Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing ?

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Blog tips of Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular way to make money online. It is popular but it is not easy to be successful and work with. However, almost of bloggers are living and making an large amount of money from Affiliate Marketing. So that is the reason and the promotion why you should try to work with Affiliate Commission. It can take you long time to be successful but when you breach it you can be an millionaire.
Affiliate Marketing Programs

This article presents ten power tips that can help you to be successful in Affiliate Marketing and earn huge commissions.

  1. I would like to recommend that before you begin to work with Affiliate Marketing , you just choose only one specific niche or topic which you want to promote Affiliate program. It is not advisable to sign up for a wide range of programs on different topics. Make your affiliate marketing targeted on a single market, and promote products that appeal to that market.
  2. Research and select the best affiliate program for your niche.In my opinion, the most popular affiliate program at the moment is Commission Juntion which provide many kind of productions in any areas. So you should choose the most rewarding, reliable and suitable production with your niche. In addition, the merchant must also supply some marketing tools which you can use to promote your production. The affiliate program or products must also be of high quality and must be well-priced. This will make is easy for you to sell them products or programs
  3. Build a website focused on your niche, and have high quality and unique content that is rich with your key words and phrases.
  4. Have a budget for promoting your website. There are many online advertising programs such as Google Adwords, Chikita, Facebook... which can help you to promote you website as quick as you want.
  5. Drive traffic to your website. Your website will need traffic for you to earn affiliate commissions. Write articles, submit online press releases related to your niche and submit your website to search engine. You can also exchange links with high ranking websites related to your niche.I have some article which show you how to drive traffic to your website:Gain More Traffic For Your Blog By Twitter and Facebook, How to Get Traffic For Your New Blog Immediately ? ...
  6. Review your affiliate programs or products on a blog, and include your affiliate links.
  7. Build an email list and offer free e-courses, articles or e-books. When you have a list, you can keep in regular contact with your prospects and recommend your affiliate products to them.
  8. Be available to answer any questions from your prospects and customers. Customer relationship management is very important in online business. Make sure that you provide your real name and an email address on your website so that potential customers can contact you with questions, and know there is a real person behind that website. This is important for your credibility.
  9. Build your own network of sub-affiliates. Keep in touch with your sub-affiliates and motivate them to succeed because their success is your success too.
  10. Working hard consistently in promoting your website and have patience.
That's all the tips which can help you succeed in Affiliate Marketing program. Keep your work and waiting for the results.
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Google Translate already supported for iPhone

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Maybe people only heard the name Google in Windows but rarely heard in the Apple. Yes, until this moment, Google only a very small contribution to the Apple world. Currently, the online translation Google Translate has supported all of their Apple devices, especially integrated iPhone via the iTunes app store. As we know, since May 8 / 2008 translation tool is available in the device just like an application and only rudimentary support for input via text.

For users with iPhone and iPad that said, Google Translate has more close and more useful help for the ability to input data, copy the text easily than other available tools.

Google Translate for iPhone allows you to enter input data 15 languages and can translate a word or phrase into 57 different languages. Furthermore, this application provides full screen display lets you read and see the text a more complete.

However, while Google Translate available for Apple users, but Google still lacks a feature that was added to the version of Android, which is the conversational mode (Conversation Mode). This feature allows you to handle a conversation in real time between the two speakers of different languages.
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Identification iPad 2 via Rumors

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Only a few days, Apple will officially launch iPad 2. Let us also recognize ... back iPad 2 through the rumors of the technology world in recent years and iPad 2 wait and see what actually similar to the information of this speculation.
Less than a week to iPad second official appearance, and the information related to Apple products are still being held until the end kin. But the rumors, but reliable sources and also said that the analysis is not without grounds.

With four previous iPhone, has a lot of rumor and leak information was accurate.

The past rumors, predictions and analysis of iPad 2:

iPad 2 will be equipped with cameras and features FaceTime

With the camera not equipped with the iPad has prevented many customers frustrated with the board's first computers Apple.

Camera and camera on the front to make video calls have become popular and to be equipped in many smartphones, the latest tablet, but iPad original version lacks this feature going.

To compete with rivals (Xoom Motorola, Samsung Galaxy Tab ...) sure Apple will not ignore this feature on the iPad 2. FaceTime especially with applications (software that calls the video on Apple products), the equipment must have the camera and secondary camera in front of the iPad two obvious that Apple will not be missed.

iPad 2 will be equipped with USB and SD memory card slot

According to information from the website BuzzBizzNews, iPad will be equipped with two USB ports so users can transfer data to the device easier.

However, this information technology world are not supported. Because, Apple tends to strengthen the wireless technology. iPad can easily printing via wireless technology, synchronize data wirelessly ... So, why should the USB connection?

Many argue that, iPad 2 equipped MicroUSB connection and allows charging from the mains through this port. Thanks to that source will charge the iPad 2 consistent with the standard battery charger smartphone is currently used, can even use them.

Additionally, a few pictures leak of shell iPad 2 shows the product is equipped with memory card expansion slot SD. This may be an improvement over the original version, as Apple does not allow users to expand storage space of the iPad.

iPad 2 will use GSM and CDMA

According to analysts assess the market's Brian Blair, Apple is planning to build a "world iPad", under which enables its products operate in both GSM and CDMA 2. This can help online users anywhere in the world.

iPad 2 will be thinner and more like the MacBook

Brain provision under Blair, the new version will look forward iPad than the old version and looks more stable. Apple will have his feet redesigned shell put product in there is a difference, and are more likely, the metal shell of the iPad two products will give the look of a MacBook

Ipad 2 retina using screen

Believe world of technology, Apple will use the technology on the iPhone screen equipped iPad 4 to 2, or at least a new technology similar way.

This is seen as Apple's new moves to beat your competition rivals, especially with these Samsung products using proprietary technology Super AMOLED.

iPad 2 will have two 7-inch screen

Equipped Retina screen technology will affect processor speed and battery life of the iPad 2, therefore, a screen with a smaller size would be Apple's solution.

Furthermore, with 7-inch screen, Apple will set foot in the computer segment of the small table.

According to sources from the iLounge website, not only 7-inch sizes, children appear to iPad two 5.6-inch versions. With smaller, iPad 2 will focus on the purpose of reading ebooks, instead of tools to address multi-media entertainment, such as the current version of the iPad.

However, this information seems not sure, because Apple already has a provision similar products iPad, with Retina-screen technology, which is the iPod Touch.

iPad 2 will have multi-core micro-processor

With the appearance of the next generation of new multi-core processors for smartphones and tablet, Apple probably will not want their product inferior rivals.

According to sources from the website KitGuru, iPad 2 will be equipped with micro-processor 2 of the ARM Cortex A9, 1GHz speeds. This is a micro-processor is used on a computer spreadsheet template PlayBook BlackBerry has been introduced recently.

Not only that, according to information from the site AppleInsider, iPad 2 is equipped with micro-processor 2's graphics, enabling displays with higher resolution, better sensitivity and slideshow capabilities, processing perfect video.

iPad 2 will have a lot more RAM

Apple iPhone is equipped with 4 RAM twice the iPad (512MB RAM, 256MB of RAM compared to the iPad).

However, the reason is explained in four of the iPhone that supports multitasking, the iPad test yet. (At the time iPad recently released). When IOS 4.2 was released, surely iPad 2 will also support multitasking features, and seem, 256MB of RAM is too little.

iPad 2 will have no Home button

Sources from Boy Genius Report website said Apple employees have tested the features on the iPad 2 have removed the home button. It seems that Apple no longer want a physical button that appears on their products.

iPad 2 and features Find My Friends

According Techradar, Apple has updated features Find My Friends in the IOS version 4.3, and this feature will also be equipped with the iPad 2.

This is a feature allowing users to locate and search for his friends (to use iPad or iPhone).

iPad 2 will be released on June 6

Although Apple will launch iPad 2 on 2 / 3 to it, but right product to the shelf is still officially a mystery.

Recently, by analyzing the company's Yuanta Securities (Taiwan), but a change in the design of Apple's last-minute wait is going to lead iPad two days on sale, in addition, manufacturing output did not respond fast enough asked to provide a reason.

As a result, more likely, iPad 2 will have 6 months late to take advantage of this year.

However, the recent moves as retailers discount iPad was originally created by opening the way for the upcoming appearance of the iPad 2.

Part 2 of the iPad will not be many changes

Surely in the new version will not be lower than the earlier version, but according to predictions by experts, a professional will not change too much. Because now, iPad is not unique in the computer market as the previous table.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

4 Ways To Become a Cool Freelance Writer

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Freelance writing is becoming very popular today. People are opening blogs and running them, But most of the guys want to become famous and will to earn some money from their blogs using advertisers, paid posts, services, etc. But to make your blog really popular in less time you need to do a lot hard work. That is posting a lot, some famous active blogs post about 9-10 posts a day! But really if you don’t have time to post then you’ll hire freelance writers.
Freelance Writer, Blog Tips World, Blog Make Money, Make Money Online Blogging
Many people on DigitalPoint forums, MyBlogGuest forums are hiring many freelance writers to write on their blog and they get paid for the same! This is becoming very popular now a days. So the question arises, How To Become A Perfect And Cool Freelance Writer?


It is one of the most important aspect, one should have that much confidence and capability to write on other blogs that can be of any niche. Doesn’t matters if it’s a tech blog or a cook blog or anything. If you are a blogger you can create any type of posts in any niche! This confidence should be there in you.

Good Writing

Ofcourse if you will be a good writer then only you will be paid for the Guest Posts you will write. Many people think that they can write very well, but when they attempt to do the same they lack of originality in the niche they are writing. So always be sure you are much practices of writing articles that are really good and published fast. One and the main thing is BE ORIGINAL.


One of the main thing. Most of the blogs are running on English language. So you should know English very well. Even, if you have some problems you can make use of many tools which are available in the market. Tools which can make your English perfect, tools which can find problems or grammar mistakes in your posts. So always be sure to use perfect grammar in your posts.

Portfolio (Management)

Management is one of that thing which comes in each and every part of life. ( atleast for me) Ya, you should be organized in your life, the same thing is here in freelance writing. The blogs you are going to write on manage your work, make one portfolio with the links of written articles. Yeah, this will surely going to help you in becoming rich! Portfolio will get you more attraction and ofcourse more offers for writing. So go onn and write onn !! ;)

Author Bio: Mark works for, a web design Muscat Company that provides web design solutions in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Secret Tips To Creat an Impressive and Qualified Article

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Nowaday, there are million of bloggers who are looking for the way how to impress the visitors read their articles and leave comments in every single post. You can be a blogger that can creat any kind of articles very quickly but it did not really bring for you good result like no comments in your articles or pageviews of its are very low. The final result is you can give up and throw it away of your mind.

Creat an Impressive and Qualified Article

Opposite with the professional bloggers who just pulish 2,3 articles per week even only one per week but they definitely got many good and qualified comments and pageviews of any articles are very high. So how can they get it ? That is also my question which i am learning after few months on blogging.

Understanding the needs of readers

This is one of the most important factors that can help you create an good article. You should think about what is the demand of the people and they are seeking for at the moment before writting an article.

I can give you one example that the most popular article of my blog is " How did i make money with Google Adsense from A-Z? " I created this article because i thought there are many people looking for making money with Google Adsense at the moment and they need the tips and the ways how to work with them. So from i published this article until now i really got nearly 500 pageviews with this post although it is not really good writing. So if you can know what your readers care of and which can bring them benefit , you will have one very attractive article.

Good-looking layout article

The article with the reasonable and beautiful layout will properly attract the intention of the readers. It is also the way can help your article more clearly and easier to understand. So you should make a good use of Heading, Colors, Images in your article.

What do you think when you provide for your readers the article with all the letter without images? It can be made them feel boring, so you should put at least one picture on your article to make them more interesting and it can appear deeper on their mind.

Check spelling carefully

To be honest , this is also my trouble which i've usually written wrong spelling in any my articles. I though it is also the general trouble of every new bloggers. However , one article with many wrong spelling will relfect unprofessional article. So we should check spelling carefully before publishing it to show the respect to our readers.

Leave comment to another bloggers

It is not really relevant how to creat an good article, right ? However in my opinion, it is also very important because when you visit to another blogs and leave your comments there, i can ensure that they will go back to your blog and also leave their comments in your blog. That is the good way for you to receive the opinion of them about your article which can help you recognize what is good and worse thing in your article. So you can learn from them and get more experience to create an " perfect " article next time.

The road to be an professional blogger is very tough so if you don't begin from the small mistakes , you will not be successful.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Collection of Movies Themes for Window 7

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If you are the favorite movies as well as those of Hollywood blockbusters, please turn your Windows into a "miniature studio" with the interface below.


Blockbuster is causing a lot of echo in public opinion since the launch last year. Inspired by the film, the Avatar interface for Windows 7 below, with more than 20 high quality wallpaper, icons and characters from movies and audio excerpts from the film will bring to Windows 7 a completely new style.

Download free Click here

With an interface with the theme of the movie "Robot War" will certainly not here just to please those who love cinema.

Download Free Click here


If you are a fan of romantic films, containing little dramatic action, such as Twilight, Twilight Elipse is the interface below will suit you.

Download free Click here

Lord of the Rings

Set of interfaces, "Lord of the Rings"below, in addition to its excellent background colors and style also brings a magical screensaver take content 'Lord of the Rings'.

Download free Click here

Harry Potter

The adventures of boy wizards has captivated the hearts of many fans, from the story to the movies, and now, with Harry Potter interface will air full of mysterious magic to with Windows.

Download free Click here

Note: If after restarting Windows, click the icon to return to the original, right click on desktop, select Personalize, in the dialog box that appears, click 'Change mouse pointer' and then press the OK button in the box dialog appears then to change the cursor icon.
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Nokia: Preparing to Launch a Cheap Windows Phone

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Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop said that it "smart phones with the cheap price will not take a lot of time to consumers. " According to him, one of the most important message is seen as a guideline in Throughout the negotiations between Microsoft and Nokia is going to "drop" the price of Windows Phone to the "extremely low".

Mobile World Conference 2011 in the MWC last week showed the "delay" of the Windows operating system as a series Phone Android phone manufacturers to produce mobile row. Nokia also said that the main company's first smartphone running on the Microsoft platform later this year will have to be shipped.

One current problem is with Windows Phone price while Microsoft is only maintained at the minimum feature and this giant is also very "conservative" in the limited partnership basis to accommodate changes with their criteria.

Therefore, the cost of the phone lines are always more expensive WindowsPhone other smartphones with similar features. Decision support many different types of chips, outside of Qualcomm chipset promises to be a sign of conquest in the user's Windows Phone. ST-maker Ericsson has said it will invest more robust platform for Windows Phone.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The First Images of Facebook on The HTC Phone

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After much speculation about information technology, the pictures of the duo's first mobile phone with buttons Facebook Android by HTC professional development have appeared on the network.

Just days ago, information about the HTC is about to launch handsets more popular with dedicated buttons for the social network Facebook has caused great attention.

According to the pictures posted, an HTC phone models will be equipped with a QWERTY keyboard with a similar shape Droid Pro Motorola smartphone. Form No. 2 owns the touch screen more traditional. The specifications of the machine has not yet been revealed.

City AM newspaper (UK) confirmed the phone will run HTC's Facebook Phone version of "modulation" of the Android operating system. But according to BGR page, these devices will possess a minimum of internal memory and GPS radio connection, in addition, the camera's computer will download photos directly to Facebook network.

Most likely HTC will soon announce specific information about these two smartphone in the Mobile World Conference is taking place MWC 2011.
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10 Tips for Finding and Using Printable Coupons

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Many consumers wonder how they can find and use printable coupons. This isn’t surprising because today’s tough economic conditions are forcing most consumers to save money on things they use each day. Moreover, many consumers also wonder how they could find printable coupons good for savings on travel and entertainment expenses.

Thankfully, there are several resources that consumers can use to locate and use printable coupons. Most of these resources contain links that allow consumers to download and print useable coupons for food, entertainment, non-food items and services. To see what we mean, here are some tips and tricks that can help consumers locate and use printable coupons.

To start off, let’s explore some tips that can help consumers find printable coupons.

1) Search for printable coupons from your favourite grocer

Many grocery chains around the country offer printable coupons on their websites. If you’d like to search for printable coupons from your favourite grocer’s website, look for “Coupon” links located on the website’s homepage. These links will take you to web pages that include several printable coupons. Once you’re finished searching for coupons on the page, print the coupons using your computer’s print function located near the upper left corner of your browser’s window.

2) Join a manufacturer’s savings club

Many product manufacturers have saving clubs that offer members printable coupons and other perks that are not available on the manufacturer’s website. If you’d like to join these savings clubs, sign up for the club at the manufacturer’s website by providing a valid email address and zip code.

3) Look for printable coupons on Facebook

One of the newest ways to find printable coupons is to find links to printable coupons on social media websites such as Facebook. Many consumers have found useful printable coupons for local restaurants, national hair salons and clothing stores by searching for coupons on Facebook profiles This is the case because many businesses have started to post links to printable coupons on the profiles of their Facebook pages.

If you’d like to find printable coupons on social media websites, try searching for them on various sections of a Facebook profile. For example, some consumers have located printable coupons on the “Links” section of a company’s Facebook page. This section is located on the left side of a Facebook profile. Moreover, some firms will also post links on their Facebook “Wall” page.

4) Look for printable coupons on coupon code websites

These websites scour the Internet for reliable sources of printable coupons, discount codes and free samples. Many consumers have already found printable coupons for baby items, eye glasses, pet supplies and other useful items. Therefore, be sure to visit these websites to save time searching for printable coupons.

5) Look for printable coupons from your local newspaper

Many local newspapers offer printable coupons on their websites. These coupons help readers save money on local products and services. They also offer readers printable coupons from local restaurants and stores.

If you’d like to look for printable coupons from your local newspaper’s website, try to find the “Special Offers” section on your local newspapers’ website. Some newspaper websites also offer printable coupons on links located on the left side of the website’s sports and travel sections.

Tips to use printable coupons more efficiently

1) Print the coupon’s bar code properly

Many people have trouble using printable coupons because their printers fail to print the coupon’s bar code properly. One way to fix this bothersome problem is to print the coupons using your printer’s “Landscape” function. This will help you set the printer’s specifications correctly to ensure the entire bar code is printed properly.

2) Include the Internet address of the coupon

Some people have trouble redeeming printable coupons because they forget to print the address of the website where they found the coupon. This is true because many stores won’t honour online coupons that don’t include this web address.

One way to solve this problem is to include the address of the coupon’s website on the top of the coupon. To do this, go to your computer’s printer menu and locate the “Print Preview” menu. Click on the “Page Preferences” menu and go to the “Header” submenu. When you find that submenu, click on “URL” button. You will now have the name of the website address printed on your coupons.

3) Ask your local grocer if they honour printable coupons from outside sources

This can save yourself a lot of frustration because some grocery stores won’t honour printable coupons from outside sources. This is true because many grocery stores have had problems with fake coupons being redeemed by dishonest people.

4) Read the coupons carefully before you use them

Some people have trouble redeeming printable coupons because they buy the wrong product. One way to solve this bothersome problem is to read the coupons carefully beforehand. This will help you understand which products are eligible to buy with the coupon.

5) Print only one copy of the coupon

Some coupon websites have a feature that voids a coupon that has been printed more than once. This ensures that the coupons that are printed are authentic and valid.

Therefore, be sure to set your printer to print only one copy of a coupon. To print one copy of a coupon, search for your computer’s “Print” menu and set the number of copies you wish to print to one. Doing this will help you create authentic coupons that can help you save money on items you use every day.

James blogs and is a product reviewer for Cartridge Save, an online specialist supplier of printer ink cartridges in the UK.

Original :

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gain More Traffic For Your Blog By Twitter and Facebook

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If you have a website, you need to find ways of driving traffic to it right? Well the best way to do this is to go to the places where you can connect with readers and build relationships. Used correctly, web 2.0 sites such as Twitter and Facebook, along with article sites and press release sites, will allow you to gain traffic and regular readers.


One of the best web 2.0 sites is Twitter. It is also one of the easiest to use, so there is no excuse to not start today. With Twitter, youpost small messages, or tweets, that are 140 characters or less. Many marketers make the mistake of only sending out links to their blogs. By always trying to sell, they miss the point of relationship marketing. Follow people who are interested in your niche on Twitter, and some of them will follow you back. Engage with them in conversations and retweet things that you find interesting. Do link to your website in your bio and integrate your blog with Twitter so your updates will be automatically tweeted. If people feel that they know you, they are more likely to click on the links. To gain followers, use a real photo of yourself and have plenty of real tweets so people can see you are not a spammer.


The king of Web 2.0 sites is Facebook. There are a couple of ways you can utilize Facebook for traffic to your blog. The best way is to make a fan page. To get members on your fan page, you'll want to join similar groups and make friends with its members. If you have more time than money, you can hire someone to get you Facebook fans. Post helpful and informative content to get people to your blog to read more. In addition to using Facebook fan pages, you can also use Facebook ads to get traffic.

While Twitter and Facebook are good for connecting with your readers, articles and press releases will help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche. There are many free article directories where you can submit your work. Not only will you be establishing yourself, you will also get a link back to your website from these articles. Press release sites may be even better than article directories. Most press release services charge money, but some are free.
It may take some time to set everything up, but the new readers you gain and the relationships you build will be worth it.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Online Security Lession For Computer From Being Hacked

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I received an email yesterday to come across a very very sad news from one of the most famous Vietnamese blogger Tinh Tran from . I knew him when he was the owner of the EblogTips and according to me he is also a successful blogger who can earn over $2000 per month on Affiliate Marketing Program. I really learned a lot of lessions from him and that is also the reason why i created Blog Tips World and try to be him one day.

He already backup data from AZBlogtips and move to his new blog was just his new blog but he really boosted it as fast as he can . Unfortunately, it was hacked and stolen by a group of hacker. After few hours finding out some informations in the internet ,i knew that his computer was installed Trojan virus by hackers for long time ago but he could recognize that trouble until this Trojan virus collected all of his password and important informations. When everything was ready, the hackers started to attack and hack his domain and some of his important web properties related to Tinh really lost control to protect his domain and some very important accounts like Commission Juntion, Paypal, etc.I thought this group maybe very professional because the way they hacked everything from Tinh Tran is followed exactly their arrangements.

He was stolen $1000 in his Paypal account and $2000 in CJ respectively. Maybe it was not really a big amount of money but the important here is he properly lost his domain which he used to take care it every hours and work very hardly to boost it on the right track. However , this incident also has brought to me a big lession that we should ensure our online security. No one can guarantee your website would not be a target of the hackers. So you should protect your website as good as you can. Here is some tips i would like to share :

Instant antivirus for your computer

It is always the first way to protect your computer , maybe some softwares can ensure 100% to protect your computer but you can at least do your best to decrease the chances of you being hacked. However, i recommend that you should choose a reliable software which you really trust in and update it regularly you wont have problem with your computer being hacked

Should not click to URL in email or social network

Every single day , i think everyone receive many spam emails which is very professional which is designed like our friends send us an email to introduce something and it always convince us to click the link in the email. I absolutely ensure that this link contain the virus and it will access to our computer when we click on the link. In addition, you also avoid to click the link on social network service like yahoo messenger or hotmail .. before you verify where this link from.

Be careful what you downloaded and visit XXX site

That is also very important because i know that is the demand of all of us. We need to download movies , music or any software and it is always ready for us to download in the internet. You should be careful because the hackers can mix the virus to the link download. Another way, you should make sure to avoid visting adult and illegal site.

At the moment , Tinh released his new website with the new domain is and he will start everything again but i knew that he is an experience blogger so he can fix this trouble and boost his new site to the new level as soon as possible. Hope he can recovered everything soon and be stronger when he is back.
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to impress readers with your blog/creating a great looking blog ?

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Blogging isn't the easiest thing to do for most. Not all of us are born as great writers and i am also a person in this case. However, after few months i properly learned many things and have more experience on the blogger world. Maybe i could not write well with the impressive sentence but i could keep it clear and make it easy for you to understand and keep you come back to my blog.


I believe that this is the biggest one of all. Engaging your readers is not all about your writing skills. You can be the best writer, have the best grammar, punctuations, the whole nine yards but if you don't transfer your personality into the writing IT WILL BE BORING! Sounding like a robot will drive your readers away. People want to feel connected to the writer. Share stories, make them feel like you're talking to them. Adding a personality to your blog posts will separate you from the millions of bloggers out there. Be different, be original, be YOU.


You can have the best, most engaging, super well written content but if your blog is not readable you're wasting your time. Make it easy to load, easy to navigate through but most of all make it readable. I personally prefer black colored paragraphs against a white background. That is what people are familiar with.
Also, design your blog according to your content. There are hundreds of themes out there for online magazines, personal blogs, business, portfolios, etc. Choose one that is most relevant to what you're writing about.

Keep it clean.

This might fall into presentation. What I mean by keeping it clean is that most people fall in love with the idea that they can make money off their blog. And decide to put tons of advertisement all over the blog. This can be very distracting. Keep it simple and if you decide to put ads on your blog, make it tasteful. Keep it readable and not looking like a highway with billboards all over it.

Improve your headlines.

This is what engages people to read. Creative headlines will prompt people to click on your blog posts. create headlines that start with "How to..." and "How...can help you..." or you can create them yourself. Get creative. Test different headlines to see which one drives more traffic. Remember that this little sentence can drive your post to be twitted hundreds of times if done correctly.


This is where your originality comes in place. You created a blog for a reason right? Bring that passion to the masses with a great tagline. Get creative, be original but keep it professional so people know you mean business.

Write regularly.

Write once a day or once a week depending on your schedule. Having fresh and original content will keep your readers coming back. Make sure you keep them relevant, interesting and most of all engage with your audience. This will also improve your writing skills and develop your style.

Sharing is caring.

Provide a way for your readers to share your thoughts. Social networking sites are a great way to drive traffic to your blog. If your readers like what you have to say, provide them with ways to share with their social network.

Engage with your readers.

Respond to your comments, join in on the conversation, support it but most of all respect the people who decide to comment on what you have to say. After all, they took the time to give you feedback, do the same for them. This can turn into a great friendship or a future blog post.
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February is here again and it means there is another special day ahead. Valentine's Day is only one day which is tomorrow, so now is the time i want to introduce you this great promotion.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to Creat Effect of Photo for Iphone ?

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With breakthroughs in recent times Apple's. Now the iPhone is seen as the fashionable phone, with a series of software applications and processing is very smart. With the iPhone 3G or 4G, now they can completely replace the semi-professional camera, more photos become more subtle through the lens of the iPhone with software applications for imaging , software, effects, very smart and easy to use, you can install for your iPhone by following these steps

Step 1:

Access to site, create iTunes Store account

- Download at iTunes Store iTunes software on your computer

- Install the software downloaded on your computer

After installation
1. Click to open iTunes-iTunes Store box on the left - close to the bottom of the page, select My Store as "United States"

2. App Store on the bottom right and look over a list of Top Free Apps, click on any app.

3. When the panel is to introduce App appear next to the button GET FREE APP, which kick in to continue

4. Bulletin board in your username and password appear, now select Create New Account

5. Welcome to the iTunes Store, click Continue

6. Click on "I have read ..." and select Continue

7. Enter Email and password. Also the user's e-mail you used to sign into iTunes Store.

8. The next step is to enter personal information. He was selected by the U.S. so you must enter the address and phone number in the U.S.. Not what to put in the card Gift nhé.

9. Congratulations you have successfully created, go to check email and Verify Your Account

Step 2: Install the software for the iPhone camera effects

When you have your iTunes Store account in iTunes store to find the imaging software for your phone

There are many photographic effects software for the iPhone as your own ... Hiptamatic or Instagram Hiptamatic software you will lose $ 1.99 when downloaded

Once downloaded it will install itself effects. With Hiptamatic software will be finished when you take effects immediately below the image, you can choose any effects to suit your intent to show
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Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Funniest Google Street Sightings

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Google Street View has become a source of entertainment as well as a source of geographical information. As specially equipped Google cars roam the streets of the world, capturing everything they see with amazing panoramic photography, the scenes become part of the Street View service that millions of people use to look at destinations and points of interest from the convenience of their computer. Funny things come up in Street View, however, that give some users a surprise chance to laugh. Looking for funny things on Street View has become a pastime for many who enjoy spending hours looking for them. Here, you will find some of the 10 funniest Google Street View sightings that you can enjoy whenever you have a spare moment or two.

1. Dolphin diving into a house

This funny image from Google Street View appears to show a dolphin landing into a house in an Oxford neighbourhood.

2. Crashed cyclist

This crashed cyclist may be drunk or may have been hit by the Street View car. This cyclist is in danger regardless of what caused this situation.

3. Google Street View cars break down too

In this funny scene one Street View car captures another one as its crew works to fix it.

4. Accident aftermath

This Street View shot captured the aftermath of an accident where one of the cars has overturned. An onlooker is on the left side of the frame while one of the drivers seems to be looking for documents on the right.

5. Car on a building

This car on a side of a building is hard to explain. Does it defy gravity or is this an optical allusion brought to us courtesy of Google?

6. One nation under CCTV

Street View picked up a criticism of the thousands of closed circuit cameras that keep tabs on British citizens. Britain has one of the highest concentrations of government operated surveillance in the world. Don’t worry, Street View helps even the score.

7. Caught in action!

These crimes and wrecks caught on Google Street view can only be seen courtesy of another Google feature: Google Cache. You will see reckless driving, burglaries, thefts, and other conduct that people would probably not do had they known that Google was capturing their activities. Street View even captured a homeless person with a shopping cart and a drunk on the sidewalk.

8. Insect on the camera

Bugs land on Google cameras too as shown in this funny Street View shot from The Netherlands. Maybe Google should install little windshield wipers on its cameras.

9. Car, meet streetlight

This wreck shows a collision between a car and a street light. Fortunately, the police are on the scene in this frame. Does Google monitor police radio and send their cars to the scene of every wreck?

10. Two cyclist collide

Google Street View seems to have a knack for coming upon collisions. These two cyclists collide in Bristol and are now immortalised, courtesy of Google.

Street View cars are almost everywhere. Sooner or later one will come by your house or business, so you can be ready for them with a funny sign or an amusing situation. Secondly, you never know when Google Street View (or anyone else with a camera) is in the area, so be careful about what you do or else the entire world might be laughing at you. Finally, realise that life is the same wherever you go. People everywhere are doing stupid things, getting into crashes, protesting government, and just plain being silly. You should feel better now.

Tom is a full time writer and blogger for Cartridge Save, an online store based in Manchester that specialises in printer cartridges for inkjet and laser printers.
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