Friday, April 29, 2011

Should we consider Google Adsense is our main income or not ?

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Nowadays, when you ask some webmasters about what are you making money with ? i think almost the answers are Google Adsense which is the most popular pay per click program. The simply reason is it seem be easy to earn money from Google Adsense , they do not only pay per every single click and they also pay for your impression 1$/1000 CPM. In addition, it is not very difficult to set up a website or a blog to apply for Google Adsense , you can create a blog from Google Service is or you can pay few bucks per month to create a website with Wordpress to write something which you like and have a knowledge in that areas. When Google Adsense approve your application , you can really make money with them.

So we can say that everybody can do it , however the amount of money which you earn will decide how far can you go with them. I just know there are thousand of people are making thousand dollars per month with Google Adsense in the world at the moment and according to someone that it is absolutely their main income and it maybe help them to support for their whole family. Do you think that it is really risky and that is also the issue that we are considering in this article. My answer is yes, it is definitely risky and i would like to recommend that we should not consider Google Adsense is our main income. I will list some reasons why i recommend you like this.

Google Adsense is very strict in managing their program

You should make sure you never breach of any TOS of Google Adsense because Google is smart enough to control their program even a little mistakes. I also have one article to show you how to avoid getting banned from Google Adsense that is 14 Popular Mistakes Need to Avoid Getting Banned from Google Adsense. Sometimes , you just think that we don't do anything wrong , Google will not banner our account. It is right but you never know what gonna be happened in the future that maybe one day you just clicked on your Google Adsense Ads accidentally and you got banned. I really read some stories about this situation , so you should be careful to work with Google Adsense.

Someone is jealous of your success and want to kill your Adsense account

That's simply to explain that there are a small part of people who know about Google Adsense but they could not earn anything from this program. So they feel very upset and want to pull everybody to be like them. When they have a negative thought , what will they do ? They will surf around the internet and give for someone's website a thousand of clicks to their Google Ads. If you are a person who not luckily was in this situation, your account will be banned and that's also meant that your main income was also destroyed by some " stupid " people.

Lose all income when Google block your account

According to some people , Google Adsense is their main income so they stop their job and spend almost of time to concentrate on making money with Google Adsense. This money will help them to support their family even making them richer. However, that is really risky if their main income is cut off and they drop to a tough situation that is who will support their family and who will pay their bills. Honestly , i am working part-time as baker at the moment and i really hate this job which is very hard and require you wake up early in the morning. Why do not i just stay home and focus on making money online with Google Adsense , my Google Adsense income is not very much but i think it is enough to support myself and help me to have a good life. However, i just think that what will happen if my account was banned and i lost my Google Adsense income, it gonna be very struggling to start everything again.

Google Adsense is not only one way to make money online

Some people believe that Google Adsense is always the best program to make money online. It is right with someone but not at all because you should remember that Affiliate programs can pay for you more than Google Adsense. You can earn 10$ per sale or lead even 100$ while Google Adsense just pay few bucks per clicks , it is also depend on your traffic or your niche ... In addition , you can sleep well when you are working with Affiliate Programs and don't need to worry too much like working with Google Adsense.

There are all the reasons why i would like to recommend you should not think that Google Adsense will always be your main income. However, according to me Google Adsense is always number 1 and the best make money online program at the moment.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top 9 themes for window 7

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I think the transparent Aero interface of Window 7 are quite boring at the moment, so let's try the new one to find out more innovative sensations.

According to many people, Window 7 themes is very nice and broaching but after using it for long time, it becomes normal and quite boring. So that's the reason why we should always change the new interface of our Window 7 to make it is always new.

Here is 9 top themes for Window 7 i would like to share you :

9. Zune Quickplay

Download (10.74MB).

8. Dark Agility

Download (15.1MB).

7. Vienna

Download (1.9MB).

6. Gizdom Reloaded

Download (8.9MB).

5. Inspirat Clearscreen Round

Download (801KB).

4. Midnight Glass Nature

Download (44.4MB).

3. Snow Leopard

Download (4.5MB).

2. Soft7 2.0

Download (3.5MB).

1. Crescendo Theme

Download (2.4MB).

Nothing to doubt with this top 9 themes for Window 7 .It really make us feel airy, smooth, simple and a bit fanciful.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

5 Blogging Tips to Make Your Blog Much Better

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Blogging is the great way to earn living and get your view out there on the World Wide Web, it is also the place which you can share information, thoughts, ideas, experiences and your opinions with the million of blogs. It takes time to get the people find your blog and more difficult to make them become your loyal readers and it is also very easy to get lost in the crowd. In my opinion, blogging no doubt is long term commitment that can not like a chore so that when you really want to do blog seriously, you should be patient and sometimes you should put your passion that come through your post that readers can relate to. You are there to greet them and share what you want to say and that is where the passion start to come through.

Blogging Tips, blogging, Hot, Better Blog

However, you should know that how can you put your passion in blogging and how can you express on the near subject and dear to your heart ? So that's the reason i would like to share 5 blogging tips which every blogger should know and follow in the order to make it better and better.

Blogging about what you know clearly

It is very important to blog about what you know , it is not necessary for you to always think of blogging about making money online or whatever the most popular topics which everyone are interesting in.You just remind simply that how can you create a blog and share how to make money online without the knowledge ? I think the readers are smart enough to know about it , while you maybe an architect and you definitely have knowledge, experience in this areas why do you not create an website about building design and you can share you it with your readers who are looking for some information and recommendation about building. That is the way to make your blog more valuable and useful.

Take advantage of money making ventures via blogging

Whether you are blogging for fun or your favorite, there are many ways to turn your blog into a money making venture. This is really the benefit which everyone want to do while doing their love. Many making online programs such as Affiliate programs , pay per click programs or you can also sell your productions in your blog.

Always keep your blog current and up to date

This tips is also one of important things which you should concentrate on because that will keep your readers follow the current information and up to date. So that is the reason to attract them back to your blog next time to update the news. That is the long term investment which you can make your readers to be your loyal readers

Share your experience and helpful information

If you pay attention in following every successful blogger , you will see that their blog always provide very helpful information and the way which they can provide helpful information is sharing their experience. It makes their blogs more trusted and the readers can receive really useful tips which the owners used to spend their time and struggle to find out the way to be successful. So that is also the way to show you how to built your blog up which is share your experience and helpful information.

Make your blog entry interesting and engaging

The last of these blogging tips which you should consider in your daily blogging journeys is to make every blog entry interesting and engaging. It doesn't matter what the topic may be, there are ways to spin them so that they interest and engage the readers. This will keep them coming back from more. This means that those who use their blogs to make money will have repeat customers on a frequent basis. You want your blog to stand out from the rest as there are so many different blogs on the Internet. When writing your blog entries, think of what you would want to read on someone else's blog and what would keep you coming back for more time and time again.

That is all the tips which i've learned after few months blogging , if you are interesting in , just test it out.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Why Can You Never Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing Programs ?

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There are large number of affiliate marketers who are successful with Affiliate programs by earn a big amount dollars per month . It is really one of the most efficient way to make money online today and it is so greatful to hear that many and many people have found it as easy way to work with it. Despite all the pros that affiliate marketing brings , most of new affiliates who joined in affiliate marketing program and leave never come back. They could not recognize that Affiliate program is the good chance to earn from future generated income opportunities.

In order that i would like to share you my experience which i got last few months and i think it is also the common mistakes which every new affiliates will meet when they walk on the road to be an successful affiliate marketer
Why Can You Never Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing Programs ?, unsuccessful affiliate
1. Not patient and expect too much on making money online

This is one of the most popular mistakes for failure among new affiliates. When they read many successful affiliate stories and spend a lot of time to learn the tips how to be successful on making money with Affiliate programs, they gonna be confident and expect they can earn money online like the stories. However , after few months they can not even earn anything from it and feel disappointing, so that finally they kick it away their minds and never think about it again. I just think that there are a lot of very hard word at the beginning if you want to be successful on Affiliate Marketing, when you find out the stories of any successful affiliates deeply , you will recognize that they used to be spend very long time to be successful like that, it maybe take them 1 year, 2 years even 10 years. It is not just easy like write article about any productions , review it and you can get any sales from this. Yes, it's right but it is just the basic one which everyone know it. You have to learn a lot and a lot, the experience will help you be successful, do not put too much pressure for yourself. Once you can get on the right track , everything will become a lot easier. It like you invest in a block of apartment , building a block of apartment can absolutely kill you, there are many things for you to take care and manage it. However , when it completed and you get the tenant in, you will reduce a lot of works and the money also run to your bank account naturally.

2. Always looking for the better deal

Some affiliates spent most of their time looking for a better deal while it would be better for them to promote their current program. There maybe a tendency to try anything but not get on the work. I would like to recommend that it is more useful if you use the time of trying any affiliate program for spending promoting your current program. It does not waste your time and keep you more focusing on your way. Honestly , i was also on this situation , when i have worked on Affiliate Marketing at the beginning, i just looked around and tried out many programs such as Commission Junstions, Amazon , Clickbank , Clixgalore .... because i heard many successful person for each programs and i wanted to try all of this .... the results after 3 months for me is still number zero. After that , i just focused on Commission Junstion and i really got one domain sale just from GoDaddy just after one month. At the moment , i still got some sales per month with a little money but i am very happy because i can achieve what i want to do which is earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

3. Join a program which you do not have any expertise

The first affiliate program is always very important, so you should choose them carefully. You have to check back what do you want promote and what do you have before you join in any Affiliate programs. For example , you want to promote Domain and Hosting , i think Commission Juntions is the good one or you have a website about sharing Wordpress and Blogger Template , you can join in Theme Forest because this Affiliate program suitable with your website... It will be more effective and better than you choose anything.

4. Lack of knowledge

Some people just have a easy think as someone can make money online why they can not do it. Therefore, they have not thought about how much knowledge do they own in Affiliate marketing and how many percentage they know about it. I think it is not only Affiliate Marketing area but also in every areas, before you want to be successful , you should learn and learn. It will gain us more experience and understand the way how it works. So when you really invest your time and work hardly , i think the day which prove you can be successful in Affiliate not too far.

I could not say that am i successful or unsuccessful ? However i think i am on the way to be an affiliate marketers and hope can be successful in this area one day.
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Blog Tips World changed New Interface with Mazinseo Templated

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When you read this article , that's mean you can see the new interface of Blog Tips World which has been working also 6 months with the first article on 11/7/2011 . Six months is not really a long time but i have definitely learn a lot of lessons in the blogger world. It helps me know how to write a good article , how to SEO for my blog , how to get more traffic... However, it is not easy like i thought before such as we just write article and update our blog regularly , the traffic will come to our blog naturally. In the real , it's absolutely different because it is very very hard for us to drive the traffic for our blog and it is much harder to keep them visit back next time. So that i think there are many challenges for any new blogger but after that we will improve day by day and know how to solve the trouble in any situations.
Blog Tips World new interface, mazinseo template blogger

Why i want to change the new interface for Blog Tips World ?

Because i want to change the better SEO template, i really got the trouble with the traffic of my blog at the moment. Before 14/4/2011 , the traffic came to my blog is absolutely awesome which was nearly breached 50 unique visitors/day. However, after Google announced the new algorithm is Google Panda , my traffic from Google search dropped 99% from 20-30 visitors/day to 1-5 visitors/day. I just thought that my keywords in Google search is dancing and it would be back after few days ( it usually happen in Google ) but until now it is still the same and i think maybe my blog was in the Google Panda case. Then i searched around the internet why i got it and how to solve it, i reckon three reasons that maybe push my blog into the Google Panda punishment.
  1. The content of my blog is unqualified and it was not really focusing on the topic Affiliate and Make Money Online
  2. The old template was not suitable with my niche and i put many advertisements on it.
  3. Trading link with another website.
The solution for this trouble is i will invest more time for any articles and make sure it is really qualified before publish. In addition, i change the new interface for Blog Tips World which is clearer and neater than before.

Where is the template from ?

It called Mazinseo template which is not a free blogspot template which was design by Tien who's owner of VnBlogspot ( Vietnamese blogger ). I just knew him that he was really a good blogspot designer that you can recognize when you visit to his blog. He is still selling this template on his blog , if you are interesting in this template , you can go to this article and purchase this I think15$ to own this template is very cheap to compare with his works.
Note : Now you can visit to review this template and read the guideline how to use it.

How do you feel about this template ?

In my opinion , it helps Blog Tips World look more professional with 2 main color white, orange and more focusing on writing about Blogging and Make Money Online. Beside that , this template provide more useful widgets such as Popular Post, Feature , Random Post .... which can help you find out more impressive articles.

I hope after changing this template , my blog will be took off as Google Panda as soon as possible and i will look after it better and better by spending more to create good article.

Anyway, i really love this template and i hope my blog will more develop after this event. If you have any recommends about the layout of this template, plz leave the comment to let me know.
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ten "Stupid" Questions Can Make You Laugh Whole Day

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I always know that there are many "stupid" and funny things on our life but when i read some " special " questions in Yahoo Answer Services , i could not stop laughing because these question is definitely funny and i dont know how can they create these stupid question ?

blog tips world, blogging tips, funny question in Yahoo Answer

blog tips world, blogging tips, funny question in Yahoo Answer

blog tips world, blogging tips, funny question in Yahoo Answer

blog tips world, blogging tips, funny question in Yahoo Answer

blog tips world, blogging tips, funny question in Yahoo Answer

blog tips world, blogging tips, funny question in Yahoo Answer

blog tips world, blogging tips, funny question in Yahoo Answer

blog tips world, blogging tips, funny question in Yahoo Answer

blog tips world, blogging tips, funny question in Yahoo Answer

blog tips world, blogging tips, funny question in Yahoo Answer

I just want to share my little entertainment with you on weekend. Hope you will enjoy and like it.

View Ten "Stupid" Questions Can Make You Laugh Whole Day at

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Are White iPhone 4 Coming Soon ?

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Are White iPhone 4 Coming Soon ?, White iPhone 4 , iPhone 4 launch dayView White iPhone 4 Coming Soon at

According to Wall Street said that " The cult iPhone 4 with the white version which Apple has been offically confirmed to appear in the Spring of this year" .

Even though Wall Street did not say the source that provided this information above , but the magazine claimed that this information was certified form Apple.

" These customers who are waiting for over 10 months to own this iPhone with white version will not have to continuous to wait longer " - the information in the article of the Wall Street said.

"Apple said on Wednesday that the iPhone 4 with White version will be appearing in the spring of this year, after much delay since October last year"

Information on Wall Street posted only a day after Bloomberg announced the website white version of the iPhone will appear in a few weeks.

However , according to Wall Street , Apple has denied exactly the time that will publish this iPhone so all the information is still vague and uncertain.

The White Iphone 4 was introduce by Steve Jobs in June last year but until now it is still remaining silent.

The technologies said that if the white Iphone 4 will appear in the current future, the delay of launching iPhone 5 will be possible because Apple is brilliant enough to avoid two production being as rivals. However, you've never known what happen in the future, there is also a supposition that Apple can launch both of White iPhone 4 and iPhone on the same time, so that their customers have more choice with the productions of Apple.

We are waiting to the result together what will happen with two of the most popular Apple productions ?

View White iPhone 4 Coming Soon at
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages In Doing SEO For Website

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The technique of SEO work at the moment is not really much different from the past although Google change the algorithm a little. However , it is still preferring and remaining the procedure which may increase the ranking of keywords naturally and help you website can have high ranking on the search engine.

Advantages and Disadvantages In Doing SEO For Website, SEO tips, Blog make money, blog tips world

Now i will show you which advantages that Google encourages people to do SEO.

_ First of all , the title of article should be short not too long.
_ Linking your website to quality website rather than you can make a thousand of website and link it to your website.
_ Website interface should be designed clearly and neatly. It is not really good when you put many unnecessary modules in your website and make it messily. I should recommend that before you design your website, it gonna be better when you review from another website or you can get many nice templates which is sharing for free in the internet.
_ Creating qualified article or more than 400 characters per article. You should not write the article too short and without care, otherwise you can often invest more time for you article and you will see the difference because the visitors will be back to your website again not only the traffic from the search engine.
_Advertising your website constantly on the social networks this is essential because Google appreciate the trusted website
_ If you select any domains for your website, you should choose the domain which contain your keywords. The priority will be much higher than the domain is not relevant to the keywords.
_ If the website have been long life, Google really love these websites.
_ Creating the traffic to your website as much as possible in naturally way such as email invitation, social networks, banner exchange, links exchange....

There are also some disadvantages which Google does not encourage

_ Title and description should be not repeated too much on the same site and separate it is the good way to do.
_ The content of article should be original and not duplicated and completely difference.
_ Do not trade links with another website.
_ Hosting should be ensured qualified so website do not stop due to website problems.
_ Do not use many keywords on the homepage's website

All the thing above show you the basic for your SEO strategy which is very important to help you bring your keywords to the high ranking on search engine.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Five Outside Speakers for iPhone

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There are many types of speakers for Apple products, including iPhone, iPod ... making the iPad the product and become a professional player. Here are five types of speakers "poison" for the iPhone.

Apple's products are renowned for the quality of sound and music capabilities. However, in reality, it is still the mobile device with sound magnitude limit.

The speaker form below, not only the iPhone actually becomes a dedicated music device, but also is considered a unique and decorative objects for their rooms beautifully users.

Bone Horn Stand Collection

Five Outside Speakers for iPhone, iPhone 4 Application

There are quite unique design, the speakers iPhone style ... and this helps increase the prison sound of the iPhone to add 13 decibels (a unit of magnitude sound).

Product cost 24.95 USD.

Phonofone III

Another product with unique design no less, with a style of brass. This really is a fun ornament for your room.

201 USD priced products.

Play Griffin AirCurve

Design and beautifully transparent, allowing users to observe the operation mode of the product.

The products priced $ 19.99.


If you like the furniture with beautiful textures Wood, speakers Koostik appropriate choice. Products are manufactured from natural wood crafts pure. In addition to products for the iPhone, Koostik longer version and easy to use external speakers for the iPad.

Koostik is $ 85.

Tembo Trunks

Mobility, convenience and ease of movement, Tembo Trunks are designed especially to suit the ears of the iPhone phone, so users can easily use this accessory on other devices.

Tembo Trunks cost 39 USD.
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Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners - The Road to Success

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affiliate marketing tips, guest post , make money online, blog make money, blog tips worldAffiliate marketing is very popular and also it is very effective way to make money online. It's popular because it is easy to understand and its running cost is very affordable.

In order to become successful affiliate, you need to know the strategies of super affiliates. You no need to reinvent the wheel. Just be a little creative and follow the super affiliates.

Here are the top 5 affiliate marketing tips that will help you to become a super affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 1 – Hide your affiliate links

People don't like unfamiliar ugly affiliate links. You need to hide them. There are several methods to hide an affiliate link. And one of the best methods is domain forwarding. For this, you need to buy your own domain name. After that, you can forward it to your affiliate link. It's very simple any everyone can do it.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 2 – Writing articles for many purposes

Write quality articles and submit them to article directories. Also, submit these articles to related blogs on your niche. Every blogger needs content for his visitors, so normally most bloggers will publish your article with your resource box. It is an extra benefit of article writing. You will get traffic from article directories and other high trafficked related blogs. It will also help you to increase your page rank on Google.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 3 – Narrow your niche market and decrease your competition

As a beginner it would be good for you to narrow your niche, because it will decrease your competition. And it will be a good strategy for you. Also it will attract more visitors form search engines.
Affiliate Marketing Tip 4 – See what your competitor is doing

Know the strategies that used by your competitors. In affiliate marketing industry, you should to know what other affiliates are doing in your niche market. And after that you need to do a little better from your competitors. It is winning strategy. So, follow these steps:

* Pick up some keywords that are closely related to your affiliate product.
* Take Google Search for each keywords and see what Google brings up.
* See top ranked websites on those keywords.
* Pick up some sites that are purely devoted to sell affiliate products.
* Take a note how they are making money and how they are approaching to buy the products.
* And the final step is to put the URLs of those top ranked affiliate website on And know the keywords and SEO strategies that are used by those sites.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 5 – Increase your knowledge on your niche

The better you understand you niche, the more money you will make. Think about these questions…

* Who is my targeted audience?
* What are the things they are trying to find?
* How can I reach to my audience?
* What are the best methods to approach them to buy my affiliate products?

Another thing you must do is to read at least one book every week on your niche. Internet is full of information, you just need to spend a little time on Google and you will have several free ebooks on your niche.

So, these are the top 5 affiliate marketing tips for beginners to start making some real money online. Hope, you have enjoyed the article. But affiliate marketing tips are not completed here.

Alan Sahu has a rich experience of Affiliate Marketing . He invites you to download the greatest Viral Marketing ebook for FREE.
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