Thursday, December 30, 2010

BlogPressSEO Plugin Is Merely Spam & Malware!

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This article was written by Dean Saliba who owner's I Need Discipline . I copied this article to let you know this situation of Blog Press SEO.

I received an email last month from a guy by the name of Saurabh Nagar. He was offering me a free WordPress SEO plugin that he claimed would help explode my blogs by creating loads of backlinks on other blogs for me, in return the other blogs would have links created on my blog.

Doesn’t that sound just like a link exchange program?

I may enjoy a bargain (or even better, a freebie) or two but I was not just going to install and run a free/paid plugin that was sent to me by email without first checking it out. If I was going to do that then I might as well send my bank account details to every email that comes into my junk folder requesting them.

I checked WordPress’ plugin section and found no mention of this free plugin, that was an alarm bell straight away to me as any free WordPress plugin worth it’s weight would be listed in there.

That is when I decided to type in the plugin name in Google.

The free plugin is called BlogPress SEO and within a few seconds of typing the name into Google I discovered that my initial doubts about this plugin were bang on the money.

First of all Google hates link exchanges like this( as the plugin boasts of clocking up hundreds of backlinks immediately), when they catch you (not ‘if’, but ‘when) they will remove you from their search engine which means no more traffic for you from them. I gain a hell of a lot of my traffic from them so it would kill my traffic and probably my blogs.

The second thing that was noticed was if you have a look in the files you will see this piece of code:

function email_send_fun()
$sub="BlogPressSeo new installation.";

If you do not know what this bit of code does then let me tell you.

it sends your blog URL and your admin email address to the author of this plugin. And this is done without your consent which I believe is illegal in many countries (ask anyone who knows a thing or two about subscriptions).

But that is not the scary part.

There is a back-door built into the plugin that allows the author of the plugin (or anyone who has access to to log into your admin panel WITHOUT YOUR PASSWORD. That means they just have to enter the admin email, the one they have just sent their selves.

You worried now? Well you should be!

They also drop a hidden link to their site on your blog home page. This just makes it easier for Google to find every blog using this plugin and ban you all in one big sweep.

Just to put the cherry on it they are offering a paid version of the plugin for a ludicrous $97.00 a month (no backlinks on your blog) and a multi-licence version for $597.00 per month for use on 100 of your blogs.

If you have installed this free plugin then I suggest you do the following:

1 Uninstall and delete the plugin.

2 Change the admin email if you can (the author of the plugin now already has it)

3 Go into your database and delete any tables left by the plugin (the plugin does not have an uninstall method).

Let us try and warn as many people about this as possible. Please retweet this on Twitter, like it on Facebook, or promote it in any way you know. I don’t want to see this Saurabh Nagar hurting any more blogs then he has already.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Some Issues You Should Pay Intention Before Entering To SEO

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SEO is always the most wanted topic with every webmasters or bloggers. You just try to search the keyword " Seo guide " with over 48 million results which showed you how tough of competition is it ? If you are working on marketing online or internet marking, you always know SEO is the hot topic and it is never out of date even there are many techniques already was so old and not working anymore.

I defenitely went around many webmaster forums and blogger tips and i saw many many articles about SEO tips but i really feel there are some important things was missed and spare a lot of issue which really dont need it. I realized one of important thing was missing which is sharing experience from the real life. All the tips i read was very general and it is a little bit similar. However , i always appreciate and respect for that sharing.

What will SEO bring for your website why everyone want to learn it ?
  1. Improve ranking of your keyword on search engine help people can see your website easily.
  2. Get more traffic for your website.
  3. Before click the link to your website, the visitors know which production your website is selling or what your business.
  4. Build your brand up, i think more and more people will remember your website and access it without search engine.
  5. Finally, SEO can help you sell more productions more than before your website does not appear on search engine.
If you expect this article will help you know more secrets about SEO tips, maybe i will make you upset because the simple tips is you should put your hand on any SEO processes and after any process you will get for yourself more lesson and get more experience. That is the secret.

Should SEO be a Coder ?

Absolutely yes. If you are a coder to start SEO , you will have more advantage with newbie.

I will let you know why ? You just think one simple thing like optimization URL , if you are a user of Wordpress or Joomla ... , it is so easy to tick on the box or you just need have a little knowledge about htaccess to do this but it will be not easy if you start with one site by dotnet url. How can you do that, if you do not have any knowledge about code that's mean you really lost one big advantage of SEO .

It is one of example to prove start SEO by coder is always better. However, if you are not a coder, you can work on SEO ? Yes, but it will be more difficult and take you more time.

You should know how to use basic tools

In my opinion, before we start to do something , we should know the basic of this first . So in this situation you should know how to use some basic tools clearly before start SEO. What is the basic tools ? You dont need to think far away or looking for some professional tools. Just sit down and think about all Google tools , and specially is Google Webmaster Tools which is properly never shared. Try to control it and you will see how will it work.

In addition, if you want to access the knowlegde of SEO or updating algorithm of Google, i would like to recommend is nowhere better than Google's blog:
Copying is Good or Bad ?

Learning good lessons from others and apply it for yourself is never bad. Personal experience when starting any SEO projects that is find the keyword out why there are many sites was located on the top of search engine with this keywords and analyze data correctly.
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Monday, December 20, 2010

How to Get Traffic For Your New Blog Immediately ?

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If you are a new blogger, you should know traffic is one of the most important parts of blogging. Maybe you can write very well and creat a lot of quality articles for your blog but if your blog does not have traffic, how can everyone visit and know your blog? Do you want to know how to get traffic for your blog right now? That is the next big challenge, right ? No worry, my friends. Now i give you some traffic strategies idea which can use right away to bring traffic for your blog now.

Here are 3 blog traffic strategies.

Strategy 1 : Invite prospects

I think this strategy is very simple and when you read this post, you also have a think like me, too. However, i am really wondering why many people not to do it? It is just easy like you talk to your friends and your family about your blog and ask them to visit it, i think they will not refuse your invitation and they will come to see how can you built it up. Therefore, when you do it on the internet, you can do it many different ways.

Here's a partial list of how to invite people to visit your blog:
  • Your Email List : Each time you creat a new post, send an email to announce the new post with the link back to your blog. I can be sure the member of your list community will love it and click the link to your blog because your list normally is your friend, your family.... and they will be surprising when they receive an email to invite them to read the new post on your blog.
  • Social Marketing : Use Twitter , Facebook , Youtube and others to invite your friends list even friends of your friends back to your blog. One important tip is using an interesting quote from your blog post and include the link to be able the read the rest.
  • Your email signature : in your email account, you set up a signature in your account with the link back to your blog. It will be better if you make you signature special or colourful because it can intent the reader click to the link of your blog. In addition, if you can join to any groups of community and your email is listed in their list email , it will bring you a lot of traffics when you send email to the group with the attractive signature under.

Here is my email account with the signature below

Strategy 2: Social Marketing Sidebar

You can include samples of your Social Marketing sites on the sidebar of your blog. This gets traffic going back and forth between your blog and your Social Marketing sites. This strategy also serves to make your blog a destination site in your niche as readers can come to your blog and then get to your other sites as well.

Strategy 3: Regular Feature

One the best way i know to get quick and consistent traffic to your blog is have a regular weekly features. It is a very important parts which i learned from one month blogging, it keep your visitors will come back to your blog and they will be interesting to always read new and useful information in your blog. You can have at least one article per week if you spend a lot of time for quality article, however i would like to suggest you should post two articles per week because it make your blog more consistent which always have new article to welcome your readers go back and read it. In addition, there is something about a regular feature that is attractive to a new prospect. I think it communicates stability and that you are going to be around for a long time. Finally, it is great for regular traffic as your readers begin to anticipate your regular feature on your blog.

That are all the strategies which i am working with my blog and it will definitely bring traffic to your blog immediately but the next step is depend on yourself that how can you keep them going back to your blog.

See ya guys and hope it will be useful with you

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Collection of Super Car Themes For Window 7 ( P2 )

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I am coming up to share more super car themes . Hope it will be interesting in you.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin is sports car maker's luxury UK. Like Porsche, Aston Martin style and design features easily identified when seen. Inevitably, Aston Martin is not small number of fans around the world .

If you are a fan of the company car from the UK this surely can not ignore the interface Aston Martin, with 42 high quality wallpaper, with black style and powerful sound engine.

Mercedes Benz

Referring to the leading car brands in the world, but no mention of Mercedes Benz, one of the oldest car company, it's a serious omission.
Mercedes Benz set of interfaces with over 40 high quality wallpapers of cars and leading ideas in the future of the Mercedes car.

Synthesis all of speed car themes

If you are a speed enthusiast, especially the action scenes, stunts ... collision of the cars on the track, then the interface of the following race car will suit you.
Themes with nice graphics for race cars from classic to modern, along the track and the collision phase ... appeared in more than 30 high quality wallpaper, automatically change every 30 minutes per time.


If you do not like the "driver" 4-wheel, but rather to the two-wheel motorcycle with a strong design, young and extremely masculine, then try the interface Ducati.
Ducati is one of the manufacturers leading motorcycle today, with the vehicle speed and power not inferior to the other 4-wheel supercar.
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 Best Accessories For iPad Users

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If you own a computer spreadsheet hottest iPad and now want to turn it becomes more attractive. With a few accessories, make sure iPad will become more splendid.

Here are 10 most useful accessory for users iPad.

1. Price supports skin barrier protection "3 levels" for the iPad

Price certainly supported by foldIO Case will protect your skin when you want iPad "sight" experience during operations on the machine, and create a more comfortable feel when using this device. Also, if you are putting on the price iPad Case foldIO first level - that is the position of the vertical steam, the machine can lower the level to 2 or 3 more convenient to manipulate and view to match.

foldIO Case is made with high quality foam padding, wall thickness to create a reliable protection for mobile iPad in the process. Although foldIO Case is designed to look like the usual anti-shock bag but it only protects the function and make it easy for you to look for more easily. The price of this product is 60 USD (about 1.2 million).

2. Octiv 450 - versatile speaker dock

450 is a speaker dock Octiv versatile model for the iPad. Multi-function products such as enhanced stereo sound quality for the iPad, it also doubles as charging the player during the iPad.

Users can rotate the iPad as many different angles to enjoy the content relevant to viewers. This speaker comes with a remote control with full special features. Products sold for $ 206 USD .

3. Twelve South Compass - set for legs

Twelve sets foot to South Compass will enable better and fixed machine and help you more comfortable when performing actions on the iPad. Product design can be folded neatly and easy to take with people, you can even put it in your pocket or pants.

Products can keep your iPad in two different positions, to see the film or type that will cause little difficulty at all. Product is priced at 57 USD .

4. Brenthaven - strap holder

Brenthaven strap holder is suitable for riders of cars move long distances. You can use the Brenthaven so wear your rear seat iPad in front of you and you can sit "enjoy" entertainment device.

This is a completely unique concept for those who enjoy watching movies on a long journey. Product is priced at 87 USD .

5. LE be.ez rush en Ville - three holes for iPad

LE be.ez rush en Ville backpack bag is specially designed to hold easily for the iPad. Products are only three colors: black, silver and mahogany mahogany Penitential. The bag is designed with a compartment reserved for iPad and a front pockets for holding things lightweight and small.

Product is priced at 62 USD .

6. Overboard - no fear of enclosed water and dirt

Shell is designed quite specifically for the iPad tablet, users can bring it down below 100 m deep sea bottom ...

Overboard is a function of allowing users iPad comfortable to carry down water, dirt and dust that you do not need to bother. Product is priced at 71 USD.

7. Incipio kickstand - especially for standing shell iPad

Incipio kickstand case is designed specifically for iPad looks very delicate, has the function of the machine, can handle just to stand. Products are made from high quality nylon yarn, knitting is very durable, suede lining inside to protect your soft better.

In addition, the Incipio kickstand also features a magnetic lock to open and close smoothly and easily using the buttons and links with other ports. Product is priced at 31 USD.

8. Apple Wireless keyboard - Wireless keyboard

Apple Wireless - wireless keyboard is designed to serve the equipment of the "Apple ". Equipment to be replaced compared to the traditional keyboard. Apple Wireless is connected via Bluetooth.

IPad users simply turn on the Bluetooth function and then use the Apple Wireless keyboard like a conventional wireless keyboard. Product is priced at 89 USD.

9. Just Mobile UpStand - foot luxury fashion

Just Mobile famous thanks to the accessory product is extremely modern design and sophistication. This number must be included in the base UpStand Just Mobile is designed with luxurious materials made all completed advanced aluminum alloy, combined with simple design, but subtle.

Product promises to deliver a powerful new experience for lovers iPad. Product is priced at 54 USD (about 1.1 million).

10. Flexible Mini Bluetooth Keyboard - Bluetooth Keyboard small

Small keyboard is connected via Bluetooth Flexible design of powerful, flexible and durable silicon material due to high quality components. In addition, the keyboard is easy to move, the keyboard has the ability to combat water and dust resistant so that users can easily clean it.

Currently, Flexible Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is being sold at the Brando online store for $ 48 USD.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Did I Make Money Online with Google Adsense From A To Z ( Part 1 )

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What is Google Adsense ?

I think almost of us knew Google Adsense but there are still a lot people who are looking for some programs to make money online. Google Adsense is one of the most popular "Pay Per Click" program at the moment and in my mind Google Adsense is always number 1 so that's why i have not tried any another programs. It is easier to understand like you put Google Adsense ads in your website and when someone click to this ads, you will earn money from this clicks.
How Did I Make Money Online with Google Adsense From A To Z ( Part 1 ), Make Money Online with Google Adsense, Blogging Make Money Online

" Is it really easy to make money with Google Adsense ? " . Yes , its defenitely yes. It is just simple like you creat an blog or website and sign up Google Adsense. After approving, you can put Google Adsense Ads to your blog and make money.However, if you want to go with Google Adsense, you have to have knowledge and spend your time to work hard with it. Today, i would like to share you all my story and all my experience with step by step from basic to difficult which i started to make money with Google Adsense.

How could i know Google Adsense ?

I went to make money online was very sudden. Everything was started from my sister who showed me some pictures with someone earned a lot of money from Google Adsense. However, i could not believe in her and i just thought all of this pictures just was photoshop and cheating to convince us involve in their business. Although i had been thought like this but all the pictures still was on my mind and i went to Google to search some information about Google Adsense. After few days, i read and found down some information about Google Adsense , it properly changed my mind that was i trusted in making money online with Google Adsense. I've start to go with Google Adsense on December 2009. It was too late with another publishers but it was still not too late for me to go.

This was one of pictures make me change my mind

I would like to share from A-Z which i did with Google Adsense

  1. First of all, if you want to make money online, you must have at least one blog or website to start. There are also some ways to make money without blog or website but it is much better than when you have one.If you are a newbie, you will cope with the first issue on setting up a new blog or website.It is the budget for hosting and domain name to start your business online. The budget for hosting and domain name is very cheap with just few bucks per month so you can try one of them to start. However, I started everything from blogspot which is a free blog service of Google so i just can show you how to do with blogspot. I will explain why i use free service from blogspot later.
  2. Before you creat a blog, you should choose the keywords and niche for your blog. It is very important because it is one of main thing to bring traffic to your blog/website. Firstly, you should choose one niche which you have knowledge on or at least you have to make sure you have enough content to update it regularly. It is also very important because the Adsense Ads appear on your blog which will relevant with your niche and it will decide how much you can earn per click.For example all my blogs are making money with Google Adsense that are Health Niche so Adsense Ads appear on my blog about Health and i earn from 0.5 - 1$ per click from visitors. You can go to this website Web Design and check which niche and keywords which will be suitable with your blog.
  3. Next step is choosing the keyword for your blog. Google External Keyword tool is a free and very effective tool to check the the keywords, so you can access to this website, creat an account to start check keywords for your blog. I recommend that you should choose the low competition keywords maybe it just can bring you 5-10 visitors/day but it will be better and quicker for your blog to have some traffics.
  4. Now you can go to the website and sign up to creat your own blog. You choose domain name relevant to your niche and your keywords which you research above. For example, you choose and Health Niche and keywords is " How to lose your weight ", so you can get this keyword to your domain name. It will like " ". Why you have to choose your domain name like your keywords because it will be good for your blog with the search engine and it can bring your blog on the top ranking of the search engine. I am not sure 100% it will be successful but it is one of the best tips to SEO for your blog.
  5. One important thing i want to recommend you that you should buy domain name for your blog from some service like GoDaddy, Active Domain, Domain.... It is very very cheap even cheaper than one cup of coffee or one MCdonald meal like GoDaddy which just about 1$ per domain dot info for one year and at the moment just $7.49 domain dot com for one year as well. Trust me ! You should spend few bucks for your business online but it will make your blog more professional and more friendly with the search engine. Now you can have one domain name for your blog like " ".
  6. Finally, you can start to post article for your blog. I think it is better for new blog is update your blog regularly like post 2 articles on 3 days or 1 article on 2 days.
All the steps for this article are just very basic, it is still nothing which can help you to make money online with Google Adsense but they are all the first step you have to start. Now i want to explain with you, why i just use free service blogspot. Because i dont have only one blog to make money with Google Adsense, i am having 10 blogs to run. So if i started my blog with Hosting service like 5$/month, i would pay 50$/month with nothing. It like when you invest something but you could not sure you can get it back or you will lose all of this. So that's the reason why i just use free service.

Now you can follow all the step again and creat for yourself more 9 blogs. How do you think about this? It may be simple and easy for you to do with only 1 blog but it will be harder 10 times when you do it with 10 blogs even more. Because if you want to make more money, you should have more blogs to go. So it will take your time and require you working very hard for your purposes. I still remembered when i started to make money with Google Adsense, i usually spent nearly 8-10 hours per day for all my blogs. I think it is not really tough, it is just like you are working full time on another job but it is better because you can work at home and do whatever you like. Now you are a boss of your business so you have to take care and run it as well as you can.

Here was my first payment from Google Adsense on December 2009

This article was already very long so I would like to stop there to take you break and avoid to make you scare and more complicated,i will keep going on next post. What will be next ?
  • Tips for signing up Google Adsense Account
  • How to get traffic to your blog
  • Basic SEO for blogspot
Be patient ! I can sure if you really want to do it seriously and spend your time on your blog, you will make money online with Google Adsense. See ya on next article. I will update it as soon as possible.
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5 Tips To Improve Your Writing Skill Quickly

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Blogging Tips, Tips To Improve Your Writing Skill , Blog Make Money, Affiliate Marketing Tips, After one month on blogging with blogtipsworld, i learned one very important thing in blogging is writing that can bring your name up on the blogger world and it can impress the visitors come back to your blog. Honestly, I do not have a lot of experience on blogging even my writing skills is not really good but i think it is improving day by day. The basic way can help your writing getting better is write more and more as you can. In addition, i will share you some tips which can help you to improve your writing quickly that i have learned from one month blogging.However , it does not mean you just follow it and it can not work for you after few hours.

Here are some tips :

1. Modeling

I think everybody know quality article is always all over the internet . There are many many bloggers who was successful with their blogging and their article was always shared and spreaded everywhere in the internet. So that bring me one question in my mind " Why i dont learn how to write like them? ". You can learn the sentences structure as the model article and use some sentences which you like from them to your article. Once you get into the rhythm, flow, and structure of good writing, it will come much easier to you. Now you find some articles from Rolling Stone , Salon or any reputation sources to learn how to write.

2. Get Rid of That

That maybe the most worthless word in the English languages. So before you hit the button to publish your article, you should go over your articles and eliminate it whenever you see.You'll find in most cases eliminating it will improve the flow of your writing.

3. Don't depend exclusively on spellcheckers

A spellchecker can't save you from using they're instead of their, or loose instead of lose. Usage mistakes are more damaging to your writing than typos or misspelled words. Take some time before submitting your article. Then read it looking for usage mistakes. If possible, have a friend read it before you publish. A pair of fresh eyes will catch things that you do not.

4. Write plainly

Never use the big words while the simple will do it better.I think this tip is very important with every new bloggers because they usually want to use the big words to show the readers how are they professional. However, it is really big mistakes because sometimes the readers can understand anything. Writing it plainly and simple will make you sentence more clearly and the readers can understand what you want to give for them.

5. Beware the comma

Experienced writers know that the comma was put on the earth to confuse both writers and readers. If you're in doubt as to whether or not you should use a comma, don't.

Following 5 simple tips can bring about a significant improvement in your writing.
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ipad is The Fastest Growning Keyword in Search Engine 2010

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Internet search giant Google has released the ranking of the fastest growing keyword on its search engine. Apple iPhone and iPad make up two positions in the list of keywords technology hottest

As announced by Google, the keyword "iPad", hit the computer table is "rain as the wind" on Apple's market stand in second place after Chatroulette, web chat create random movement of Russian .
In the list of keywords in the field of consumer electronics Google Zeitgeist 2010, behind the iPhone iPad is the 4th generation. The most popular keywords on this list in turn have Nokia 5530, HTC EVO 4G, Nokia N900, BlackBerry apps, Duracell Mygrid (wireless battery chargers Duracell's new rechargeable 4 simultaneous phone also as fast as when using normal charge for a computer), Otterbox (accessory manufacturers for smartphones) and PdaNet (one of the most popular software for smartphones, capable of turning the phone into wireless modem).

Chatroulette, the site allows users to chat with someone random top of Google. This service was interrupted briefly in the mid-year but probably only to return stronger than ever. Most search keywords are American men. The site is Andrey Ternovsky, a 17-year-old schoolboy living in Moscow created.
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Collection of Super Car Themes For Window 7 ( P1 )

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If you are a speed enthusiast, with the supercars, or admire the famous car brand ... decorate your Windows interface with the unique and beautiful here.


With speed and style for a powerful sports design, every product of the Lamborghini car company has always made "fever" and the admiration both inside and outside "the car game."

Collection of Super Car Themes For Window 7, Themes for Window 7, car themes for window

Download Here

Lamborghini set of interfaces for Windows 7 has 27 high definition wallpapers of Lamborghini products, along with icons and sound machines "roars" typical car will surely make your Windows more robust and more beautiful.

After download, unzip and activate themepack file to change interface for Windows 7.


Ferrari is one of the top car brand and is best known around the world. Not only because of its success in the Formula 1 race, but also because the car products with modern design, subtle but equally powerful.

Download Here

Ferrari set of interfaces for Windows 7 has more than 30 high quality wallpaper, with characteristic red Ferrari as well as start the engine sound powerful.


Prestige car brand is leading this effect, probably no need to introduce too much about the German car company, Porsche. With car-style design features and beautiful eyes, Porsche has always asserted his class in every product.

Download Here

Porsche set of interfaces with 40 high quality wallpaper with sound and symbol of the car featured Windows 7 will put on a "broken coat" noble but powerful Porsche.

Mini Copper

Names of car manufacturers seem to have associated with well-known comic characters and familiar, Mr Bean. After many generations, the product of the Mini Cooper has retained the look and style features compact design properly with the name "Mini" her.
If you want an interface with simple models, but no less sophisticated, with bright colors, they can use the Mini Cooper interface.
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How Important of Corporate Blog on Your Business ?

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Blogging Tips, Blog Make Money, Affiliate Marketing BlogWhen the term blog was born people were using internet to blog their online journals. They posted their views, shared their thoughts and jotted down their favorites. Slowing blogging as it is popularly known today evolved and today we have corporate blogs, personal blogs, marketing blogs etc. Every author, every motivator and every artist has a blog to make that personal connection with their customers or followers. So, what is the big difference between a website and a blog? Why should you have a blog?

Significance of a corporate blog

Websites are like an official business infrastructure where all the elements of a business is put together in a professional and more official manner. Whereas, blogs are like corporate get-togethers, where people socialize and talk business more casually and informally. Even big companies have their blogs to keep their customers and clients informed about their activities in a more casual, informal and lighter tone. The best employers are credited through blogs, client feedbacks, photos of special events; videos of their award winning ceremonies etc are showcased in their blogs to expose their corporate culture and business ethics.

Advantages of having a corporate blog:

· You get greater exposure to your company’s products and services as you can involve real people to blog their success stories or feedbacks

· Your employees will be motivated to contribute and to participate in blogs. They will be delighted to get recognized through the blogs and motivated to work even harder.

· Blogs also serve as search engine rankers by bringing up the website rating in search engines. More keywords and all kinds of media can be included in the blog which will affect the search engine rankings.

· Self promotion can be done through banners, widgets and ad blocks being placed in blogs

· The creditability of the company increases as people reading their blogs will get more informed about its structure

Blogging has evolved into being a great marketing tool in the hands of the right user these days. Creativity is what counts and some out of box thinking. Today we see an increase in blogging as more and more people and companies are realizing the significance of blogging. Major media giants and newspapers have their own blogs wherein they invite professionals from all fields to be their guest bloggers. The blog reading population has increased and hence they are all vying to catch the attention of these viewers who are the next gen customers who wants variety and new things to be said and done in a totally different manner.

If you can just open a google news page you will see how many blogs are listed in their tops news categories. People want to read these news columns through the eyes of different people who have different views on the one and the same news. So blogging can be a great success tool if used in the most appropriate manner. Corporate blogs are nowadays brand builders but in a most unofficial and cool manner. Blogs are mini newspapers which must have information, entertainment, humor, business and also some small talk. If you can blog this way then you are sure to succeed. But you must first decide the target audience and the goal for which you want a blog either for your company or personally. When you have this focus others simply fall in place. Happy blogging
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

SEO Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Website and Blog

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SEO Tips,Blogging Tips, Affiliate Marketing Blog, Blog Make MoneyAnyone who had been using the internet at one point must and should have used the search engine like google, yahoo, MSN etc. when we want to find a particular place, product or service we usually go to these websites write what we search for and click the search button. Thousands of results popup and out of that you will probably choose something which catches your attention or say within the first 10 search results. So what happens to the other results? Does this mean these other websites which sell similar product or provide same services are failures?

The search engines search the internet for the term or word used by you the user. Hence if you are searching for home tuition, there might be millions of search results, but on the other hand if you search for home tuition in Las vegas or home tuition for statistics in Vegas then a more specify result is projected after filtering other sites which are not in the Vegas area. Hence the user’s keyword used for search is a very important component for getting you website listed in the search engines.

If you run an online business and want to do search engine optimization then a very good keyword analysis is what is needed. Of course there are other SEO tactics like creating dynamic Meta tags and title tags etc but still unique topic specify content using the long tail keywords is what can get your website a better ranking in the search engines. You might wonder what long tail keywords are? If you just click home tuition it is just a keyword, but when you search for statistic home tuition in Vegas then this is long tail keyword. The results will have fewer competitors and hence you have a better chance of winning the ranking race and getting more hits.

Another important SEO tip to increase your traffic is through social networking websites. Try to be as creative and interactive as you can. The more you participate by following more people, answering in their forums and starting discussions in their groups the more visibility you get for the website as you will be leaving links or references to your service. You have to make your presence felt and give that personal touch by active participation only then can people take you seriously. Automatically generated messages, spamming and adding more friends or followers without any activity is useless. Create a fan page or company ad page, put up regular updates and invite people to start discussion and answer discussion and participate in their activities to get more exposure.

As far as SEO is concerned there is no definite set of rules that can be followed to attain a specify result. It is for the web master to executive different methods from time to time to see the result. SEO is ever changing and only through creative ideas and dynamic vision and internet skills can the best result be attained. You have to have the knowledge of how social network works, how keywords can be generated, how onsite and offsite SEO can be planned and strategized etc. SEO is very interesting as you can develop and create new methods and new areas to explore, execute and to succeed. SEO is very challenging too as you have to work all the time with a view to win over thousands of competitors.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Watery Desktop 3D - 3D Water Effect Background for Desktop

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Unlike other screen savers, Watery Desktop 3D allows you to use animated wallpapers for you to create a vivid sense not bored with your screen

Watery Desktop 3D, Hot 3D wallpapers

There are also a number of software that lets get animated GIFs as background images, but poor effects and photo gallery of your own to find, but with Watery Desktop 3D will give you a beautiful shimmering water effects and the cool as summer vacation trips are among the sunny beaches of Hawaii and the wind so beautiful!

In my eyes, it is the best creator of animated wallpapers and screen savers. You can test and evaluate it by clicking the link below:
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big Deal on X-mas Event with 70% OFF MaxBlogPress

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Since Christmas is knocking on out-doors, perhaps some of you are waiting for Christmas gift in advance.

Am I right? :-)

Just recently, I heard this news and couldn't resist to share this with you guys.

This is probably the best Christmas gift that I am going to get this year.

And I'm sure you are going to love it too when you hear about it.

I will tell you in a minute what this is all about, but first of all....

- This is not something that you can find all the time.

- This is the one time deal and you won't be seeing this deal EVER again.

- This deal will be only available from 7th Dec - 14th Dec midnight (EST).

- This deal is the package of well known blogging/internet marketing products.

Now.. lets get down to what I'm talking about:

I'm talking about not other than X-mas Event. Yup, you heard it right.

MaxBlogPress is holding the X-mas event on 7th December and it's the insane event EVER of 2010.

What's so special about this event?

In the spirit of this holiday seaosn, they are bundling 5 of their best selling products - just for 8 days.

The best thing I like about this event is that - if I'd to buy these 5 products individually I'd expect to pay a minimum $475.
00 but now I can literally snatch 5 of their best selling products[Worth $475] for $137 only.

Yup..Only $137 for their kick-off products worth $475.

Click here for more information

This is totally awesome :-)

Grab it now ! You will never see it again.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Blogging - A Novice's Pedestal to Fame

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Blogging Tips, Blog Make Money, Affiliate Marketing BlogIn the year 1997, Websites were revolutionized by a concept called ‘weblog’ which was essentially a log of conversations made by more than one person in response to a write – up on a website. The website is a personal diary of sorts with trivia from the individual’s life, replete with photographs and artwork by the contributor. Blogs are a perfect way for a novice writer to begin his journey into the world of writing articles and journals or even air his opinions on another blog. Blogs have ever since dominated the world of free speech and taken it to a different level. It is often accused of spreading malicious gossip about issues be it personal or political, they are no doubt becoming a force to reckon with.

Blogging can be of different types and has even evolved into micro-blogging for those who believe in being people of few words. While blogging gives the writer the freedom of expression of thought in as many words as he can think of, micro blogging is more a advanced system of threading conversations on a common blog and posting comments on it. Content posted on a blog can be protected by copyright if one chooses to. There are some blog sites which even encourage writers to write up stories for competitions organized by them which are copyrighted by the blog sites. The other information on the blog is that of the time and date that it has been published on the blog.

Blog writing can be an incredible journey into creative writing with blog sites such as Word Press,, etc. Blog awards are awarded by these blog sites to writers which get featured by them thus encouraging a host of new writers to write and publish work. Writing, which was considered a forte of a few English literature graduates or Journalism degree holders is now becoming a launch pad for many a dream weaver. Blogs are not just personal, they can be official or organizational blogs, there can be blogs on different genres like photographs, fashion,legal advisory blogs, Hindustani classical music blogs, e-learning blogs ,art and travel logs, the list is perennial. Then there are other kinds of blogging which involve usage of multimedia such as MP3s, radio blogs, Phlogs, sketchlogs, tumblelogs etc. which enhance the commentary or the descriptions more aesthetically and with more impact.

The political impact that micro blogging sites like Twitter and Facebook have created has had the power to swerve political preferences. The indelible impression that the power of the written word has had on the minds of millions of readers has had in the past ruined reputations of formidable institutions and organizations and has disrupted the schemes of many a politicians. It has helped in creating political crisis by exercising the right of information to the masses. Blogging has therefore empowered the common man who is not at the mercy of insensitive statesmen and politicians.

The future of blogging in the blogosphere has endless possibilities. With blogs being interlinked and networked by link backs and blog rolls major search engines like Technorati are developing systems where in blogs may be sub-divided into tags which can appear while searching for information. According to the Wharton Business School, the future of blogging will include video and messaging making it more interactive.

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How to Use Facetime Feature of iPhone 4 on 3G

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FaceTime is one of the phone features with great picture of the iPhone 4, it help you make video calls to friends and family. There it is on the 3G network, FaceTime's iPhone 4 can not work if no active area Wi-Fi, so that the iPhone becomes too redundant features. However, if you have carried out four iPhone jailbreak your device, then make a call with the features of Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime has become very normally.

Note: The jailbreak iPhone 4 will not get Apple's warranty policy, so if you have to worry about warranty issues, you should stay away from the implementation of the jailbreak, which means you will not get online features FaceTime 3G as in the article.

To do this, the first thing is to use Cydia to your iPhone for access to four applications My3G allowed to make calls with the 3G network without requiring Wi-Fi connection. So you do not need to find areas with Wi-Fi to use the FaceTime to call there. The following article will guide you on the phone My3G use your iPhone 4.


- The first step is to boot from Cydia iPhone Sections 4 and click on the tab at the bottom of the screen to work.

Here you find the Branch Systems and click on it to open a list of Cydia package system, perform a search to My3G application and click on it to open this place.

In the settings you will see My3G appear at the top right corner of the screen is the Install option, use a finger instead of tapping into it. This time, a request confirmation of your actions show, you touch the Confirm button to begin installing the application.

When the installation of My3G is complete you will get the display to Complete content. At this time, just click the Reload button at the bottom of the screen Springboard to complete the installation on the iPhone My3G 4.

Running My3G

After completing the installation My3G, the screen will refresh and you will see a new icon appears My3G.

To run My3G My3G click the icon on the screen. This time, require users to sign in with your user account RockID out. If not click on the Create New RockID, while clicking on the Sign In button to log into the application.

The process of creating a new account RockID cool a few minutes, you need to do is to enter a user name, email address and password into the appropriate boxes and you RockID Create New button.

If you have My3G can log in, you will notice that the software will expire in 9 days (My3G trade price is around 4 USD). However, you can use the full functionality of this application even if you are in the trial My3G.

To make calls over 3G FaceTime look for contacts and select who you are also using FaceTime. Once selected, the person making the call, simply click the button to start using FaceTime calls on 3G networks.

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White iPhone 4 Will Be Launched in the Spring of 2011

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The staff at Apple's retail stores has revealed an internal document confirmed plans to launch four white iPhone model in the spring of 2011 as Apple promised.

Blame for the difficulties encountered in the manufacturing process, Apple has repeatedly delayed the introduction of a white version of the iPhone 4. It made many phone models predict that this debate will never be Apple for "shelves" anymore.

"White version of the iPhone 4 faced more challenges in its manufacturing process than expected, so they will not appear until late in July. The iPhone sold out of 4 black models are not affected, "Apple said in a statement coming on 23 / 6.

The delayed launch four white iPhone model not one but up to three times as Apple continues to release new products, including Mac OS X Lion OS version of its new computers.

While four white iPhone has not been released, the rumors about the iPhone the next generation 5 has started causing "fever" on the website, the technology forum. Many said that sales of new white iPhone model will result in less negative impact on iPhone 5.

However, according to an internal document that Apple employees, Apple has provided are "anxious" made his promise on the introduction of the white version of the iPhone 4.

4 white iPhone likely will be sold in a way that black iPhone distribution model - together with a 2 year contract with AT & T.
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Monthly Income and Traffic Report for November 2010

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Blog Make Money, Affiliate Marketing Blog, Blogging Make Money, Make Money with Affiliate Marketing,Make Money with google adsenseHello everybody !
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Before i started my blog, i went around the world of bloggers and the speacial thing which i usually see is they always have a report for their income in last every month. So that's why i decided to share my income with you ! My friend.
When i was writting that article, there are some things make my mind really confusing like " why i have to show it off?; what people will think about me?; Is it real or fake ? ". Many many questions was appeared in my mind but i thought it is a good time and just a something of my happiness that i want to share with and can make you more trusted on the money making online method.
After this post, i will have every single report for my earnings in last every month and also want to let my guest blog know how developing is my blog going on?

Who am I?

This is my first reporting for my earning so i would like to introduce a little about myself. My name is Ryan form Australia and my full-time job is bakery ( 6-8 hours/day ) so time i've spent for my blogtipsworld is not a lot just like 1-2 hours per day sometimes i could not even touch to my computer .This is my life, i can not quit my job but i will try my best to update my blog regularly. To be honest, i am just a new and amatuer blogger so you can feel my sentence or my grammar is not really good and impressive sometime it can be complicated for you to understand.However, now i think i am really improving myself, my writing skill and learn more knowledge from blog atmostphere. Specially, i am going to have some good friends on blogger world and they are absolutely beautiful.I will try to keep our relationship is better and better. Anyway, i also would like to make friend with anyone.

Monthly Income Report for November:

I was starting on making money online from one year ago on December 2009, i was unemployer on this time. I just was focusing on make money with Google Adsense which is the number one of " Pay per Click " Program. I worked really hard and spent a lot of time to find it out. After 3 months, i could earn $300 per month from Google Adsense and at the moment my earnings is increasing around $1000-$1500 per month. So my main income now still almost from Google Adsense

Google Adsense : $1228

Another way, i am just a newbie in affiliate marketing. Honestly, i just was beginning in affiliate marketing on two weeks when i created blogtipsworld. However, i really believe in making money in affiliate program because i properly read a lot of people who can earn a lot a lot of money, it even help them to be a milionair. I strongly belive in this areas so that's why now i am starting to learn and sharing what i know to you. Luckily, i absolutely earned a litle bit of money from Commission Junction.

GoDaddy: $6.19
HostGator : $0.00
My Hosting: $0.00
Super Green Hosting: $0.00
Blue Host: $0.00

It is just $6.19 but it is absolutely awesome and really made me happy because i just started my blog on two weeks and i could not expect i cann't earn any cents after 3 months.

Total: $1234.64

Traffic Reports For The Month - November:

My blogtipworld was created for two weeks so its traffic is still very low now. It just has 10-20 visitors per day. The traffic is almost from Google ( 8-15 visitors per day ) and some traffic from where i left my comments. Besides that, i also want to thank my blogger friend who have visited my blog regularly and gave me very nice and useful comments. Thanks you ! Guys

I will update my traffic more clearly and more specific next month if my blog have a lot of traffics ( just hope it )

How do you think about my post ? Plz give me some advices and it is better if you can give suggest to increase my earning with affiliate program.

Finally, i recommend some post which i shared tips for making money with Google Adsense. It is just a new blog so i dont have a lot of article but i will share all my knowledge to help you can make money like me even more.

Make Money Online with Free Webhosting and Free Domain

10 ways to make money with Google Adsense without blog/website
3 Ways To Make Money Online With Your Blog

Thanks ! See ya soon . Guys
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How can you optimize keyword for your website?

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How can you optimize keyword for your website,keyword for your website, blog tips for keywords,blog make moneyDo not optimize a single web page for more than one or two keyphrases. It is much better if one web page is highly relevant to one keyphrase than somewhat relevant to many keyphrases.

Here are some tips:

  • Optimize different pages of your website for different keyphrases. The more pages of your website you optimize, the better.

  • Start with very targeted keyphrases that consists of many words, for example "find inexpensive hotels in brussels".

  • When you have top rankings for these targeted keyphrases, proceed with more general keywords such as "hotels in brussels".

  • When you have top rankings for these keyphrases, you can proceed with very general keywords such as "hotels".

In general, targeted keywords have a much higher conversion rate than general keywords, i.e. you will get more sales with "find inexpensive hotels in brussels" than with "hotels".

Hope it will be useful for you !
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Download Ocean Life Wallpapers Collection 1.0 for PC

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If you are the love nature, especially the ocean creatures with colorful wallpaper is the theme of "ocean" will help your desktop into a miniature ocean .

Deep ocean, but also contain many interesting and colorful. Ministry of wallpapers with the theme "Ocean Life" will give your desktop a new space, colorful creatures of the ocean floor.

In case you are interested in the ornamental fish species, the desktop wallpaper will turn into a unique aquarium.

Download the full set with full wallpaper size here.

The images in the background:

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