Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to Write For Blog Tips World

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Hi my guest bloggers !

After 2 months working with Blog Tips World, i've received few emails and comments for writing for Blog Tips World.Honestly,i am very happy and great to work with you ! guys and it definitely help me update my blog regularly. So that's why i decide to creat guest posting for whom are interesting in my blog and want to be a part of my guest posting.

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I think everybody know guest posting is one of the most effective ways to build quality backlink. In addition, if your article is really quality and attractive, it will you drive my visitors to your blog and build your reputation up. That is really interesting ! right ? . You can build your backlink and also get more traffic for your blog.

Guest Post Requirement

There are few rules to submit your article to my blog but no worry a lot because i can make sure with you your article will be easy and possible to be accepted and published.
  1. Articles must be related to Blogger Tricks and Tips, Blogging Guides, Writing Tips , MMO , SEO tips , Affiliate Marketing , Hosting , Domain , Templates Tutorials ...
  2. Articles must be original. This means that you have to make sure this article never be posted on any websites, forums... and this also includes your own site.
  3. Article must be minimum 250 words per article
  4. Article must be written by you
  5. Affiliate link is not allow
How about advantage for guest posting ?

I will have some sentences to introduce your bio and your website. The bio will include links to the author's website and you can give me one keyword and the link for this keyword. So you can have 2 backlink in my blog with the keyword which you are building up. In addition, you can get more organic and quality traffic from my blog.

If you are interesting in writing for us

You can write article in any program like Notepad, Wordpad, MS Word ... Pls send email to including your own bio and the link you want to put in this article. Besides that, i can make sure with you one thing that i will never touch to your article , i mean i will let your article is original and i never fix anything from this.

That is all ! when i receive your email for any guest posting , i will response for you it will be accepted or not ? No worry ! It will be easy ! my friend .


Hey Ryan,

Your contact us link are not working. Fix it. I am Rajib from, and I am in your link exchage list. Recently I changed my blogspot blog to custom doamin. So, kindly change my link to new domain. I request you to follow the following:

Anchor: SEO ebook

Thank you very much.

Hi Rajib , can you fix my link be ?
I change your link right now. Nice to work with you, mate.

i'm really suprise about you, you can earn 2000$/month from google, in Vn that thing seem like so difficult

Great stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff before and your just too awesome. I love what you’ve got here, love what your saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. this is really a great blog.

This is a great privilege given to us by Ryan. Thanks for this :)

I m in interested in blog for your website really love the content you have here,

I always welcome anyone who interested in writing for us. Thanks

Your blog is really great and you have provided a great opportunity to all of us to submit a guest post. Looking forward to submit one soon.

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