Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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Hello guys !

My name is Ryan ( my Vietnamese name is Huy ) , 25 years old and i am from Melbourne , Australia who are living by making money online. I got married with a beautiful girl who is Nancy in 2009. I am studying accounting and will graduate on June,2011 but my job at the moment is baker that i've been since 1 years.

My income is not only from baker job, it is also from making money online with Google Adsense and hopefully Affiliate Programs in the future. Google Adsense is sending nearly $2000 per month direct to my bank account which was the achievement i got from approximate 2 years for finding out and working with it.

I've started to make money online when i was unemployment in 2009 . It was really hard time for me because i had a lot of free time after school and felt my life was very boring. Luckily , one day when my sister said that there were some people who are making over one hundred thousand dollars per month and my mind was appear some ideas which i never thought before was " make money online " I immediately run to my computer and searched in the internet about make money online and my life was changed from this day.

When i was working out make money online , i usually spend 6-8 hours per day to find it out and my first month payment was $57.55 from Google Adsense and now i am really breaching my target which is nearly $2000 per month in 2011. However, i don't want to stop it , i am still creating more sites and on the way to pust it $3000 per month next year. I think that my income is just small income when comparing with the famous blogger but i know how to run my business and how to improve it day by day. So that's the reason i created Blog Tips World to share my experience and tips to make money online with Google Adsense.

Honestly , i've been in blogging for 6 months when i created Blog Tips World . Before i just wanted to share my experience about making money online with Google Adsense but there is not too much articles to write so i've learned more about Affiliate Marketing. I am still newbie in this areas but i properly got many lessons from it. So i also want to share what i learned from Affiliate programs for you as well.

All the tutorial and guide of this blog will be written base on my own experience on 2 years making money online . Earning a passive income will take hard work, some patience and even lucky. But if you are serious to change your life and work hard for your purpose , you will get paid for it.

I hope you will enjoy reading my article and leave your valuable comments in every article. That are motivation for me to develop my blog as much as possible.

Thank everyone !!!!!
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