Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some useful tips for blog writers to enhance their writing skills

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This is guse post from Susan who is a wholesale and B2B marketing expert. She writes frequently on the topics related to wholesalers, distributors, drop shippers and trade suppliers.

You might have wondered how blog writers never run short of words. How come they keep coming up with new and unique ideas al the time? The truth is that no body is born a writer. Every blog writer works hard to polish or improve his writing skills to become a better blogger.

Blog tips writing requires passion, creativity and commitment to your writing. You may come across many bloggers who aren’t naturally gifted writers but they are successful only because they have worked hard to develop this skill in them. To come up with a new idea or imagination every time is a difficult thing yet many blog writers do so. This is because they polish or update their thinking and writing skills from time to time.

Tips for writing skills, improve writing skills.

If you are a blog writer and you want to know how you can enhance your writing skills, then you can benefit from the following tips that I personally use from time to time.

1. Write more!

This is a common phrase, “practice makes a man perfect”. This stands true for writing. You cannot enhance your writing skills unless you are doing a lot of practice. But that does not mean that you should start writing day and night. Don’t make it a boring drill that must follow every day, instead choose some topic that is nearest to your heart and write whatever comes to your mind. Identify the points where you get stuck in writing and find out the ways to over come them.
2. Study various informative and inspirational source

The best way to enhance your writing skills is to consult different sources both for information and inspiration to write. These can be books, news, tutorials, Blogs, articles, internet, magazines, novels, e-books, billboards, dictionaries or the likes. These sources keep your knowledgebase updated which ultimately help you in writing. The more you love reading the more polished your writing skills will be.
3. Don’t think you are perfect

Self criticism is a key to become a better blogger. The one who thinks his writing style and ideas are perfect and need no improvement, cannot simply improve. This is the thought that will prove to be a hindrance in your blogging career. Improvement only comes when you feel you are not perfect and there is a scope for you to learn. Read your content with neutral perspective and don’t approve it just because it’s your work.

4. Analyze yourself from time to time

Conduct self analysis after regular intervals, and use your readers’ feedback to assess yourself. Read your past writings after a specific period. If you feel it is not up to the mark or you think there is a lot to improve, then you are surely on the right track. Whenever you’ve written anything, you need to study it again and again, even after you have published it, to identify your weak areas. Study other blog writers to identity the strong points and style that you are missing in your writing.

5. Always appreciate criticism

Always welcome constructive criticism from your readers as this is the only way that can polish your writing skills. For this purpose, listen to what your commentators are saying about your style and quality of your content (however don’t get duped by spammers telling how awesome your post was and how their entire family loved it). If someone leaves a negative comment, be thankful because it can lead you to become a better blogger. You can also request a professional blogger to read your content and comment over it.

6. Develop a habit of listening and observing

The one who does not observe and listen cannot be a successful blogger. Observe what your audience wants from you and try to produce that best suits their needs and requirements. Also, take part in discussions of knowledgeable persons and listen to what they are saying.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some companies have the best SEO advanced tips

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This guest post is by David Ritchie. David is a software development writer with over a decade of professional experience. He is currently interested in disk defragmenter reviews and anti virus software for Mac. We share this in Blog tips World.

There are several companies which have some SEO advanced tips which would help a website to enhance their traffic. To find these companies is no easy feat! The search engine ranking is what determines the fate of the website, its traffic and the amount of business it does. Interestingly, over the years it has been noticed that some of the best Seo companies have helped some small companies to make big fortunes with the help of some effective tips.

Some companies have the best SEO advanced tips

There have been several researches which have been conducted on people who use search engines. On the other hand, it has been seen that an average user usually views only the first 2 or 3 websites which comes in the search engine. The SEO companies have understood this psychology and thus work, keeping those factors in mind. On the other hand, it has been proven that the users usually glance at the heading of the initial results which are displayed along with some advertisements which feature on the sides. Thus it is extremely important to grab one’s attention at that point in time!

The SEO companies have advanced techniques which they implement effectively in order to get these factors right. Each website needs to feature in top few results when the keyword is punched in the search engine. The companies use Seo advanced strategies in order to get an improvised search engine ranking such that the website get listed higher and higher in the first few pages.

Most of the website owners are not aware of the Seo advanced tricks which help in the ranking. Thus it is important that one employs professionals and good companies to undertake the measures which are required. These professionals have the knack of getting the correct keyword combination which might be the perfect one in relation to a particular website.

Reference >> window 7 wat remover

The professionals, while developing the key SEO tools also keep in mind the requirements of the visitors who come online. Usually each search engine has a different algorithm in order to determine the ranking of a website. While there could be certain common elements in each of the search engines, there are certain rules which separate them from each other while they determine the ranking of the website. Thus one needs to understand that even with the using of Seo advanced tips, one would not be able to top all the search engines. However the main aim should be to be able to improve the ranking of a website in the most popular search engines!
There is absolutely no short cut in the implement of SEO strategies. One needs to put in some investment, time and effort. In the event of a web master unable to put in the required perseverance, choosing SEO professionals is a good option. The charges of the professionals vary from the product, service and nature of business. However their implementation of SEO advanced tricks are unparallel, thus one should consider their long term gains rather than short term costs!
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Google Update PageRank - Blog Tips World is now PR4

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Hello guys , i just waked up in the morning and went to Digital Point Forum to discuss the payment of Google Adsense this month. Suddenly , i just read the article Google Update Pagerank , all most people in this article were very happy because their sites were improved Pagerank . It is the good sign because i just felt that Blog Tips World will get higher Pagerank but i did not think it can get PR4. I went to check Pagerank of my blog immediately and i could not believe in my eyes because it got PR4 .

Here is the picture:
Google Update PageRank - Blog Tips World is now PR4

How could i get it ?

I think the first important thing is original and quality content . I would like to recommend that you should try to invest more time to create really good and quality article , don't copy from another blog or copy without permission because you will get the punishment from Google.

The second think is build more quality backlinks from quality site . The good way to build quality backlinks is looking for the site that have same niches with your sites and ask for link exchange. It does not only help you to build more backlinks but it also helps you to bring your keywords higher in the search engine.

Finally, i would like to share my good news with you and hope you can get higher PR on this time . Click here to check your PR and don't forget to share your achievement with us.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

How did i attract the guest bloggers to Blog Tips World ?

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As a blogger you know how important is it that you update your blog with new and fresh content on a regular basis. There is an easy understanding that Google and other search engines will love your blog because it really provide the quality content and it was updated regularly with fresh content. However , the way to create this content consistently may be difficult and it gonna be more difficult if you are not a writer. There is one effective solution for this problem is Guest Posting but it is not easy to attract the blogger , writers or any authors who can contribute quality article for your blog.

How did i attract the guest bloggers to Blog Tips World ?,Blogging Tips, hot , Guest Posting,

Honestly , i created one article which introduced to write for Blog Tips World 6 months ago and i haven't gotten any guest post from other blogger for 2,3 months. That's mean my blog was not capable to attract the guest bloggers. Otherwise , it is big different at the moment when i am receiving guests post regularly like 2-3 articles per week so if you are an usual reader of Blog Tips World , you could see that i am updating my blog more regular with the new and quality content. I will show you right now how did i do to attract the guest blogger for my blog.

1. Contact directly to guest bloggers

This is the first way that i was looking for guest posts for my blog . You just go around every popular bloggers which have many guest posts in their blog and you can find the links which were provided in the biography of guest bloggers. After that , you visit their blogs and try to find their information in their site like " Contact Us " , " My Email " ........

Once you have the contact information , the next important thing is trying to create impressive and sweet request to write some guest posts for your blog.

2. Do-follow links

That is also very important thing you should remember that no guest bloggers want to contribute guest posts if your blogger was set up the " no-follow " link because they will not receive any backlinks from your blog and why they have to do it for you when they can not get back any benefits.

When a guest bloggers write a guest post for any blogs , they need to insert at least one link in their posts which they can get the backlinks and some traffic. At the moment , Blog Tips World give for the guest post 2 links in their post to convince them to provide more articles for my blog and you can also do this way to attract more guest blogger for your blog.

3. Announce Guest Posts

This is the plan which i will do it in the end of this month to announce who contributed guest posts for Blog Tips World in one article and it is also the good way for me to give a big thank for them. I think it can help me to keep the relationship with the guest bloggers and hope them will be back and keep providing guest posts for my blog. How do you think about this issue ? You can apply it for your blog and try how will it work.

4. Sign Up One Account at My Blog Guest Forum

My guest posts was much increasing when i joined in My Blog Guest Forum which is really a good place for whom are looking for guest posts and also for whom looking for contributing guest posts. It is definitely easy to sign up one account there and write one post for finding guest bloggers for your blog. In addition , they also contribute many Article Gallery in their forum that you can pick any articles which are shown in the forum and wait for the authors choose which blogs will receive their articles.

5. Give Award Top Guest Contributor

In my opinion , if your blog is a popular and high quality blog such as high Pagerank or high traffic , you don't need to choose this option because you really give them many benefits from backlinks and traffic. However, if you think they deserve to receive the award form you , you can announce the prize to your guest bloggers which the top contributor will receive something from you. The popular award which i feel effective is giving them a free banner for one month or if you think that they are deserved to share some profits from you , you can give for the top contributor a little money to pay back for them. With this option , i think your guest bloggers program will run very well and you can attract more guest bloggers from over the world.

Hope all the tips can help you to attract number of guest posting for your blog.
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Newscast - Best Premium Blogger Template For Share

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Newscast Template is the newest template of professional blogger designer Noct , it is also the first blogger magazine template of him and it was converted by Newscast Wordpress Theme. According to me , this template is deserved to pay money for it but luckily he just want to share it for free and we have a chance to own one of the best free premium blogger templates.

Like you see at the demo , you can recognize that Newscast Template has many professional features and it was designed very neatly and carefully :
_ Kwicks Slider
_ Page Navigation
_ 125x125 Banner
_ Popular Posts , Recent Posts, Label

If you are a blogger who need one free template with fast loading speed and optimize SEO code . Newscast Template is the perfect choice for you .

Here is the instruction show you how to use this template:

Lay-out of template

Premium Blogger Template., Premium Blogger Template For Free

The places were signed by the arrows which are the gadgets you need to pay attention.

1. How to instanll the "Slider" :

Click on " Edit " and paste this code into :

<ul class="kwicks horizontal" >
<li id="kwick_1">
<span class="fadeout"></span>
<div class="excerpt">
<strong>Apple rebrands to Banana!</strong></div>
<a href="#" rel="bookmark"><img src="" width="700" height="320" /></a></li>

<li id="kwick_2">
<span class="fadeout"></span>
<div class="excerpt">
<strong>Hello world!</strong></div>
<a href="#" rel="bookmark"><img src="" width="700" height="320" /></a>

<li id="kwick_3">
<span class="fadeout"></span>
<div class="excerpt">
<strong>How to draw realistic balloons in illustrator</strong></div>
<a href="#" rel="bookmark"><img src="" width="700" height="320" /></a></li>

<li id="kwick_4">
<span class="fadeout"></span>
<div class="excerpt">
<strong>How to create a beautiful sunset in Photoshop</strong></div>
<a href="#" rel="bookmark"><img src="" width="700" height="320" /></a></li>

<li id="kwick_5">
<span class="fadeout"></span>
<div class="excerpt">
<strong>Tutorial: Picture of the week</strong></div>
<a href="#" rel="bookmark"><img src="" width="700" height="320" /></a></li>

1. #
: the links of posts ; # : is the title of posts ; # : is the link of the picture
2. The size of the picture in slider was default by 700x320
3. If you don't want to use this slider , it is very easy to set up even don't need to touch on the code above , you just add more CSS code #slider { display:none; } to above:</b:skin>

2. Set-up the "Popular post"

You watch the image and just set-up follow it

3. Set up the "Banner"

4. Set-up the "Recent posts"

This step is a little bit complicated so you should set up exactly the same with the image above . Click on " Add to List " then paste that link :

Edit your links feed to match it and if you want to update more new posts , you just add more links corresponding to the ascending order.

Notice : This widget is updated links-feed a little slowly , so when you post new article , it will be update late about few hours so you should be patient.

5. Set-up "Label 1 and Label 2"

Two of this widget use for posting by label , the way to set-up it is the same step 4 Recent Post , it is just different in the link under :

News is the label of my demo, you just change this label to your label.

6. Edit the "second menu"

Go to the Edit HTML of the template and search this code :

<div class='menu-second-container'>
<ul class='catnav' id='menu-second'>

<li><a href='#'><strong>Tech News</strong><span> Apple, Microsoft &amp; more</span></a></li>

<li><a href='#'><strong>Adobe</strong><span> Mozilla, Google, etc</span></a></li>

<li><a href='#'><strong>Community</strong><span> Company News</span></a></li>

<li><a href='#'><strong>Browser</strong><span> Random Stuff</span></a></li>

<li><a href='#'><strong>Illustrator</strong><span> Vector Downloads</span></a></li>

<li><a href='#'><strong>Photoshop</strong><span> Tutorials &amp; News</span></a></li>

<li><a href='#'><strong>Travel</strong><span> Hot stuff in here</span></a></li>


# is the link and # is the title . You just change how to fix with your blog.

7. Edit "Page Navigation"

Go to Edit HMTL and search this code :

var postperpage=3; // Number of post in each page
var numshowpage=3; // Number of button will display
var upPageWord ='Previous';
var downPageWord ='Next';

: If you use this template , plz keep the link in this template to credit the author and the translater.

I personally would like to say thank you to Noct , he really spend a lot of his time for contributing templates for blogger world. Keep it up, my friend and you will be successful in your way.
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How to Market an E-book ?

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This is a guest post from Samuel who run a blog called Watocw, it is based on technology,computers ,psychology, and many other things. We also have a popular comic called Binary and Hex.

You don’t need to be a professional writer or have a lot of money to publish your own book. Thanks to the internet anyone able to download the free software can create an E-book for nothing at all!

The easiest way to start writing an E-book is to pick a topic you’re knowledgeable about and interested in. There are tens of thousands of E-books out there, and if you are going to sell yours it must have something unique about it. The most important thing is to plan it out; you can quickly get overwhelmed when writing a 10-20 page book and then you start to repeat yourself. Remember, make a plan but be flexible; the book will evolve over time so be prepared to change that plan as you go.
 How to Market an E-book ?
You should write the E-book in English unless you have a specific audience in mind, and if you are not a native English speaker have one read over the book for grammatical errors. For native English writers, I’d still recommend having someone read over the book. Simple spelling, grammar, or even a misused word can kill your E-book sales. Make sure to cite any sources you use, plagiarism is a real thing which can have serious consequences.
Now design can be taken too far, you need to be very careful not to over design your book which could annoy readers. A lot of images or flashy fonts can irritate your reader and even hurt some person’s eyes. Try to pick a simple font; Times New Roman is always a good choice, and keep the colors to a minimum--simple black on white is fine. While design can be taken too far if you under design it, your book will look bland or boring. Use relevant and professional imaging and always try to center them unless you have a specific reason for not doing it. The last thing you can do is always add a very nice title and credit page; the title page is the first thing someone will see and that’s how they will judge your book, the credit page is the last thing they see and that’s how they will remember it.

So your E-book is done and you want to get to the fun part, selling it! You could have people send you the money and you send them the book, but that requires a mutual trust and work from you. Why not have a website sell the book for you and automatically put it in your Paypal? Luckily there is a very popular website called where you can upload your files and they will handle the buying/selling, all you need to do is send the link to people or post it on your site. The price for your E-book will depend entirely on the uniqueness of the content you have provided so use your discretion. I find after the price goes a bit over $15 you will not get a lot of sells, but at $20 do you need a lot? Don’t worry about this process, it is one of the simplest and you can always experiment to see what works best for you.

How you advertise your E-book can make or break your sells. Hopefully you have a blog/website that you can use to market it, but if you don’t I would recommend finding forums that relate to your book. Commonly these forums have places for E-books, and if you post some real unique content on the forums you will get plenty of sales. Besides forums and your own blog, you can email/contact people who own blogs to have them advertise your E-book (they will most likely want a cut though). Most of your work outside of writing should be in advertising so pour all your efforts into getting your book known, and your work will pay off.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Simplista Blogger Template For Free

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This template was design by Noct and it was converted by wordpress theme of WPNow which is Simplista Template. Specially , Simplista Template was based on the famous template Minima which is outstanding with loading site speed and SEO and very customizable for who are familiar with Minima template.

Simplista Blogger Template For Free, Blogger Template For Free , Download Free Blogger Template
Demo | Download

Here is the instruction how to use this templates :

1. To change the header banner , click on " Edit " of this widget and paste this code into :

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

2. To change the height of the footer , search on this code :

#leftcolumn { ...height:230px; }

#middlecolumn { ...height:230px; }

#rightcolumn { ...height:230px; }

Change the number how to fix for your template .

Notice : If you use this template , please keep the link in the template to credit the author

Link :
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Technology Blogger Template For Free

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This is the template was designed by a Vietnamese person with a nickname is Noct and it is also the first template was shared in Blog Tips World . This template is suitable for any websites about Technology or Blog Tricks & Tips ....

Technology Blogger Template For Free,Blogger Template For Free, Free Blogger Template
Demo | Download

Here is the instruction how to use this templates :

1. Installing the Slider , click " Edit " then add the following code to this widget :

<div id="featured">
<img width="990" height="335" src="...image1.jpg" class="featured" alt="photo-01" title="photo-01" />
<span><h5><a href="" rel="bookmark">Title 1</a></h5>

<img width="990" height="335" src="...image2.jpg" class="featured" alt="photo-02" title="photo-02" />
<span><h5><a href="" rel="bookmark">Title 2</a></h5>

Change image links , link post and Description to suit for your blog

2.The position of the tab in sidebar of layout was displayed like the picture under :

3. To active the " Reply " button in comment box , we search this code :
<a class='comment-reply' expr:href='&quot;

Fix this number above by your blog number ID

Notice : This template was not set up the Auto-Readmore to make it more friendly with SEO , you should do yourself to make your homepage look better

Link article from Noct blog :
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Which platforms is better : Blogger vs Wordpress ?

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I think this issue is always the hottest topic of the blogosphere, there are many arguments about which one is better than that some people think Blogger is much easier to set up and use , other side rest of them think Wordpress is much better to drive big amount of traffic ... All of this things are properly true and each platform has their respective advantages so in my opinion , we could not say which one is better because it depends on everyone 's opinion .

That is the reason why i would like to show you about the comparison of two platforms and hope it can help the newbies who are looking for the foundation for their website to have good experience to choose which is the better option for themselves.

Hosting Service & Easy of Set-Up and Use

If you are just blogging for fun and don't want to spend money for hosting , Blogspot is the best option for you to start with your blog . The most important and the most powerful feature of blogger is free hosting service , you don't have to pay any bucks for your hosting and your blog will be never down until the big boss " Google " down their service. Otherwise , you have to pay money for every single month or year for your hosting if you want to use Wordpress platform. You can also use Wordpress free hosting service but if you want to use free hosting service , nothing can be better than Blogspot.

In addition , it is much easier to set-up your blog with Blogger and get your own blogger account. It maybe take your 5-10 minutes to set up and choose your template after that you can immediately start blogging and post article if you want. How's about Wordpress ? It requires you to have a little knowledge to set up a website, it gonna take your time to learn how to do it and not really easy for newbie who don't have any knowledge about creating a website.

Copyright and Ownership of Content

When you are using Blogger , you should remember Google is your big boss that's mean they own your contents and they has the authority to shut down your account without warning. If your contents breach to their policy like sexual content and copyright content , your blog will absolutely disappear as soon as possible. Finally , you are not really the owner of your blog that is under control by Google. With Wordpress, you have full control over your blog , you own your domain and your blog is hosted by your own hosting account. In addition, you can write whatever you like and you can use any softwares in anyway you want.

Search Engine Optimization and Traffic

There are many stories about the favoritism of Google search engine for using Blogger because Google own Blogger like your article will index quickly or your keywords will be high ranking in the search engine. In my experience , it is not really true like that , your link can be index quickly but you can only " ping " your link a limited amount of site , while with Wordpress with your own domain you can "ping " as many blog directories as you want and getting more traffic. Besides that , Wordpress platform was supported with many good software for SEO and it will bring you more and more traffic from search engine if you know how to use it. However , Blogger users should not worry too much about that because if you can create good and quality content , the spider of search engine also will visit your blog and the traffic will come to your blog as well.

Making Money with Google Adsense

There is no doubt that is easier for you to get started with Google Adsense by using Blogger platform. In fact , you can now apply to it after at least one month blogging or ealier and start to make money online with Google Adsense immediately with your blog if you have traffic. Other side , with Wordpress, it can be get trickly to approve from Google Adsense at the moment and the default installation is not enough. You’ll need a couple of plugins and even a better theme to really maximize the Adsense potential. However, this seems to be getting easier and there’s even “Adsense revenue sharing” plugins around that allow you to share ad revenue with other contributors and writers for your blog.

Now you can choose which platforms is suitable for you and good luck to you on your way. According to me , i know that Wordpress could be the the best platform at the moment but Blogger is always my favourite and i will always faithful with it.

In addition , i will share blogger templates in my blog in next few weeks that maybe was re-shared from another blogger designer or my own template design. Anyway, you will see the differences.
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The Tools A Newbie Web Designer Should Possess

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This is a guest post from Pankaij who has been working as an internet marketing expert in a leading website design company, for the past 2 years. He has also written articles on different topics such as website design, Search Engine Optimization, logo design, graphic design etc.

Blogging Tips , Web Designer, Website Design Tools,The Tools A Newbie Web Designer Should Possess
With time web design has become a lot more complicated and exhaustive than what it used to be even a decade back. The advancements in the sphere of web development and increasing internet usage have prompted the website design professionals to come up with innovative approaches for designing websites. After the emergence of Web 2.0 designing trends, a website design company needs more than few apps in its portfolio to make outstanding and creative looking websites.

A web designer taking first steps in the vast web design industry should equip himself with the essential tools for the trade which will help him in becoming a pro. As a matter of fact, the sheer variety of web design tools can leave a designer spoilt for choice. Some of the website design tools are free while some others come at a steep cost. A web designer needs to pick the right ones that suit his need the best. Ideally, a web designer should start working with the apps that do not have a steep learning curve and offer plenty of customization features.

A lot of web designers and multimedia professionals swear by the usefulness and versatility of the software Adobe Photoshop. This multifaceted app is used extensively by web designers. The latest release of Photoshop, CS 5, is a very robust and exhaustive application and you may need months of practice before you master its use. However, once you get the basic right, the creative designing possibilities are literally endless in Photoshop. This app is very useful for photo and image editing. Photo retouching and optimizing them for use in websites, all is possible in its streamlined interface. In fact, you can create a lot of elements required for a web page directly within the interface of Photoshop.

However, in a website you may have to work with vector shapes at times. For this, you can rely on apps like CorelDraw and Adobe illustrator. These apps offer the facility to make illustrations for website design and apply visual effects in a jiffy. Adobe’s Flash is also ideal for the website design companies that want visually appealing websites with oodles of interactivity. This app is really powerful and the website designers can design a large part of the websites in Flash.

The web designers with modest budgets can resort to the free or open source web design tools for their work. Applications like Gimp can serve their purpose very well. There are many other freeware available in the web that can be downloaded and used without any hassle.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rules in SEO

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This is guest post by Timothy Arends

If you want to get traffic to your website, you can always spend money on Google Adwords and other paid methods of advertising. However, search marketing industry experts have shown that 40% of visitors will find a website on search engines through natural search queries.

This is why it is necessary for Web marketers to learn the basics of search engine optimization. Even if you don't do your own SEO, you will still be more informed if you decide to utilize the services of an SEO specialist. So here are the basics:

Website Navigation and Design

This is key. A site that is easily navigated will not only be more popular with search engines but with site visitors as well. When good design is combined with good navigation, it makes for a good visitor experience, and easier crawling by the search engine spiders, as well.

Some of the things that can make it harder for the spiders are JavaScript, flash elements, frames, dynamic pages and URLs, and image maps that are used for the interlinking of webpages.

Keyword Research

Keywords, or the search terms that Internet users use in order to find information on Google and the other search engines, are an important element of SEO. Exhaustive keyword research will give you a handle on the most popular keywords that are germane to your website and business.

The general rule of thumb for keywords is: the more specific the better. If you are interested in catering to the iPod market, for example, you will find the word "iPod" itself to be far too broad, and "iPod cases" just a bit better. Better still would be "leather iPod cases" or even "iPod cases made from World War II surplus materials!"

Keyword Density and Keyword Relevance

Search engines such as Google decide what websites appear at the top of search results based on a number of factors, including site reputation and relevance. The latter is in part determined by keyword density, or the number of times a particular keyword or phrase appears in a page's content.

It is a good idea to make sure that your top key phrases appear in your webpage text. Be careful to avoid overuse of a particular word or phrase, however, because this can just lead to poor quality writing that will annoy human visitors and have a questionable effect on the search engines anyway.

Inbound Links and Relevance

Search engines also factor in the number as well as the quality of inbound links to your website in determining your site's relevance to a given keyword.

For this reason it is a good idea to work on building high-quality back links to your site from other websites, especially the authority sites. You can do this by giving those site something of value in return, such as quality guest articles.

Don't engage in a mere trading of links, however. Google has been known to punish sites that randomly link with hundreds of other sites in a month.

Each Page Offers an Opportunity

On each page of your site you could rank for a different keyword. You could assign a different keyword to each page and write and optimize the content accordingly.

Of course, this will require content: the more the better. If you hate to type, consider a good voice dictation system like DragonDictate for Mac or Dragon NaturallySpeaking for PC. These programs allow you to create content just by talking. Just be sure to proofread!

You might get the impression that the Mac is the forgotten stepchild of the Internet marketing industry. But did you know that some of the top names in Internet Marketing use Macs? Visit and get a FREE 75-page ebook that covers everything you need to know about running your Internet business using a Mac, iPhone and iPad here.
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