Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Can Make Money Online Without Even Trying ?

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With everything done online nowadays, making money on the internet is something that practically anyone can do. It is the ultimate job since you can work from home, a restaurant, anywhere and anytime! It allows you to be more flexible in balancing a healthy and family-oriented lifestyle. Here are several ways you can do it:


If you are an aspiring writer, professional journalist, or just like to blog, you can actually make money off of it by simply acquiring ads. First of all your ideas need to be brilliant and interesting enough for readers to keep coming back to you. Once you’ve acquired this fan base of regular visitors you’ll then be able to attract advertisers and business owners.

From there you can easily get advertisers to put their ads on your blog so that your visitors can view the web ads. You might start out with a limited payment from advertisers but as you get more visitors reading your blog, you can then ask for a bigger payment or look for bigger brand names to be on your site.


Products and services are found all over the web and making an e-business or an online store can be a great venue for you to sell things. No matter what your product or service is there is always someone out there looking for you. And the best part is you just have to set up your website that allows e-purchases and that’s it! Aside from some maintenance and communication with the buyer, making a profit from an e-business is easy as pie.


There are certain websites that allow freelance artists, writers, web designers consultants, etc. to offer their services per project or on contract basis. Some of these are Fiverr, Freelancer, and Odesk. These are venues where buyers can ask a freelancer for a particular task and once the service is rendered, the payment is transacted over Paypal or Xoom.


Some websites actually offer payment for you to be a part of a survey. Although some can be a bit suspicious, you’ll have to look through to which one is legitimate because they do offer great rewards just for you to answering questions and giving opinions. People have sworn by it saying that they earn a lot more by taking part of surveys so it is surely something to check out as well.

All in all, there are many possible outlets for you to take advantage of, no matter what your profession. Making money online is just a matter of exploring the possibilities and asking the right people for resources.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

20% of Facebook users are exposed to malicious software

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BitDefender recently launched a Facebook application, Safego, can scan links are sent to the personal information of the user. It also automatically check your privacy settings and determine what personal information is displayed publicly to anyone.

So far, BitDefender has found that on average one in five Facebook users have some sort of malware in the source of their information. "Since the start (nearly a month ago), BitDefender safego 17 million scanned article on Facebook and it has discovered the" infection "the source of about 20% of users."

blog tips, blog make money, affiliate marketing,facebook software

BitDefender decided Safego analysis of data, including the section on sources is seen by 14,000 Facebook users have installed applications. It's hard to say exactly the number 20 percent.

On the one hand, those who install the application can be added security features. Meanwhile, many people are worried that they actually have been infected or not and want to verify their suspicions. Therefore, this number really is not clear, many mixed opinions that this figure may be lower or higher than actual, with a popularity of Facebook users is around 500 million.

"The research shows that over 60 percent of attacks came from the notice of the application is provided by third parties (third - party) on the Facebook development platform," according to CNET. "In particular, the most famous group of" attack application "(21.5% of all malicious software) have made a function that Facebook often banned, like seeing who has viewed stalk Your personal information and those who are not friendly to you.

15.4% to attract users with a bonus game for Facebook, such as free items in Farmville. 11.2% bonus offer (virtual money) for the Facebook features, like free wallpapers and selected items "dislike." 7.1% promised new versions of popular games like World of Warcraft. 5.4% claim for free mobile phone, and 1.3% required to provide a way to watch movies online for free. "

Thus, with the continued popularity of Facebook, it will be used as an infectious agent spread attack security system increasingly more and more frequently. Social networking companies need to improve his game to protect users.

Moreover, Facebook also plans for an E-mail address of their own, a mailbox Socialist. And with the popularity of it, users will be more tired with the malware spreads through social networks of their personal.
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Download and Instant iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad

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IOS Version 4.2 focuses a lot of features for tablet computers, such as Game Center iPad , directory applications, mail applications improvements, iAds ... In addition, IOS 4.2 will also support 3G iPhone users experience the new features more perfect fix some problems when using the iPod Touch running IOS 4.
Download IOS 4.2 for Iphone, Install iOs 4.2 for Ipad, Blogging tips, blog make money, affiliate marketing blog
iOS on Ipad

To install and upgrade to IOS 4.2, you should perform the following steps:

1. For original equipment, not jailbreak

- Download iTunes on your computer (for Windows or Mac), install and connect the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch to your computer.
- Activate the newly installed iTunes, select your device in the Devices - Source List in the left frame. Right-click the device and select "back up" to back up before performing the upgrade.
- ITunes will detect the new IOS version for your device or you can click on "Check for Update." When you find the new version, iTunes will inform you to download. Click "Download and Install" to download and install the IOS 4.2.
- During the implementation phase iTunes IOS upgrade, you can not disconnect the device with your computer. Update is complete, the device will reboot and display interface IOS 4.2.

Download IOS 4.2 for Iphone, Install iOs 4.2 for Ipad, Blogging tips, blog make money, affiliate marketing blog

2. To unlock the device operating system (jailbreak)

On the advice of the group provides jailbreak tools, equipment or iPad has jailbreak iPhone OS, it is necessary to wait until Cydia, and PwnageTool redsn0w have new updates and then proceed to upgrade to IOS 4.2.
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How to Set Text Tones On iOS 4.2

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If with the previous version of iOS, Apple doesn’t allow to you to change the tones of text message, then you can able to do now with the iOS 4.2. But how ?

iOS 42 text tone1 How to Set Text Tones On iOS 4.2

You can doing following our these steps:

  • Pull up a contact.
  • Select “edit” and then scroll down the screen until you get to the “text tone” field (it is below the ringtone field).
  • Just tap to pull a list of available sounds, and select one that you like.

However, if you are purchase iTunes ringtones, just know that you can’t set these as your text tones.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Most Common Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing

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If you are planning to launch an affiliate marketing effort to earn extra money online, you have to be keen on recommended affiliate marketing tips that can lead you to the right way instead of committing common mistakes that marketers usually do. In doing so, you must focus your attention in affiliate tips that can give you the kind of affiliate tools that you need in affiliate blogging.


Dedication to work is necessary in following these affiliate tips and utilizing the effects of affiliate tools. When you’re on the forefront of your affiliate blogging effort, it’s sometimes usual to commit mistakes like others do especially if you’re a newbie in the field. Some common mistakes in affiliate marketing include launching of the activity without corresponding preparation, improper planning, and negligence to obtain others’ advice or opinion concerning the task.

Your effort on affiliate blogging will likely fail if you do not focus on your activity or you become overwhelmed in using the appropriate affiliate tools. You can be saved from these affiliate blogging mistakes by following the appropriate affiliate marketing tips that are provided in several websites. Focus your attention on promoting 2 or more affiliate programs at the same time.

Another mistake that people commit is choosing the wrong product just because it’s the current trend. Keep in mind that as one of the reliable affiliate tips in utilizing affiliate tools, you could promote a certain product more efficiently if you believe in it yourself. This is one of the affiliate marketing tips that bring affiliate marketers to the limelight of success.

As effective affiliate marketing tips emphasize, if you become careless in coming up with copied contents, reviews and opinions in your website, chances are, you’re not following the correct affiliate tips and therefore, you have the tendency to commit blunders in your affiliate tools.

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The Significance of Web Marketing in Today’s Virtual World

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The Significance of Web Marketing in Today’s Virtual World, Blog make money, Blogging make money online, Affiliate Marketing blog“Marketing is the management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably.”

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Every Business’s success depends on its aggressive marketing strategies. In order to sell a product to the customer the company needs to expose its products and services among the potential customers. The methodology followed to first identify the customer and satisfying his requirement is the basic role of the Marketing team of any company. This is the age of the internet and almost all big and small companies have come to feel the significance of having the web or virtual presence through dynamic websites, which showcase the attributes, goals, vision and mission of the company in detail. Web Marketing is thus the marketing strategy followed by companies virtually using the internet media to target customers from all over.

Today any business can become global with a click of a mouse. Someone in India is teaching an American student and a vendor from Russia can sell his goods to remote South African nation with ease. All this is possible only through the internet. The results of such web marketing techniques are seen instantly by way of immediate responses and quick digital output of the customer data. Web marketing depends on five major factors such as design, development, sales and advertising. The platforms used to market online include web 2.0, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and SEO etc. One needs to be very careful about organizing, managing and execution of marketing strategies online.

I came across an online tutor site which was doing aggressive SEO in spite of the fact the website through which the customers contacted the tutor wasn’t fully ready. The website was getting traffic but the customers found nothing notable or significant. Therefore it is very important to have complete data in hand before releasing the web marketing strategies.

Points to ponder

  • A dynamic website, check for any broken links and be sure you can provide a user friendly platform which they will explore before wanting your service
  • Before sending mailers make sure your mails do not reach the spam box of the customer. He might not even know that you had mailed
  • Web Banners must be placed in high ranking and relevant websites or blogs. Keep in mind the target audience and plan the web marketing strategy. If you are marketing teen fashion accessories then find related sites which receive a lot of teenage crowd. Instead if you place your banner in a business website then the mission is a total failure
  • Wise out of box ideas are good in getting the attention of the online users. People notice if you have something different. So think of other ways by exploring new ways and means to target the customers. Recently someone wanted to clone a service website just because it was making money. The latter didn’t gain a penny as it was just another website and not the ONLY website. First is always the best as it has already created an impression in people’s minds. One Facebook is fun, you will lose if you want people to buy your Facebook too.
So web marketing isn’t about a set rules or norms to be followed. Each business and every website must follow their own unique marketing plan if they want to succeed. But basically the definition of any marketing strategy remains the same, as it “identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably”.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday 2010 Coupon Codes

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On last post, i promised to update the coupons and promote link special discount of domain and hosting vendors on Black Friday for someone who want to save money on shopping online. Now is the big chance for you to own the quality productions with the discount up to 80%. To save a big cash, you must use the promote links and discount codes which have never shown on vendor's Homepage.

Are you ready for this event yet? Grab it now !!! Dont miss out this opportunity to own best production with the lowest price.

Here are some coupon code for Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2010 :

Hostgator: Get 80% off sale with no limited term

This Friday Hostgator will be offering our best DEAL in 8+ years of hosting! This special promotion will only be available on Black Friday time Nov. 26. You can save up to 80% off regular price and you can get this biggest-ever discount. Don’y miss out this opportunity.

Value: 50% – 80%
Start date: Nov. 26 (GMT-6)
Expiry date: Nov. 26 (GMT-6)

hostgator blackfriday 500x364 Black Friday 2010 Coupon Codes [Updated]

This promotion gives you award winning hosting for as little as:

  1. Shared Hosting – $4.95/month AS LOW AS $0.99/month
  2. Reseller Hosting – $24.95/month AS LOW AS $4.99/month
  3. VPS Hosting – $19.95/month AS LOW AS $3.99 First Month
  4. Dedicated Servers – $174/month AS LOW AS $34.80 First Month

Here are details of HostGator Black Friday rules:

  • 50% OFF EVERYTHING From 12:00AM CST – 5AM CST
  • 80% OFF EVERYTHING From 5AM – 9AM CST WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (first come, first receive; so definitely don’t miss out!)
  • 9AM – 11:59PM CST OR after 80% OFF accounts have sold out, we will continue to offer 50% OFF EVERYTHING

This applies to ALL Accounts and ALL Term Lengths. So you and your friends will have the opportunity to receive up to 80% off of up to 3 years worth of Hosting! That would come out to $35.64 for 3 FULL YEARS!

MyHosting : 25% off any annual VPS purchase

To celebrate Thanksgiving Days and Black Friday , here at myhosting.com, we are happy to announce great holiday savings and discounts!

Coupon: black

Start date: Nov. 26 (GMT-6)

Expiry date: Nov. 26 (GMT-6)

Here is the detail of myhosting discount:

1. 25% off any annual VPS Purchase
2.10% off any monthly VPS Purchase

GoDaddy: Domain.com just 5$/first year

Coupon: cjcBLACK10
Value: $5/first year for .COM
Start date: Nov. 26
Expiry date: Nov. 29

I am still waiting for update coupon of some big supplier hosting like Blue Host and Dream Host... So you should visit this post regularly to get new coupon. Thanks.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Download 10 Cool Themes For Window 7

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This post would like to introduces to you 10 very new themes for Windows 7 users that Microsoft released not long ago.

1. Choobies
Download: Choobies.themepack .After downloaded, you activate the file *. themepack to change the Windows interface.
2. Daydream
Cool themes for windows 7,Pc Tips, Download hot Themes
Download here: Daydream.themepack
3. LotsBears
Cool themes for windows 7,Pc Tips, Download hot Themes
Download here: LOTSBEARS.themepack
4. Nicole Doll
Cool themes for windows 7,Pc Tips, Download hot Themes
5. Girls Rock!
Cool themes for windows 7,Pc Tips, Download hot Themes
Download here: GirlsRock.themepack
6. Gears of War 3
Cool themes for windows 7,Pc Tips, Download hot Themes
Download here: Gears3.themepack
7. An Pu Hsin Tzu
Cool themes for windows 7,Pc Tips, Download hot Themes
Download here: AnHsinPuTzu.themepack
8. Bakehouse
Cool themes for windows 7,Pc Tips, Download hot Themes
Download here:BakeHouse.themepack
9. Imagination
Cool themes for windows 7,Pc Tips, Download hot Themes
Download here: Imagination.themepack
10. 26Creative
Cool themes for windows 7,Pc Tips, Download hot Themes
Download here: Creative.themepack
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How To Fix 10 Popular Mistakes of iPhone ?

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Below is a list of 10 most popular mistake for Apple iPhone users with solutions that PC World magazine has just launched.

1. Can not Turn Off

If during use, but can not turn off your iPhone, you can force it by turning off restart by pressing and holding the Sleep / Wake (thin rectangular button on the right side of the phone). Hold until you see the slider "slide to power off" appears, then convert it to disabled state. Once the phone is off, you can hold the Sleep / Wake button to start it again.

If restarting the iPhone but not work, try a reset by pressing and holding the Home button 2 (radio button in front of the iPhone) and the Sleep / Wake at the same time, keep them until the option "Slide to power off "appears. Leave you like until you see the silver Apple logo appears, your phone will start to turn it off.

2. Can not Turn On

If the iPhone does not let on, make sure the batteries in the remains. Connect iPhone to the charger, wait a while and start it again to see how. If the phone screen display as shown below, it shows that your iPhone is taking charge.

Note that if your iPhone is only a very low power, this screen may take several minutes to appear. If the red battery image flash three times and then black screen again, which means that the battery can not charge anymore. If so, please continue to read the solutions below.

3. iPhone can not charge

If you can not charge the iPhone, connect it to your computer via USB and determine whether it can charge via USB or not. Remember not to use the USB port on your keyboard or screen, always use the USB port on your computer because they provide more energy to work.

If successful but the rechargeable battery used quickly as you try to carry the iTunes software to test recent versions of IOS, know where the software update can fix a variety of issues.

If the update is not possible, try to adjust some settings on your iPhone to save battery power. Turn off bluetooth, set your phone to check email less than terminating the search as well as Wi-Fi to conserve battery operated longer.

Sometimes updates may make your iPhone more battery life greater error, so if this is the case, please restore the iPhone through iTunes. During the recovery process you will have two options: restore from a backup or reset as a new iPhone. To completely eliminate the problem, choose the setting as the setting for a new iPhone is not restoring to any problems relating to its setting. Be sure to synchronize your phone with iTunes before you proceed to restore it to not lose any music files, movies or applications on your device.

If restoring the iPhone still does not solve the problem, you may need to bring your phone to the Apple store for repair, but make sure data is backed up first. Especially when you get new iPhone, if your product is still in warranty period. But if the iPhone is no longer under warranty, you have to spend a certain fee to fix the error. You can also buy a replacement battery from a 3rd party but remember to be careful because it may affect your system, then Apple will refuse to repair the phone for you in the future.

4. Unable to connect to the Internet

If the iPhone can not connect to the Internet through mobile data network, try reinstalling the device. 2 Press and hold the Home button and Sleep / Wake at the same time until the "slide to power off" appears, let it disappear would see the silver Apple logo, your phone will be shut down and restart again.

If you still can not solve this problem, try reinstalling the network settings of the iPhone by: go to Settings> General> Reset and choose Reset Network Settings. Note that you may need to enter password of any network that you have stored in your phone, may not be accurate so you should contact the provider to make the settings most accurate.

5. Can not connect to Wi-Fi

If the iPhone is connecting to the mobile data network, but can not connect with any Wi-Fi network, try reinstalling the device and network settings as described above. You can also try connecting to iTunes and iPhone software update or restore your phone.

If the iPhone is having problems connecting to a Wi-Fi specifically, try to force the phone device can forget a particular network by going to Settings> Wi-Fi, point to the arrow next to and the network name on the next screen appears, select Forget this Network

Then proceed to reset the phone, searching the Internet again to add it to the list. When that appears, enter the password Wi-Fi certification on the right and set up a wireless router if necessary.

Some errors also due to the iPhone's Bluetooth capabilities can damage the Wi-Fi radio, so turn off Bluetooth to see if there is any problem occurred? If nothing else works, you may need to bring the iPhone to the Apple store to fix this problem, maybe Wi-Fi antenna failure.

Continue with the treatment of common problems with the iPhone, this article shows how to handle common problems of the five left for you to read reference.

6. Camera not working

Common problem for iPhone users 4, there are problems with both front and rear camera of this phone.

Apple has provided a few suggestions to solve this problem: First, firms that have some limited set of users, we can see these restrictions by going to: Settings> General> Restrictions. Then make sure that the Allow option is set in the camera steady state. You can also click Disable Restrictions.

In addition, Apple also said that you turn off the phone, if not try installing again (hold down Home and Sleep / Wake until you see the silver Apple logo and then let the phone reboot). The other fixes recommended including IOS software update and restore the iPhone through iTunes. If the former two, please remember that the option of setting up as an iPhone device 4 so as not to restore much hassle (note synchronize data to back up first).

If not you may have to shop for repair Apple iPhone, most successfully overcome this problem.

7. Home button does not work

IPhone's Home button is a very important button to launch or re-install the device to handle multiple problems with the iPhone. But if the Home button does not work, why? Two schemes that IOS software update or restore the iPhone through iTunes. If you restore, select the option to set the iPhone as a new iPhone. Fixes can solve the software glitch can cause problems, but problems with the Home button can also be caused by hardware inside.

If no doubt that the hardware is the culprit, your phone is covered, go to the Apple store, where they can help you determine the cause of the problem. But they are not always willing to fix this.

If you are a real expert, can proceed to disassemble your iPhone and install a new Home button, then you may need a new connection on the Home button. You can find people selling buttons and cables online, but doing this means you have disassembled the iPhone, opening it may affect the warranty. But an iPhone without the Home button as there is no iPhone, so you should consider carefully.

8. Standing screen.

If the iPhone's touch screen can not meet the work, turn on your phone and set it back. If not resolved, the new IOS update in iTunes and then try to restore the phone back in the iPhone, select the course you need to restore back to form as a new iPhone (note the rules of sync data).

If the screen still does not work, the problem may be caused by hardware, not software for the iPhone 4. Now let's remove the iPhone and check the connections inside. You can find solutions through online forums, but it certainly will affect Apple's support policy. If the product is still in warranty, the better to take it to the Apple store instead.

If the connection is not the cause, may have damaged the screen. You can order a new iPhone screen and replace the guidance of the site as iFixit.com.

9. IPhone screen cracking

Cracked screen is the most popular for iPhone 4, now you can take to repair shop thanks to Apple. In some cases they can fix the screen while you wait, depending on the cause of damage that you can get warranty service policy. Remember that most cases you will pay for repairs.

In addition, you can proceed to repair the main screen of the iPhone if you dare by searching the iPhone screen replaced, you will find many options for you.

10. 3G/3GS iPhone having problems with IOS 4

For iPhone 3G/3GS updated IOS to version 4, most computer problems will slow down and reboot frequently randomly along a series of other problems.

So, what you can do is to update to the latest IOS version. IOS Version 4.2 is expected to be released this week for its ability to speed up the old iPhone. If the update does not do it, can try the following correction:

To speed up the performance of the iPhone 4, please disable the search feature Wi-Fi (if you live in areas not covered) by going to Settings> General. Here press the Home button, select Search and conducting Spotlight disable the options by pressing the button. Done exit the Settings menu.

Another option lets you restore your iPhone in iTunes. Be sure to set your phone back to the new state.

If still not, you may be forced to downgrade to older versions of IOS, this means the loss of many more new features. Lifehacker and iPhoneHacks.com page offers instructions to downgrade the operating system, but remember that it can do harm to your iPhone.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Friday 2010 - Are You Ready For Big Discount Event ?

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Black Friday 2010,Blogging TipsEvery year, every bloggers are very excited in waiting for the Big Discount Day which was name Black Friday. On this day, almost of American have a day off to enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving Holiday and also have a time to spend " money " on Black Friday ( 1 day after Thanksgiving Day ).

Have you ever known about the history of Black Friday, but seemed to have many theories for this day. One story is on this day almost people go out and shopping too much so the black wheel of the cars make the street to be black so they call it Black Friday. Another story is the bussiness people in USA ofter record their bussiness with two type of colour ink: Red and Black. Black is the sign of profit and Red is the sign of Loss.There are still many many theories to share with you but i refer two this storis than.
How can you know which is the date of Black Friday ?

Calculation on Black Friday is also very simple and you can easily see what Black Friday the day of the next year easily. Usually this day is the day preceding the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday falls on Friday on week fourth of November every year. That's mean , you just choose the Friday on week fourth of November is absolutely Black Friday.

This year, Black Friday will be on 26/11/2010 which will be very busy for every sales company have special discount on this day. Another way, American is very interest on this day even they cant sleep and wait outsite the shopping centre for buying which they like.

Here is Black Friday from 2010-2015. I list here for you to easier to have plan for this special day:

Fri Nov 26 2010 Black Friday
Fri Nov 25 2011 Black Friday
Fri Nov 23 2012 Black Friday
Fri Nov 29 2013 Black Friday
Fri Nov 28 2014 Black Friday
Fri Nov 27 2015 Black Friday

What are Bloggers waiting for on Black Friday ?

For Bloggers , they expect the most on this day is " terrible sales prices " from domain and hosting providers. It is the time which you can get the most discounted price on year from every tycoons such as HostGator, DreamHost, Bluehost ... and you will be surprised when the price of hosting will be reduced to 75% or more.

I cant follow up all the provider but i think the bloggers worldwide are gathering money to wait for HostGator. On this day, you can get some quality hosting packages with the incredible price form HostGator.

Coupon: 75OFF (this was the coupon of last year which HostGator use rate decreased to 75% applied to the package from 6 months to 3 years). So, you could save up to $ 200 + and only takes about $ 71.5 for 3 years of hosting!

On this year, i hope to see the figure discount from 80-90% at HostGator. That will help all blogger can save a lot of money to run their online business.

If you are a fan of the reputed provider of HostGator, BlueHost, DreamHost, GoDaddy... You should prepare money for this special day. Because when you miss out this year, you have to wait for more 1 year to get the terrible coupon.

I will follow up and update the post with the coupon for you as soon as possible. Good luck to you and hope you can save more money to own the quality production.
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The Secrets of Successful Affiliate Marketing

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The Secrets of Successful Affiliate MarketingSuccess in affiliate marketing does not come overnight. Just like any kind of endeavor, you have to spend some time and effort to achieve it by following the appropriate affiliate marketing tips. One of the most important affiliate tips that you could carry on is how to make your content sell able and highly visible. You can do this by the way of affiliate blogging or providing interesting facts and your own recommendation about a certain product in your website instead of pictures only.

Another important item among the effective affiliate marketing tips that you can adopt is creating a unique and attractive title or headline for your content that can generate enormous traffic to your site. One of the affiliate tools that you can adopt to succeed in your effort is submitting your fresh articles in article directories. You can also use the trial and error affiliate tools as one of affiliate marketing tips to create new keywords and new headlines for your content.

Find out from certain websites about the free affiliate tools that they offer in creating various keywords and attractive headlines. Affiliate blogging is also one of the effective affiliate marketing tips that you can use to promote your content. You can also take part in public forums online. This is being done by successful affiliate marketers following affiliate tips from the forum participants.

Joining affiliate networks that can provide you with 75% commission like Clickbank.com is also one of the highly recommended affiliate tools among the effective affiliate tips that you should consider. But most of all, affiliate blogging can help you very much in promoting your website as part of recommended affiliate tips.

In affiliate blogging, you can have several unique articles posted in your website with links to product websites that you’re trying to promote. You can use an RSS for your subscribers to sign up in your website to know of new changes or developments.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

How To Get Traffic For A New Blog or Website ?

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How To Get Traffic For A New Blog or Website ? ‘Just put a site on the net and wait for people to rush in.’ It’s a nice marketing trick some site building software or services vendors sell or hint to people. The problem is – this hardly transforms into a real life scenario.
There is a never ending supply of Internet entrepreneurs who keep thinking all they have to do is get a nice site with some content together, and – VOILA! They are flooded with readers and customers.

Guess what? They’re in for a nasty surprise.
In the September 2010 NetCraft web sites survey report suggested that there are at least 227,225,642 sites on the net. Think about that number – a little overwhelming, isn’t it? The Internet is not waiting with bated breath for your site. However, that’s no reason to give up, just be prepared for a long battle.
Here are two basic rules of having a successful blog:
Rule #1: traffic is everything.
Rule #2: traffic is not guaranteed.
You have to work hard to get your traffic, and the work begins even before you have the site up and running. So, how do you get it?
- Do your keywords research diligently! You absolutely have to know what people are looking for in your specific niche. What keywords are the most popular? What keywords are used by pay-per-click advertisers and so bring buyers and not just browsers?
- Follow the principles of SEO – Search Engine Optimization, and use an SEO friendly shopping cart or content management system. People look for information and products to buy using search engines – you use Google to find stuff, right? So if you’re nowhere to be seen on the search engines, you’ll never get traffic. Make sure your site is optimized for your target keywords, and then get links to your site to help build your search engine ranking.
- Content, content, content – Both on-site and off. You need good enticing titles together with helpful and involving posts on your blog. Put content on other sites to get your name out there. Google is designed to reward the best content.
- Social networking sites are great for short bursts of traffic. For long-term traffic, techniques like article marketing, commenting on popular blogs in your niche and participating in relevant forums are some ways of putting links to your main site out there. The links which you’ll have voting for your site in the eyes of search engines will improve your ranking and search results positioning.
- Focus on the soft-sell, delivering your visitors useful and interesting content, rather than marketing and advertising. Run your blog with viewpoint of helping people to make their lives better and efforts more productive.
- Always encourage your visitors to join your email list. Email them any time there’s a new interesting post or relevant news around there. Make sure you send them to read the rest of the content on your blog, increasing the traffic and generating more action right on it.
- Use Google Analytics to know exactly what worked and where the traffic came from so you can improve on that and dump the dead methods. This free service would save your time and help you build a never stopping river of visitors.
Remember that getting traffic is not hard, it’s just hard work. You need to be persistent, have realistic expectations, and done well, your traffic will increase every month.
( Via technoezine.com )
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Upgrade your Old iPod with RockBox

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If you are tired of trying to keep up with Apple's new iPod is made, please upgrade your old iPod free with Rockbox. Rockbox acceptable for you to upgrade older iPod interface, font, games and much more ... this is a replacement firmware for the iPod, Cowon, and many other devices. This program is the expansion of functions and features of digital media players currently

Installing Rockbox

The first thing to do is download the application from the Rockbox website.

Rockbox offers Windows, OS X, and Linux, so you need only download the program and run it. First run the software you'll need to plug the iPod and automatically detects the type. If you know the kind of iPod you can also browse to the installation program and then just select it from the list provided.

Note: you may need administrator privileges on the computer you are running the application to write to USB devices

Installation is simply a click away. Then click the button and complete the installation and the new file will be downloaded and installed on the iPod

Note: the installation will not erase all the music and pictures you have in your equipment. If all is working normally, simply replace the startup file and add it and the operating system.

Rockbox is installed when you can simply select the theme from the creation of themes preinstalled.

Or you can install the font or game applications from Rockbox applications.

Using Rockbox

When everything is installed, do not connect the iPod and reboot it. It will automatically load Rockbox. One great thing about the iPod when it is a clear difference with other types of devices together, you will have more applications and a list. You can browse photos, music files from the browser or if you have tags you can use music browser database.

You can replace themes using the system -> themes and select the topic you want. Menu will automatically change and you may also notice that the subject is used during playback.

Some of these extensions are found under the plugin menu. If you access this menu and you'll find any software to be added and the game is installed.

Of course, the option to play Doom if you installed the game in the selection and application Rockbox is a supporting device. You will have to realize their control.

Uninstall Rockbox

If you wish to return to the operating system's default iPod you can hold menu + select buttons (menu + play on some devices) to restart the iPod. Immediately after opening the iPod started boot, turn on the switch and the old OS will load.

If you want to completely uninstall Rockbox, you can go back and click uninstall Rockbox applications.

From here you can be attracted by the excellent work of the old iPod because Apple let you know that this is a good idea. This may be the application you are looking kiem.Hay try to feel.
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12 Special Emo for Facebook

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Surely you are not familiar with the symbols on the Yahoo Messenger chat fun or other chat programs. However, if you've used Facebook, then you'll notice is that this service is provided without any funny pictures to insert into the article, comment.

At this time, an additional tool to add to your Firefox browser adds to the vividly status on Facebook. To do so, you download the tool here called Facewinks free.

Then you install like other software. However, to use, you do not need to activate a file icon at all, but you just access the Facebook page with Firefox.

On Facebook, you open the comments section or write status updates. Immediately, the tools below will appear Facewinks smileys. Click on it, Emo 12 list will appear for you to choose to insert into their current status. This is a fun way to create more feelings for what you write on the Wall.

Not only have effect on your post,but also for the comments, you can still use this feature. Usage is similar to writing a new topic in itself.

Facewinks limitations is the others only see the Emo you used when theyalso install this tool Facewinks.
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Additional accessories sliding QWERTY keyboard for iPhone 4

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BoxWave Company (USA) launched the Buddy Keyboard shell which added more hard keyboard for Apple's smartphone via Bluetooth 2.0 interface.

This product has the ability to protect the iPhone from bumps and lost connection when holding on hand. Buddy Keyboard integrates advanced battery charger allows continuous use for 45 days. When the battery is depleted, users can easily charged via USB.

This accessories are sold in the market with the price is $70
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