Friday, May 20, 2011

Generalizing all the ways to help you make money online

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In last recent years , the movement of making money online has been developing quickly in over the world . There are more and more people are finding out this programs and they really want to do it seriously like one of their full-time job. However, we can not make sure that when we go on the way of making money online , you gonna be successful. Some of them gonna be successful and they can make a big amount of money but there are also some of people fail to breach it and give it up. So this article which i will generalize some of the most popular and prestigious programs that can help you to know more about making money online and find out which one is suitable with your ability.
Make Money Online Programs, Make Money Online,Generalizing all the ways to help you make money online

1. Make money with PPC program ( Pay Per Click )

When we are talking about PPC programs , we always think of Google Adsense first which is the most popular at the moment. They pay for every clicks very highly and they also pay for every 1000 impressions without clicks, so that is the reason why almost of webmasters choose Google Adsense is their number one PPC program.

In addition, there are still many prestigious PPC programs like Chikita , Bidvertiser , Adbirte ... but i would like to recommend Chikita should be the second choice after Google Adsense. You can generate money with Chikita right now for every kind of visitors and no matter where is the traffic from.

2. Affiliate Program

You will get commission when you sell any productions from the their program or guide your visitors lead ( sign up ) to it. The commission price is depend on what kind of productions do you get sales or lead, it can be even $100 per sale.

Affiliate Programs are popular at the moment is Commission Juntions , Amazon , Clickbank... there is also one program which is climbing up to the champion is Shareasale. They offer a set of features that other affiliate can not and you can track sources of sale and offer tracking ID for better references.

3. Make offer or Survey

That is maybe the simple way for you to make money online. The requirement is your English skill should be good because you need to read the review of any productions and answer the questions. After finishing to answer all the question , you will get commission from it.

You can join any programs which you search on the internet with the words " paid survey online "
4. Make money with PTC programs ( Paid To Click )

You just need to sign up to their programs and click to the banner which they provide for you every day to make money. There are some programs such as Onbux , Neobux ...

However, i would not recommend you to work with these programs because they pay for you very low money like $0.01 per click and they just provide you 4,5 banners to click per day . That's meant you can only earn $0.05 per day . I just let you know about it but you like you just keep going.

5. Make money with PTU ( Paid To Upload )

You have to be a member of one page FFH ( Free File Hosting ). After that, you upload file on FFH and share your file to your friends or your visitors. When they download your file , you will get paid for it

I would like to introduce you some programs : HotFile, FileServe, FileSonic

There are all the ways that can help you to make money online and i am working with PPC and Affiliate Programs. After you read this post, you can choose for you one program which you think you can make money from it.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Make money from your blog without alienating your visitors

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This is guest post from Paul B

It can be really difficult to make money with a blog just because there are so many different options for advertising, and if you choose the wrong one there’s nothing that puts people off like bad adverts. At the same time the reason many people start a site in the first place is to earn money so what’s the best solution?

Make Money Online, Hot, Blogging Tips, Make Money form Blog

For me the most important thing is to target your advertising to your traffic and for this to work you needs both specific advertising and traffic. This can be hard if you have a general site with lots of different topics but one solution for you could be google adsense, it works out both what the content on the page is about and also how the visitor found it, i.e. if they came from a google search.

If however you have a niche site with targeted traffic you are much better signing up to a specific affiliate program that is matched to your visitors. It’s important though not just to throw the default banner ad they give you onto your homepage because often people will ignore something that looks like a blatant promotion. Say for example you had a health and fitness site, instead of a banner ad why not list the top 5 multi-gyms in a post at the top of the homepage with affiliate links to the store to buy. People are much more likely to take notice if your advertisements are both integrated and relevant to your content, can you see the difference between this and a pop-up ad?

One of the best ways to earn money from your content is to create a case study of you using the product in question because it’s much more likely to be shared by people. For example in the fitness store example why not do a full report on what it was like to use the gym for a month and post your results? You could go one better and create a video of you using the product and explaining why you love it, this is the kind of content that drives sales, not un-related banner graphics!

If you want find out more about promoting your site and making money from it then have a look at my new blog earning money online which has more articles like this.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Premium Blogger Template For Sale with Incredible Price - Mazinseo Template

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Are you a fan of blogspot and you are looking for an impressive templates for your blog ? I would like to introduce you Mazinseo Blogger Template which is including almost the best features of blogspot and really good-looking. This template was designed by Tien Nguyen who have had two years experience in blogspot and he actually invested a lot of times to create it. So that's why this Mazinseo template is not for free but i can make sure with you that it is deserved for you to pay your fews bucks. Now i will show you some reasons why i would like to recommend you to purchase it.

Live Demo

SEO friendly template

This templated was optimized all the best SEO tutorials for blogspot follow the SEO rules of Google that released in 2010. You can view the home page source code to see that it's very simple and short so all bots will easier to index your blog as soon as possible.

That's why my blog interface at the moment is Mazinseo template, it definitely helps me to drive more traffic from search engine and i am very happy with this template.

Fast Speed

If you visit to Blog Tips World , you can see the speed of loading page is absolutely very fast .

This templated was removed all the unneeded tags , compressed CSS, optimized all source codes, no many images and media need to load, and have no include files (no stylesheet, javascript or jquery included).

Good design and professional template

This template was included all the suitable features for Affiliate Niche , MMO , Tutorials Blogger Niche ... like top commentators and popular posts , random posts..... So it look very beautiful and professional, not less than Wordpress platform.

At last, the display have a little different in IE8-, but not too much, everything is OK. And with other browsers? Compatible and perfect 100%. It' so lucky for your readers when you use this template.

Good price and support service

I just think that all the blogger have to invest money for domain , hosting and template to start their business online. However, when you use Blogspot service, you don't have to pay money for hosting each month so you just need to invest few bucks for template and domain. The price for this template is 10$ and few bucks more for domain. So it gonna be under $20 for you to invest for your business. In addition, when you purchase this template , you will receive good support service from Tien Nguyen forever.

Now i would like to show you the tutorials to install and customize Mazinseo template after you purchase it.

How to install and customize Mazinseo ?

1. Install

It’s so easy to install this template because everything you need to do is uploading the template file into your blog template.

2. Automatic functions

The automatic functions are meaned that template will collect your blog data and generate all cool widgets automatically without your setup.

Example, the page navigation at the top of the template will be updated automatically at every time you add a new static page.

Add a static page for your blog

The feed burner widget is also auto capture your blog feed-burner URL. You do not need to set up it anymore!

Auto capture feed-burner URL

All widgets like “Feature box, top commentators in month, recent comments, random posts, popular posts, and "recent posts” are auto installed after you upload Mazinseo template into your blog.

We also get your blogger profile information to display on author box if your blog has no member.

Your author box and your blogger profile

3. Change meta tags and favicon

After update the Mazinseo template into your blog, find the code as below:
meta content='Mazinseo Blogger Template, an easy SEO theme for Blogspot. Designed by' name='description'
And replace the red code by your blog description. It’s better for SEO if your description length is lower than 140 characters.
meta content='mazinseo, blogger, theme, blogspot, template' name='keywords'
To change your blog keywords, please find the code as above:

And replace the red code by your blog keywords. It’s better if your keywords are not duplicated and you must separate them by commas. Please don’t insert more than 10 keywords because it’s not useful.

At last, change your blog favicon to help your readers see you clearly in among of tabs. Please find the code as below:

link href='' rel='shortcut icon' type='img/png'

And replace the red code by an image url that you intend as a favicon for your blog. It’s better if this image have the dimension is 16x16.

4. Modify Logo and other images

Please login on your dashboard and access to page elements tab.

Choose your page elements tab

Click “Edit” on the “blog logo” widget. Then the “Configure Image” window is displayed, please don’t check the “Shrink to fit” checkbox.

Now, you can choose upload an image from your computer or get it from a world wide web URL.

Add your logo

You don’t need to input value for "link" field because Mazinseo will do it for you. After all, please click SAVE.

With another image widget on your blog, do the same actions but you need to input value for "link" field in this case.

5. Customize Main menu

Login and click “Edit” on “Menu” widget.

Click edit “Menu” widget

The “Configure HTML/Javascript” window is displayed, and you just input your blog menu into the widget content following changing the figures was set up like :

Home , English Guide , Why Mazinseo , Customize It , Tips Sharing ....

Then click SAVE to confirm.

6. Add posts into the feature box

You just need to add the label with name “Hot” (case sensitive) to the posts that you want to show on the feature box. Then click SAVE to confirm. The maximum to show is 6 posts.

Add “Hot” label to your post

7. Change the number display items of the hot widgets

If you want to change the number items to show on the “Top commentators in month” widget, please click “Edit” and input your intending number. Then click SAVE to confirm.

Input your intending number

Do the same actions with “Recent comments”, “Random posts”, “Popular posts” and “Recent posts” widgets if you like.

8. Change the main color of your blog

Click on “Template Designer” tab.
Click “Template Designer” tab

In the top of left hand, choose “Advanced” menu.

Choose “Advanced” menu

Now, you just need to change the “Page Background Color” to any color that you like.
At last, click APPLY TO BLOG (the top right corner) to save all.

Intention : If you want your photo of your post will be appeared on homepage , you should upload at least one photo from your computer by upload images of Blogspot , and you can only purchase this template through Paypal

Don't miss your chance to own good template to start your business online right now . Don't think anymore, just grab it. Contact me if you want to know more informative about purchasing this template via
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

How blogging makes you a better person ?

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This is guest post from Charlotte

My name is Charlotte and I contribute to the company blog for SpecsPost, an online glasses shop and partner to The Daily Mail.

Become more efficient

By nature I am quite disorganized, so self-management was always something of an issue for me.

Until I started blogging.

Writing blogs soon became part of my routine, and the daily cycle of research, writing, posting and promoting gives much-needed structure to my otherwise chaotic day. Making the commitment to post every day meant that finally the time had come: I had to get organized.

Having lots of apps running can be distracting (cheeky glance at Twitter anyone?), and with so many sharing sites like Reddit, Digg, and; posting to them all can be time consuming. Reading other peoples’ blogs helped me to find tools which multi-task for me.

Hootsuite allows you to send your links to all your social media platforms simultaneously, and is a great time saver.

You could also try Timely which will schedule your tweets at the best times for maximum impact – it even shortens links for you. *mental high five*

Always keep a notebook handy! You may not be inspired to write brilliant posts every day, so it helps to have some in the bank for those writers’ block days.

Become more knowledgeable

They say that the best way to learn is to teach, and doing research for your blogs can be a great way to get a better understanding of your niche. By creating Google Alerts for your industry keywords, you will find out the latest relevant news as soon as it is published on the web.

By reading other bloggers’ work, you will learn about lots of things outside your area of expertise. For example, if your job involves writing a company blog, you should find posts about professional blogging helpful; whereas if you own your own site, you will probably want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Subscribe to the blogs you find most useful and interesting, and make time each day to read them. This will also help you to improve your own writing style.

Become more confident

The more you write, the easier it gets to be satisfied with your work. Sometimes you have to accept that not all your blogs will be deserving of a Booker prize, especially if you are posting very frequently.

Get to know other bloggers by commenting like crazy on any posts which you have an opinion on (be nice please…) and the author will usually reply back to you. Other readers will add their opinions and you can get a great conversation or debate going – particularly if the post in question is a little controversial.

Over time, you will get regular readers and subscribers to your blog. Be sure to respond, and continue to add to other peoples’ blogs, and you will find that you become a known and liked part of a community. Writing as you would speak to a friend gives a warm feel to your blog, which people will want to return to.

Finding a great title and your blog getting tons of views.

Getting a debate going, with people commenting on your blog with different viewpoints.

Heck, even getting your first comment on a blog, these are all things which boost your confidence and make you feel great.

Keep at it, don’t give up when it gets tough, and don’t expect to have 1 thousand readers in the first month, and you will slowly but surely become a better person thanks to blogging.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three Biggest Advantages of Guest Posting You Should Know

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Guest Blogging is an act of submitting your blog post on another person's blog but it is not meant like you can submit every single post which you copy on the internet or unqualified article because you have to wait for the approving from the owner's blog. It gonna be more difficult to submit your post on the famous blog or high qualify blog such as high PR or high traffic. Their requirement is very hard maybe from the small thing like grammar to the important thing like content.

Three Biggest Advantages of Guest Posting You Should Know

If you are the regularly readers of my blog, you can see last two posts are guest posting. I am still receiving more and more emails for guest posting and how could i have many good offers from guest blogger ? I will explain for you right now. The reason why can i receive many guest posts is after i joined in the My Blog Guest forum which has been started by Ann Smarty and is also the place for all blogger in the world to share their articles or looking for guest post. I just visited this forum through search engine and i've had two posts which one about introduce about myself and one about looking for guest posting. After two days, i still dit not receive any responses from the writers and i just had a thought that it is not easy to find the guest blogger for my blog because it is still PR 0 and traffic is not really high. However, the third day i receive few emails to offer the guest post for Blog Tips World and i am really happy with that. At the moment, i am still receiving more articles from guest blogger and i would like to thanks to Ann Smarty who created a unbelievable place for blogger communication.

Now i would like to share with you everything which you need to know about the guest posting as well as the biggest advantages of it.

You can get free advertising from guest post

It is the first clear thing which you can recognize from the advantage of guest post . When you have guest post on another blog ( it should be the same niche as yours ) , they will provide you the link in your article and have some sentences to introduce about yourself. So it can help you to exposure your blog to reach out to even more people.

In addition, i would like to invite you to be my guest post as well and i have one idea to regard to my guest blogger is if you can contribute for Blog Tips World 4 articles per month ( 1 article per week ) , i will give you back one banner 125x125 in my sidebar. I think that is really good option for whom are looking for free advertising.

Read it for more information : Write For Blog Tips World

Build more invaluable backlinks

Guest post is always the good way to build one way backlinks and it brings you definitely high qualified link. And specially if the blog accept your guest post which is very high traffic , you will see the traffic come to your blog from this blog will be incredible. It do not only bring you traffic on one day, it will bring you traffic every single day.

You will be recognized as an authority

When the people recognize you have guest posts on couple of other blog, they will automatically regard you as an people who have good knowledge in this areas and you can build your brand up as well. They will visit your blog and listen your advices so it will bring you really big benefits from those people.

I know that there are some people who think why we have to contribute guest post for another blog and it just help the owners update their blog. However, after you complete to read these advantages in this article , i reckon that you will change your mind , right ?
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What is Articles Marketing?

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This is a guest post from Stephen McAllister

Stephen McAllister is the Marketing Manager at More Control Ltd who specialist in bespoke Automation Solutions and Automation products.

As a developing form of marketing and advertising, article marketing has recently become more and more popular with search engine optimisation (SEO). The widespread targeting of specific keywords and niche markets, has allowed effective article writers the ability to gain a maximum boast in search engine rankings through careful copywriting.

Article marketing is designed to highlight short articles, new related information and research about a given respective industry, service or concept.

Article Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Blog

Beyond the obvious traffic gains an article can have, a well written article has the potential to increase the overall credibility of a company within its market; allowing companies to develop their brand identity as the articles will raise the name recognition of their company and their website.

Article marketing has increasingly become a more successful means of generating additional traffic to a website by establishing its author as a niche expert on the internet.

Articles can generate more in-depth research into a particular topic or keyword with relevant content information which will attract users and search engines. Well written content will add value to the experience for a user and can increase the likely-hood that the content / message will be transferred across the internet.

With the internet ever changing by the day, users are increasingly looking to gain knowledge and interaction from their time spent online. Articles can provide informative and in-depth information and knowledge on a range of selective topics. Additional benefits of article marketing include the creation of additional backlinks and the specific targeting of particular keyword niches.

Article marketing has a dual role in providing publishers of articles with content, while simultaneously offering advertisers with advertising space.

Whether an article is created to highlight changes made in a targeted industry or to drive additional traffic to a site, article marketing is increasingly becoming an effective medium for getting your message across online.

Structure of an Article

In order for an article to have the maximum impact and effectiveness on the internet, it requires a coherent structure, a good catchy title, correct grammar, relevant content and most importantly an interesting subject matter.

The Title – A good concise title is the most important way to promote your content, service or product. A title sets up the subject theme and generates initial interest in the article.

The Body – Written in concise clear paragraphs, the body content of an article should have the most vital and important information at the top of a post. Typically the opening paragraph should outline what the article is, and entice the reader to carry on.

End- This section of any article should sum up all the key points raised and have relevant links for users who would like to know more about your topics, themes or discussions.

Contact – Essential for any article marketer is the ability to have contact information about the author, so that users can connect with the writer and start discussions. The use of an author by-line is a simple yet incredibly effective means of summarising an author’s details and allows the author to create backlinks to their sites via the author by-line.

Analysis of Articles Marketing

Overall, a good article should have a relevant title, easy to understand language and structure and have a well formed argument.

In terms of writing style, an article should be written in the perspective form of a Guru; that it comes from a highly credible source. Other handy tips in article marketing are to make recommendations, give clear advice and be clear about what your argument is about, along with an overall message on what is being explained in the article.

Good article marketing remains one of the best ways to draw a target audience to your website and convince them that you are the ideal answer to their respective needs.
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Averting the scams associated with pay per lead affiliate marketing

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This is a guest post from Nancy Smith

Nancy is a contributory writer of Debt Consolidation Care. She is a financial writer and has specialization in financial problems and its solutions. She holds her expertise in the Finance industry and has made significant contributions on debt consolidation, savings, planning, frugality, affiliate marketing etc.

Not being able to keep up with the soaring commodity prices and the interest rates on loans, many of us are increasingly frustrated with our current jobs. With the low pay and undervalued drive, most people dream of owning their own business. However, the costs and the risk factors bars people from taking solid steps to set up your own business. Pay per lead affiliate marketing is a risk-free way of working for yourself. There’s no such huge cost involved and you can earn according to your performance. However, it’s an unfortunate fact that the affiliate marketing programs are not immune to the scammers. Daily, there are people who are being taken in with grandiose promises of making big money with very little effort to make it true. The affiliate marketing scams abound as it is one of the most profitable business in the market. Here’s some smart ways to avert the risk of being scammed by such programs.
Pay per click affiliate scams
  • Don’t fall for marketing strategies that sounds too good to be true
In order to stay afloat in the highly competitive industry, the pay per lead affiliate marketers will implement some strategies that sound too good to be true. If you fall for such strategies, you may be left with heavy loss. Though it needs no mention that it is possible to earn huge returns through pay per lead affiliate marketing programs, you might also meet with scams that can make you lose money. Always take the best step forward when it comes to making money.
  • Stay away from companies that will ask you to pay for signing up
There are many companies that may ask you to pay for signing up. This is nothing but the best sign of a scam affiliate marketing program. They usually take this step to safeguard themselves against the rising competition and you must make sure that you avoid such a scam by not paying anything before signing up or for receiving any material about their program.
  • Verify the reputation and authenticity of the company before signing up
It is imperative to verify the authenticity of the affiliate marketing company as some companies are infamous for giving credit for the purpose of sales. Scam companies will often claim the buyer came in through the main site and not through the affiliate link while the affiliates can clearly understand that someone clicked through the affiliate links to get into their main website. Avoid such unscrupulous practices that are adopted by the companies.
  • Avoid buying online marketing methods if you’re a beginner
If you’re a novice in the affiliate marketing field, you must make sure that you avoid buying online marketing methods before you analyze a free marketing method. Since you’re a beginner, you need to first get a grip on the ways in which you can market or promote your products without spending much money.

Thus, if you’re someone who is intrigued by the pay per lead affiliate marketing industry, you must stay aware of the scams so that you are not duped by the companies. Make more money through such programs and use the money in paying off your unpaid financial obligations.
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