Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Advertise on Blog Tips World

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Hello Guys !

Today , i would like to introduce you an advertisement program in Blog tips World. This is the first time i sell Ads spot in my blog , i am not sure it gonna be successful or not but i should try to know how impressive of my blog at the moment. Maybe no one buy Ads on this blog or all of Ads will be purchased quickly in few days. You never known what will happen but i have to try to know the results. Firstly, i want to summary quickly about Blog Tips World which is about Blogging , SEO , Make Money Online , Traffic Sources , Affiliate Marketing , Internet Marketing , Blogger Template .......

Advertise on Blog Tips World

All most of the traffic to my blog which is looking for the way to make money online by blogging or improving their sites. Become a sponsor or advertiser on Blog Tips World , you are getting highly targeted traffics view on your banners and i am providing advertising at fairly cheap rates considering other in my niche. With over thousand of visitors come to my blog every month , the way to be get quickly popular and traffic is Advertising on Blog Tips World

Below are the stats available on Blog Tips World :
Statistics :
  • Monthly Unique Visit : over 1000 visitors
  • Monthly Visitors : over 1500 visitors ( As June 2011 )
  • Monthly Pageviews : over 4000 thousands pageviews ( As June 2011 )
  • New Visitors : 73.72% ( Source from Google Analytics )
  • Average Time On Site : 00:02:47 ( Source from Google Analytics )
  • Google Pagerank : 4
  • Alexa Ranking : 288,384 ( July 20th 2011 ) " Note : It is developing day by day "
Audience Profiles :
  • All of my visitors have their own websites and blogs
  • Most of them spend money for online services such as purchasing web hosting , Ebooks, Templates .... to improve their site
  • 50% of my visitors is interested in making money online and blogging
  • 50% of my visitors from Asia , the rest of its from USA, UK and Europe
Advertising Option :

Banner Ads
  • Header Ad Spot 468x60 :banner on the header beside the logo of the blog. This is the most impressive banner in my blog ( 0/1 available )
  • Sidebar Banner 125x125 : banner below the widget " About ". These are very cheap banner. ( 1/4 available )
Textlink Ads :
  • A link in the widget " Sponsor Links " : under the widget " Random Posts " which will be appeared all the pages of my blog. My Google Pagerank is 4 and it will be good for doing SEO for your blogs or websites. ( 10 links available )
Prices :
  • Header Ad Spot 468x60 : 20$/ month
  • Sidebar Banner 125x125 : 10$/month
  • Textlink Ads : 10$/month ( Specially package for a year : 50$ per year i think it is the cheapest price for the textlink in PR 4 site )
Once again to let you know that all the ads will appear all the pages of my blog , you will receive ~5000 views per month with the cheap price and many of them will become your readers or your customer

If you are interested in advertising on Blog Tips World , plz contact me at before the ads get booked.

Note : Contact me for any discounts. Get huge discounts for advertising on Blog Tips World by quarterly , half year or a year . Fell free to response any questions and requests


great information.thanks for share this nice information.

If you think it is great information , why you dont try to purchase one Ads in my blog :D Just have a joke , mate. Thanks for stopping by.

yeah well if you do this successfully, then you would have done something that billions of media industry dollars havent done yet. like it or not, print people are print people by choice and when you attempt to transition them to an online forum, they typicalluy wind up using someone elses services.

Congratulation Ryan, you can earn from ads now, I am trying these things.

With over thousand of visitors come to my blog every month , the way to be get quickly popular and traffic is Advertising on Blog Tips World.Ryan can I earn money by blogspot or blogger also...

Advertising helps a lot in business. Most of the revenue is generated with the help of marketing and advertisement of products and services.

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