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Which platforms is better : Blogger vs Wordpress ?

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I think this issue is always the hottest topic of the blogosphere, there are many arguments about which one is better than that some people think Blogger is much easier to set up and use , other side rest of them think Wordpress is much better to drive big amount of traffic ... All of this things are properly true and each platform has their respective advantages so in my opinion , we could not say which one is better because it depends on everyone 's opinion .

That is the reason why i would like to show you about the comparison of two platforms and hope it can help the newbies who are looking for the foundation for their website to have good experience to choose which is the better option for themselves.

Hosting Service & Easy of Set-Up and Use

If you are just blogging for fun and don't want to spend money for hosting , Blogspot is the best option for you to start with your blog . The most important and the most powerful feature of blogger is free hosting service , you don't have to pay any bucks for your hosting and your blog will be never down until the big boss " Google " down their service. Otherwise , you have to pay money for every single month or year for your hosting if you want to use Wordpress platform. You can also use Wordpress free hosting service but if you want to use free hosting service , nothing can be better than Blogspot.

In addition , it is much easier to set-up your blog with Blogger and get your own blogger account. It maybe take your 5-10 minutes to set up and choose your template after that you can immediately start blogging and post article if you want. How's about Wordpress ? It requires you to have a little knowledge to set up a website, it gonna take your time to learn how to do it and not really easy for newbie who don't have any knowledge about creating a website.

Copyright and Ownership of Content

When you are using Blogger , you should remember Google is your big boss that's mean they own your contents and they has the authority to shut down your account without warning. If your contents breach to their policy like sexual content and copyright content , your blog will absolutely disappear as soon as possible. Finally , you are not really the owner of your blog that is under control by Google. With Wordpress, you have full control over your blog , you own your domain and your blog is hosted by your own hosting account. In addition, you can write whatever you like and you can use any softwares in anyway you want.

Search Engine Optimization and Traffic

There are many stories about the favoritism of Google search engine for using Blogger because Google own Blogger like your article will index quickly or your keywords will be high ranking in the search engine. In my experience , it is not really true like that , your link can be index quickly but you can only " ping " your link a limited amount of site , while with Wordpress with your own domain you can "ping " as many blog directories as you want and getting more traffic. Besides that , Wordpress platform was supported with many good software for SEO and it will bring you more and more traffic from search engine if you know how to use it. However , Blogger users should not worry too much about that because if you can create good and quality content , the spider of search engine also will visit your blog and the traffic will come to your blog as well.

Making Money with Google Adsense

There is no doubt that is easier for you to get started with Google Adsense by using Blogger platform. In fact , you can now apply to it after at least one month blogging or ealier and start to make money online with Google Adsense immediately with your blog if you have traffic. Other side , with Wordpress, it can be get trickly to approve from Google Adsense at the moment and the default installation is not enough. You’ll need a couple of plugins and even a better theme to really maximize the Adsense potential. However, this seems to be getting easier and there’s even “Adsense revenue sharing” plugins around that allow you to share ad revenue with other contributors and writers for your blog.

Now you can choose which platforms is suitable for you and good luck to you on your way. According to me , i know that Wordpress could be the the best platform at the moment but Blogger is always my favourite and i will always faithful with it.

In addition , i will share blogger templates in my blog in next few weeks that maybe was re-shared from another blogger designer or my own template design. Anyway, you will see the differences.


-Both is awesome,however, wordpress works better for affiliate newwork as it provides more products to promote

Thanks for your comment ! I strongly agree with you that Wordpress is more advantage than Blogger as it is provided more and more productions from affiliate network to promote.However, you also can promote this productions in blogger platform.

Simply, can you know enough to support clients for their sale. I think Blogspot's available for GA, Amazon and Affiliate in Domain,Host, and template design service

Blogger is less expensive i mean no cost for hosting. No server down like other local server.

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