Monday, November 8, 2010

10 SEO Optimization Tips Creat Titles Friendly With Google

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10 SEO Optimization Tips Creat Titles Friendly With GooglePost subject is one of the little information that search engines provide search results page before the content is displayed. Thus, Google and other search engines attaches great importance to the title page. Optimizing the post title so important, here are 10 tips SEO optimized article titles.

1. Google displays 60 to 70 characters of the first title in the search results page. So you put your most important keywords in the first part of the article title and keywords make the total more than lying back on the back. If your article title longer than 70 characters, Google will cut; Google just took the characters mark the 69th and replaced the three dots "..." for the rest of the title.

2. Sometimes, instead of starting the title of the article by a series of keywords, then you should add the character described in nature, providing information about content and keywords important book. This article will help to overcome Google's filter the search results (And of course it will have more stable rankings), while bringing you more high rankings for keywords that side (contained in The first part of the title).

3. Title page is one of the little information that Google provides to users in the search results page before the search to show selected content. Thus, the article title is an important factor to attract the attention of people and stimulate them to search click view page content between many different results of the competition. This is the decisive factor is the opportunity and make the difference between yourself and other competitors in terms of quality.

4. Good title will make you want to answer and ask questions, stimulate the reader.

5. Since the article title is one of the factors that search engines only show the first search page when viewing content, they will assign a higher weight to words appearing on the title. Furthermore, many people will link to the page when using the article title as the character Link (anchor text).

6. The insertion of a duplicate keywords, the same reasonable and easy to read allowing you to improve the reliability of the sequence of keywords. However, these keywords must be sorted meaningful and easy to read for people looking for bugs rather than search. Instead of stuffing your keyword list into the title, you should present a clear title and more descriptive content, products or services your website.

7. Misjudged the potential customers by providing services that are not compatible will reduce the incidence doi1 trip and wasted time for the audience is not potential customers. For example, if your product is found high levels of the Website you do not need optimization, keyword advertising bargains, discounts, rebates because it would waste time.

8. Each page on your website should have different titles. Unless, if your website is limited in size and opacity, best not to use the page title under the same formula across the Web. You should not use the same keywords at the beginning or near the early days the title page.

9. Format, the order and choose from the words of the title should be different (or less) description to describe the card or page header.

10. If you have a strong brand, you should put it in the end titles. If you have one of the leading trusted brand on the Internet (such as eBay, Amazon, ...) then you should put it on the first part of the title. Normally, the title of the page must be set been to its content and purpose of the search rather than the brand website.


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