Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nokia Close Free Music Download Service

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Nokia has progressed to close the service for music downloads to its mobile phones in 27 countries worldwide.

Ovi Music Unlimited, free music download service is commonly known, called "Comes With Music" Nokia launched in 2008 to compete with Apple's iTunes.

Nokia will continue to sell phones with promotions is 12 months free music downloads for subscribers in China, India and Indonesia and promotions for 6 months for subscribers in Brazil, Turkey Turkey and South Africa.

All four major brands as Vivendi's (VIV.PA) Universal Music, EMI, Warner Music Group (WMG.N) and Sony had to support services of Nokia Ovi Music Unlimited, so right from the start, this service was viewed as a challenge to Apple's iTunes.

Nokia Ovi Music Unlimited was launched in late 2008 in Britain, which is a test market for new mobile services in Europe but lacks the support operation and has failed to attract customers.

The reasons that the Ovi Music Unlimited forced to shut down the service includes music downloads Nokia is only for customers who buy a new machine and its users is limited by the rights management software digital DRM - a measure to limit sharing music between devices because of copyright issues.

DRM only allows users to share a limited number of songs between different devices.

"Clearly the market wants a DRM-free service, " a Nokia spokesman stressed companies will continue to offer DRM free music through its Music Store in 38 countries.
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Three Step Guide How To Get More Traffic For Part-Time Blogger

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First of all, i want to say some thing about the disasters in Australia. I think everyone know that 1 part of Australia was sunks in flood in last few weeks which was Queenland. The research said this floods is the most terrible and horror one in Australia after 200 years which swept through the north-eastern Australia and killing at least 8 persons, over 100 persons was missing, vehicles were quickly slip in the rolling waters, fallen trees down and roads submerged in the water.

The loss of material could eventually be reconciled but the loss of people maybe never be recovered. Those who was unlucky to give up their life in the flood history is indeed a huge loss never to be forgotten. The lucky people escaped the last flood and hurricane who also dropped in white hand situation. They are suffering to lost their family , their house, their property... This is really big damages which is affecting to Queenland citizen. I would like to wish all the best to them and hope them can go over this situation. In addition, if you want to make a donation using your credit card, call 1800 219 028 or visit qld.gov.au/floods. All donations of $2.00 or more to the appeal will be tax deductable. It is the time we can show the same spirit of a true blogger. One hand can't do no thing but one hundred , one thousand of hands can help them to pass this tough time.

Now i would like to come back to the main topic, i think in the blogger world , there are not a lot full time bloggers who cant spend all their time for blogging. So they are always battling to publish post as much as they can, participating in forum, do social networking, article marketing but they also have to take care their family, their daily job, their friends that are also very important on their life. How can you solve this situation, should you continue battling with your daily activities and doing the best you can?

I would like to show you some strategies this is less time consuming for blogging but still getting more traffic for your blog.

Step One : Publish Only One Blog Post Each Week

Do you think you can make blog post every single day ? Many people believe in it will get more traffic and so most of us assume it is only way out. But i think it is absolutely wrong. If you dont have a lot of free time , there is nothing with cutting back on the number of post you publish. You never can tell your readers might even be grateful for giving them time to keep up with your post. Most folks have so much stuff to read that they don't have time to keep up with all of your posts and probably they feel bad about it. By cutting back on the number of blog post, you make it easier for them to remain an active subscriber.

How many posts should you publish per week ?

There is no set number but i would like to recommend that you should start really one quality post each week. If you have more free time , you can increase your post per week and should try to set it up suitably.

A well-written blog can get you more links as well as traffic than hundreds of hurriedly written ones. No doubt, some writers are faster than others but in general, if you are spending less than a couple of hours on most of your posts, you are most likely going on a fast pace. Quality is still more important than quantity.

Step Two : Submit One Guest Post Every Month On Popular Blog

Guest post is one of the best ways to increase traffic for your blog immediately and it will be more effective if you can be a guest post of famous blogs or popular blogs. With the visitors numbering in ten or even hundred of thousand month, famous bloggers can provide for your blog a lot of traffic so they are very careful about the quality of content they publish on their blog. In addition, there are thousand of blogger are volunteering to do guest posts for them. So when you want to submit one guest post on popular blog, you should try to create really really quality article before apply to be guest post.

Besides that, guest post is very good for SEO. To make SEO worthwhile you need a lot of link from trusted sites. To get the best from twitter, you need to get re-tweets from folks who have many followers. To get the best out of social bookmarking, you need connections with social media power users who can generate dozens or even hundreds of votes for you.

Step Three : Slowly Start Doing More Post And Marketing

Once you start seeing the rewards of your effort, you'll find it's a lot easier to do more.

Generally, people tend to be more motivated to work when something is working. If you land a guest post on a big blog and get a few hundred subscribers, you won't have to push yourself so hard to work on your next blog. You'll have that urge to do more, and that makes blogging more enjoyable and fun.

You would also have established the connections you need to slowly start trying some other marketing methods. Case in point, you could:

  • Publish a special content, such as a free report or video and then use your connections to get links from top blogs.
  • Build a following on twitter to help advertise your posts and then strategically make a post go viral.
  • Pick a search phrase that is getting hundreds of thousands of searches monthly and then make use of your connections to get trusted links.

None of those techniques are brand new. Anyone who has been blogging for a while would probably dreams about attracting links, building a large twitter followers and getting a first page ranking on the three major search engine.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Facebook create New Record on The Number of Photo Sharing

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Facebook create New Record on The Number of Photo SharingA new record has been set up on Facebook, when more than 750 million images are uploaded and shared on social networks in just two weekends of the New Year.

Facebook announced on the newly launched yesterday.

Sharing photos is one of the key features of Facebook in the social networks of today. Especially when recently, Facebook has added features relevant image search, especially the feature that allows upload images with high resolution to keep the best image quality.

However, new records were broken this was considered not too surprised, because with more than 500 million users and growing quality is improved, Facebook is believed to be far longer and have more significant figures other surprises.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How Did I Make Money Online with Google Adsense From A To Z ( Part 2 )

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Today i would like to continue my tutorials to show you how to make money with Google Adsense. I try to update it as soon as i can but you know last few days i think everyone has been so busy on public holiday and me as well so that's why i could not update it earlier. Now we are keep moving to how to sign up Google Adsense easily.

Tips for Signing Up Google Adsense

At the moment, it is very difficult to sign up Google Adsense because they want to make sure your blog or website is really quality and check your website was complied with the their policy or not. So we should prepare our site really quality and have good content before signning up Google Adsense account. It can take you 1-3 months to do many things like designing your site have a good looking and create good and suitable content.

Follow Part 1, after you create 10 bloggers to make money online. You should choose one blog which you will concentrate on and develop it as well as you can." Why we just choose only one blog to develop ?" Because we will use this blog to sign up Google Adsense account, so we should spend more time on this blog to create a good content and good design. However, while you are focusing on this blog, you also post article regularly for all another blogs. That will be good for SEO when your blogs have enough contents.

1.How to create articles for your blog ?

Honestly, i am making money online with 10 Health Blogs but i dont have any experience even knowledge on Health subject. " How can i have articles to update for my 10 blogs ? ".

I know two languages which are Vietnamese and English so i just go to Vietnamese newspapers online and choose the suitable article for my blog. After that, i translated this articles to English by my ways, my sentences not like going to Google Translate and copy all the words from Vietnamese to English. Properly ,that's also the way to have article to update your blogs , i dont want to show you the cheating but what did i do to make money online with all my blogs. However, i would like to recommend that you should translate article as well as possible for your best blog which you choose above for signning up Google Adsense account. Because your article will be more quality and easier to understand not like translating by Google Translate that no one can understand any sentences.

Conclusion, if you dont have any knowledge on any areas and want to looking for article for your blogs, you just go around your country internet and choose suitable article and translates it to English. It like you are Indian , you should visit to any Indian forums , Indian newspapers online and find articles to translate and update for your blogs. Another ways, if English is your first language , you also do this way but you should convert the article as much as you can because you can not copy all the article and paste to your blogs, it will breach to Google Adsense Policy and you can get ban your account easily.

2.How to design for your blog ?

There are many blogs and website which are sharing templates for bloggers. So you can go to any search engine and type " Free Templates for Blogger " which will show you thousand of websites that contribute many kind of templates. This step is very easy, right ? Now you can choose for your blog one good template and make all your blogs more professional.
3.How to sign up Google Adsense account ?

After last two steps, you really have one blogs with good design and quality article but you should update more contents for your blog. It maybe require 20-30 articles before signing up Google Adsense account because you can apply with one blog just have 2 or 3 articles and that's also mean that your blogs are not long time enough to appear on search engine and it is very easy to be unapproved from Google Adsense. It can take your time like i said above but you should be patient and try to update one article per day and after one month your blogs already have 30 quality articles and it will index to search engine automatically. Now you can choose one blog which you think the best and use it to sign up Google Adsense account.

Now you can access to Google Adsense website by this link http://www.google.com/adsense

Click " Sign Up Now "

It will go to next page and you have to finish this form with your accuracy name, address and telephone number.

Now you have to wait for the Google replication from 1 week to 1 month, on this time you keep updating and SEO for your blog. So it still take you maybe one more month, but trust me after Google Adsense approve your application, you can make money immediately because after 2-3 months, your blogs absolutely have traffic and your earnings will depends on how much traffic do you have? I will share this tips on next post. In addition,i learned one thing that nothing is free and we need to spend our time and work hard for our bussiness. So you just see it like your bussiness and be patient when you take care it as good as you can, your bussiness will work and bring you benefit.

I can not make sure you follow all my tips and it will be approved 100% and maybe when you read this article , you feel very funny but what did i make money online with Google Adsense. See ya on next post , guys.
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monthly Income and Traffic Report For December

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First of all, i would like to say Happy New Year 2011 to everyone specially my readers. I wish you all the best and have a successful year on blogger world. The year 2010 was really my challenging year with myself and also my blog. Blog Tips World is still new and was just created 2 months but i really have many things to do with it.

Monthly Income and Traffic Report For December, Blogging Report Income Traffic, Blogging Make Money Online

I am not a full time blogger and i have to spend a lot of time on all my blogs and also my baker job so that's why i could not update my blog regularly like i had a plan before starting with Blog Tips World. I know it is my disadvantage but in new year 2011 i will try my best and arrange my time more flexible and suitable.In addition, one thing can resolve this challenge is guest posting for Blog Tips World which can help me update more articles for my blog and it can bring my readers more lesson and more experience from another bloggers.

Monthly Income Report For December

This month December was absolutely awesome and it was also the highest income of the year 2010. My earnings was increasing up to $1596.15 and it is the first time my earning go over $1500 per month. It is really amazing but all of this still was making from Google Adsense, i could not make any cents from Blog Tips World with Affiliate Program.

Google Adsense : $1596.15
Commission Juntion : $0.00
Clickbank : $0.00
Sharesales: $0.00
Avangate: $0.00

Total : $1596.15

Here was my earnings from Google Adsense

To be honest, i am not really happy with this earning on December because i could not earn any cents with Blog Tips World. So maybe i will try some Pay Per Click Program like Infolink or Chikita or even Google Adsense for this blog. I am not sure it will be improve the earnings for Blog Tips World but it is better than i just sit down and think how to make money.

Traffic Report For December

I am very disappointed with the traffic of Blog Tips World on December. The big trouble is all my keywords was disappear on Google Search Engine and others even my domain name Blog Tips World which i just spent 3 days to bring this keywords on the top of Google Search but now i dont know where is it. It is very upset because on November Google broght me 5-10 visitors per day but at the moment i got 0 from search engine. It was happened on 11 December when i set up Google Analytics for my blog to check how the traffic are going on? And the first day the traffic still showed my blog got 8 visitors from Search Engine but after that it was disappear until now. So i tried to search any keywords i was working on Search Engine and all of this was dropped down anywhere. I feel so boring but i dont know how to do anymore. Can anyone give me some advices and help me to solve this trouble?

Traffic on December is still the same on November which was 10-20 visitors per day without search engine. I just hope it will be increasing a little bit like 30-40 visitors but it cant be true. However, the traffic from direct and referring traffic is increasing so i think there are more people know my blog and maybe i really attract them visit back to my blog. Anyway, thanks for my readers, my blogger friends who support or visit my blog regularly and leave me very good advices and useful comments because if i dont have you, my blog dont have anymore visitors.

What Next On January ?

Update my blog regularly and post more quality article. I realize that high quality article will provide for our readers more useful information and impress them come back to our blog. So i will spend more time on my article and improve my writing skills to make my readers more convincing.

Get more traffic for Blog Tips World. I am not sure i can get more traffic from Search Engine but i have a plan to get 40 unique visitors per day on January. More activities on Facebook and Twitter, spending more times to go around the blogger worlds and comment on their blog which can help to built up our relationship. Forum participate is also one of good way to get more traffic. I will take more time to take care my blog and try to find out the trouble with search engine.

Increasing my earning with Blog Tips World. I will join in some Pay Per Click Programs and put ads on this blog so it will be not surprising when you see infolink ads or even Google Adsense in this blog.

Finish the series " How did i make money with Google Adsense " to help my readers make money online.
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SEO Should Be Point Of View

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Here is my first guest posting which was writing from Mark. He works for web design Guangzhou company that provides web design solution in Hong Kong , Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is trendy with website possessors as well as builders. Though, more and more site holders are overstating they are simply disregarding what SEO is actually believed to have to do with. In the pre-search engine epoch folks used to memorize site URLs or utilize indexed to pay a visit to the website including the details they call for.

With the arrival of search engines getting information turned out to be much simpler and moreover folks located themselves automatically utilizing search engines as the doorway to having no matter what it is they require on the Web.

Since search engines achieved value, website possessors as well as developers located themselves presenting methods, at present termed as SEO techniques, to assist catch the search engine’s concentration as well as rank upper.

The depressing point is that lots of now make use of SEO techniques just to attain top page rankings and overlook that search engines presented in the opening position to afford with significant as well as correct details to the Internet users.

In the present time lots of websites are built not for users but only for the search engine. This beats the whole function of info distribution. Businesses as well as folks get so obsessed making attempts to earn cash in the net by making the most of the SEO techniques but they fail to notice the reality that a genuine website including considerable content in conjunction with good quality SEO system will guarantee additional traffic as well as additional profits ultimately.
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Welcome to Write For Blog Tips World

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Hi my guest bloggers !

After 2 months working with Blog Tips World, i've received few emails and comments for writing for Blog Tips World.Honestly,i am very happy and great to work with you ! guys and it definitely help me update my blog regularly. So that's why i decide to creat guest posting for whom are interesting in my blog and want to be a part of my guest posting.

Write For Us, Write for Blog Tips World, Write for Affiliate Blog

I think everybody know guest posting is one of the most effective ways to build quality backlink. In addition, if your article is really quality and attractive, it will you drive my visitors to your blog and build your reputation up. That is really interesting ! right ? . You can build your backlink and also get more traffic for your blog.

Guest Post Requirement

There are few rules to submit your article to my blog but no worry a lot because i can make sure with you your article will be easy and possible to be accepted and published.
  1. Articles must be related to Blogger Tricks and Tips, Blogging Guides, Writing Tips , MMO , SEO tips , Affiliate Marketing , Hosting , Domain , Templates Tutorials ...
  2. Articles must be original. This means that you have to make sure this article never be posted on any websites, forums... and this also includes your own site.
  3. Article must be minimum 250 words per article
  4. Article must be written by you
  5. Affiliate link is not allow
How about advantage for guest posting ?

I will have some sentences to introduce your bio and your website. The bio will include links to the author's website and you can give me one keyword and the link for this keyword. So you can have 2 backlink in my blog with the keyword which you are building up. In addition, you can get more organic and quality traffic from my blog.

If you are interesting in writing for us

You can write article in any program like Notepad, Wordpad, MS Word ... Pls send email to blogtipsworld@gmail.com including your own bio and the link you want to put in this article. Besides that, i can make sure with you one thing that i will never touch to your article , i mean i will let your article is original and i never fix anything from this.

That is all ! when i receive your email for any guest posting , i will response for you it will be accepted or not ? No worry ! It will be easy ! my friend .
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