Monday, November 8, 2010

Article Marketing For Bloggers

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The main point of blogging is writing content that is specified towards a certain topic also known as a niche. If you want to start a blog there is many free resources that you can use to get started such as and Starting a blog is free at both of these blogging websites. Choose a good URL and niche making sure to pick something that you are extremely interested in. Personally I really like the online business niche the reason for this is online business does not tie me down to a super specific niche. Another good example of generalizing is rather than creating a blog about directory submissions it would be better to open your niche up and create a blog about internet marketing. Once you have your blog created and begin writing blog posts it is time to begin building links and traffic. The best way to market a blog is submitting your blog posts to article directories making sure to modify them so they fit all the rules.

When writing a blog post there are several ways to go about making sure they will work when submitting them to article directories. The first thing is to make sure the length is over five hundred words and is written using good English. This is a difficult part of blogging with the intent of submitting the post to article directories. When writing a blog post you will know when you are done writing the post. The problem arises when you feel like you are done, but you have only written a couple hundred words. There is a couple of ways to get past this and make sure you have enough content for an article directory. The first thing you can do is read new blog posts about the subject to pick up more information to write about. Go to Google’s Blogsearch and type in the name of the post. The search will bring up plenty of blogs talking about the same thing you are writing about.

Once you have a blog post written over five hundred words long it is time to make sure that it is in the proper format to be submitted to article directories. The first thing you need to do is take any and all HTML out of your article. If you put headings in then convert them to just regular text. If you put links in your article then you will need to take out the HTML and write the link out in text. Do not add the http or www to the front of the link since most directories do not allow you to put active links in the body of your article. It is also a good idea to write a summary for your article and the resource with two links. You are now ready to begin submitting your article to directories. If you need a list of article directories here is a couple of resources:

1. PR 6 Ezine Articles

2. PR 6 Isnare

3. PR 5 Article Dashboard

4. PR 5 Article City

5. PR 5 Article Slash

6. PR 5 Article Biz

7. PR 5 Idea Marketers

8. PR 5 Article Circle

9. PR 5 Snooper Articles

10. PR 5 Article Trader

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