too the point, use bullet points to get technical information and drop downs to add in any other technical information that you can’t shorten. You can always add extra pages if needed rather than trying to cram everything onto one page.
Shouting about your USP
Are you sure your traffic knows why they should be spending money with you? Everyone has a unique selling point (USP) and you need to make sure yours is blatantly obvious. If you’re the cheapest shout about it, if you offer free after care or free delivery make sure your site traffic knows this. This is not the time to be modest, what ever you do that isn’t industry standard you need to make a song and dance about it. You need to give your site traffic a reason to spend their cash with you especially because they know it only takes a couple of clicks and they can be checking out your competitors
Check analytics
Look at the stats your website is producing. Your Google Analytics account is going to be able to tell you exactly what pages people are leaving your site from, the pages with a below average time on site and where they’re dropping out of the conversion process. Make sure you’ve got your goals and funnels set up properly so you know you’re looking at accurate data. It can be a very big job to tackle the whole website in one go so start with those poorly performing pages, are they relevant to the key term they’re ranking for? Do they give the user the information they’re looking for in the most efficient format? Do you have a more suitable page that should be ranking for that term?
User testing
Spend some time and cash and get some user testing done. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it can be a great investment. If there’s a problem with your website that isn’t immediately obvious the chances are you’re not going to spot it. You’re so used to staring at your own site you become immune to any flaws or problems after a while so it’s always good to get a fresh pair of eyes to get an unbiased opinion of your site. It might be something as simple as the ‘add to cart’ button not being prominent enough or they’re not entirely sure what they’re getting for their money.
Competitor research
Do some spying on your competitors and find out what they’re doing. They may not be ranking as well as you but they might be getting better conversions. Look at the design of their site, what is it that makes their site different from yours? Obviously you can’t outright copy their site but you might be able to take away a few ideas. Look at what their pages are optimised for and how relevant the landing page is for that term. Don’t forget to have a look through their back links and check to see if they’re getting any powerful links you could be utilising in your campaign (this might not necessarily help with your conversion but it’s always good to know where you can find some good links), you might also find some if their links are sending them some very industry relevant traffic.

After running through these points you should soon start to see your conversions increasing and before you know it the cash will be rolling in.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

3 Reasons I Would Delete Your Blog Comment

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Blog tips - This is a guest post contributed by Stacey Cavanagh from Manchester, UK. Stacey is Digital Marketing Manager for Tecmark – Mobile Apps and SEO London and Manchester

If you’ve ever blogged, you’ve undoubtedly encountered comment spam. It’s often bot driven and the comments are often just generic dribble making little sense.
3 Reasons I Would Delete Your Blog Comment

But even non-spam comments can sometimes find themselves victim to moderation on the blogs I run and there are three reasons in particular that I would spam a comment.

  • Commenter Clearly Hasn’t Read the Post
Blog commenting is great for links. I get that. In fact on my personal blog I have the CommentLuv plugin to reward contributors actually adding some value to the discussion with a do follow link to their most recent blog post.

But blog commenting should not be just about link building. I honestly believe that when someone comments on a blog, they should be adding value to the conversation. And if they clearly haven’t even read the post the whole way through (and this is reflected in an overly generic comment or a comment that ‘gives the game away’ that they didn’t read the post) then I will delete their ‘contribution.’

  • Comment is Deliberately Antagonistic
I love it when someone comments on my blog disagreeing with my point of view. No, I don’t get a sadistic kick of out a debate but it does get my brain going! I think it adds an extra dimension and perspective to a post to have that sort of conversation. It’s great.

But if someone comments with a deliberately antagonistic comment (either to the post itself or to someone else’s comment) I will probably delete it. Have your say, but don’t get personal about it and don’t ‘shout down’ everyone else who is trying to engage in the discussion.

  • Links to Inappropriate Sites
I am fairly lenient when it comes to allowing keywords in name fields on a comment. ‘Andy from SEO Manchester,’ for example or ‘Danny from Web Design London,’ would be fine in my book. At least there is a name included.

But if you put ‘viagra’ or something similarly spammy in the name field I will delete the comment. And by the same token, irrespective of what you put your name as, if your link is adult in nature I will delete it. People reading blogs about social media or SEO don’t expect to encounter links out to adult websites and I won’t link out to such sites from my own.
What about you? What are your pet peeves with blog comments?

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